Schwacke list

If you have already dealt with the sale of a car, you have certainly come across the schwacke list. The schwacke list was created at the end of the fifties by the eponymous publisher hanns w. Schwacke launched. since the first publication of this information product, the schwacke list has always changed with the market. the first edition included just 40 cars. In the meantime, more than 30 thousand vehicle types are recorded in the database. The schwacke list includes not only everyday cars, vans and off-road vehicles, but also their equipment features. Thanks to modern databases, the values of the car products can be calculated quickly and output in the schwacke list.

Who uses the schwacke list?

As you may have already discovered in your research, the schwacke list enormously extensive. The target group of eurotaxschwacke gmbh, which publishes the list today, is not limited to the market of private car sellers. The main target groups also include car dealerships, garages, experts, insurance companies and many other companies that depend on the market-driven valuation of the vehicles by the schwacke list. Schwacke list for the sale of used cars.

When selling used vehicles, many factors have an influence on the current value of the vehicle. In the schwacke list, a value is given that takes into account the loss in value of the vehicle over time. This vehicle value reflects a theoretical sales value, which in reality can only be considered as an approximate value. If you are trying to sell your car to a private individual or a regional car dealer, you will not be able to avoid negotiating the price of the appraisal. A look at the schwacke list. But: especially the individual condition of the vehicle, especially the paint and the interior, play a major role in the pricing and can not be taken into account in the schwacke calculation. It is often worthwhile to visit a smart-repair professional to ensure that the car is in the best possible condition before it is sold. The schwacke list therefore first of all forms a basis for price determination.

The schwacke list and the carsale24 price

You can carry out a valuation of the car for sale with the help of the schwacke list. for a small fee you can get the schwacke price of your used car at eurotaxschwacke gmbh. Keep in mind that the value you obtain from the schwacke list for initial guidance only should be considered as a guideline that does not reflect the individual condition of your vehicle. The individual condition of the car has a particular influence on the value of your car. The list prices calculate an expected sales value based on values such as:

From these data an expected sales price is extrapolated, which can be based on the determination from the schwacke list.

Why is the price offer not as high as the well-known schwackeliste?

with our service we broker your used car to car dealers. When buying a car, commercial dealers offer prices that are usually at the level of the HEK, the so-called dealer purchase price. This type of purchase price finding is also often based on the schwacke list. in contrast to this, the value of the schwacke list, which is widely used in common parlance, is the probably achievable sales price in the case of a sale from private to private. the tested commercial dealers of carsale24 are usually below this price. The commercial car dealers will repair, refurbish and resell the car again. Since in such a case a used car warranty must be given again, the risk of the warranty case is calculated into the purchase price. As a consequence, when selling to commercial dealers, you will usually obtain lower prices than you can see in the schwacke list or would obtain when selling to private individuals. In the case of a car sale through carsale24, however, you will profit from numerous advantages and benefits
sell your car in a safe and convenient way.

your advantage when selling to carsale24 car dealers

car dealers registered with carsale24 place bids for their cars at auction. If you agree with the quoted price, you can directly enter into a binding purchase contract. The dealer will not negotiate the price afterwards, because the bids in our system are binding. your personal data will only be transferred to the buyer after the legally binding purchase contract has been concluded. If, on the other hand, you should sell the vehicle to a private buyer, you can contact the schwacke list orientate, but will then probably find that they and the buyer have large differences in the value estimate of their used car. If you have not yet decided how you want to sell your car, we will be happy to help you sell your car to our registered and verified dealers.

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