Series of storms over germany: autobahn closed after hailstorm

the first part of the storm series has passed over the north of germany. No major damage was reported, the storm surge at hamburg’s fish market became more of a photo motif. A highway had to be closed after a hailstorm. And at the weather station hiddensee-dornbusch at the baltic sea 124 km/h were measured. Part 2 of the storm series continues on saturday.

A31 closed in the bentheim district

the fish market with the fish auction hall is partially under water in the late evening during the high water of the elbe river. But the announced storm surge was not that bad. © dpa, daniel bockwoldt, dbo sei

An intense hailstorm on highway 31 caught motorists off guard on thursday evening. Some lost control of their vehicle due to extreme slippery conditions in the area of wietmarschen/lohne (county of grafschaft bentheim) and accidents occurred, the police department of osnabruck announced. The autobahn was temporarily closed to traffic in the southbound direction.

The hamburger fish market escaped the expected storm surge unscathed. The water only spilled over a little, passers-by reported. Police personally approached motorists in the area near the elbe and asked them to move their vehicles – the request had previously been made via twitter.

However, another warning is to be expected at the weekend, which could also be "significantly more pronounced," emphasized a spokeswoman for the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH).

Storm enters new round on saturday

the wind speeds at the second part of the storm series on sunday. Especially on the north sea coast fierce.

But we’re not through with the unpleasant storms yet – it will continue seamlessly after a short rest period on friday:

"on saturday evening and sunday night, the storm from deep NADIA reaches its peak. the strongest wind is expected on the north frisian islands and on the baltic coast. there will be heavy gusts in any case, but also hurricane-like gusts can be more common (roughly: 100-120 km/h). Some weather models are even predicting hurricane gusts (from 118 km/h) in places, and this does not mean the exposed hiddensee-dornbusch station. There will probably even gusts up to 150 km/h, perhaps even above. the storm will ease in the northeastern half of the country during the course of sunday", explained our meteorologist rainer buchhop.

And on monday? Storm or gale?

Possibly the next storm on monday, at least the next low is coming and that will give us again cold and wet weather and already again gale force winds. Our meterologist carlo pfaff in addition: "widespread snow showers are possible in the course of the day up to the lowlands." for this the temperatures are from 0 to 6 degrees. "this could be quite a toxic low. But this is still a bit far away, there are many things possible for monday. it could be the most severe of the three storms, but it could also be just a breeze."

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