Saeco fully automatic coffee maker test 2022: an overview

The following is an overview of the many models and series available. The saeco fully automatic coffee machine test 2022 shows their functions and offers answers to many questions.

Today in test – top saeco fully automatic coffee machines

Our selection of top fully automatic coffee machines from saeco

The saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee maker

Saeco SM7683/10 Xelsis fully automatic coffee machine

  • choose from 15 world famous coffee specialties – easier than ever before
  • Individual customization of favorite drinks thanks to five setting options and storage in six personal profiles
  • Always a hygienically clean milk system: the innovative automatic cleaning system hygiesteam removes 99.99% of milk residues with just one touch
  • Up to 5.000 cups without descaling with regular filter changes thanks to integrated aquaclean technology

This saeco fully automatic coffee maker received a 2.1 rating in the stiftung warentest test and offers a capacity of 20,000 cups. With up to 20 individual coffee specialties, it is far ahead of other machines and with the 6 adjustable user profiles, the machine shows what it can do.

The saeco picobaristo deluxe

  • Selection from 12 delicious coffee specialties – easier than ever before – via the high-quality LED display with direct selection buttons
  • Easy to use: LED display with direct selection buttons – just one touch to your favorite drink
  • individual customization of favorite drinks thanks to five setting options and storage in four personal profiles
  • Integrated milk carafe, cleaning of the milk circuit with hot water after each use

The saeco picobaristo deluxe offers 12 customizable coffee specialties, depending on what you’re in the mood for.
With its stainless steel front, it not only looks hygienic, it also has a quick cleaning mold for internal cleaning. Additional functions such as latte perfetto for firm milk foam with a fine texture and the integrated high-quality milk carafe also speak for this fully automatic coffee maker.

The saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7580/00

Saeco SM7580/00 Xelsis automatic coffee maker

  • Select from 12 delicious coffee specialties – easier than ever before – via the high-quality LED display with direct selection buttons
  • Customization of favorite drinks thanks to five settings and storage in six personal profiles
  • Always a hygienically clean milk system thanks to cleaning of the milk circuit with hot steam after each use and patented hygiesteam technology

The handling winner is the saeco fully automatic coffee machine SM7580/00. Very advanced and piano black, it offers a choice of 12 coffee specialties and has hygiesteam. This refers to the automatic cleaning system that removes 99.99 percent of milk residues.

General questions about saeco fully automatic coffee machines

How to descale a saeco automatic coffee maker?

A: it depends on which automatic coffee maker you have. When descaling the saeco picobaristo deluxe, the following points must be observed:

  • The machine informs you when it needs to be descaled
  • To start the descaling process manually, press the clean button and select descale
  • Follow instructions on the screen
  • After descaling, it is recommended to change the aquaclean filter
  • Use only the philips descaler, otherwise no warranty claim
  • No acid-based descalers (z.B. Use vinegar)

Is the quantity adjustable in the xelsis SM7580/00?

A: the SM7580/00’s water, coffee and milk quantities can be personally adjusted.

How long is the warranty?

A: two years from the date of first purchase.

Is the height of the coffee spout adjustable in the saeco minuto HD8763/01?

A: yes it is. Avoid splashes and always have the right temperature because of the height-adjustable coffee spouts (between 112 millimeters and 152 millimeters).

What makes the saeco fully automatic coffee machine and what are its shortcomings??

In all price categories, the saeco fully automatic coffee maker convinces with its very high-quality functions suitable for optimal coffee enjoyment.


  • Ease of use
  • For an excellent coffee necessary pressure between 8 and 15 bar
  • Grinder in ceramic or steel
  • appliance compactness
  • Water tank and/or milk tank
  • Brew group with automatic compression
  • Functional diversity
  • Good customer service
  • No user manual required


  • Mostly large space requirements
  • Habit of short life due to built-in technology
  • Less lifetime than mechanical appliances
  • Relatively high purchase cost compared to mechanical devices or simple coffee machines
  • Loud use

An overview of the series and individual models

The newer generations of fully automatic coffee machines have many features that make them stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • A high-quality ceramic grinder with up to 12 grinding degrees
  • An easily removable brew group
  • Easy to use for settings such as aroma and coffee strength
  • A water tank with a high quality water filter
  • No user manual required
  • Easy to use menu

The fully automatic coffee machines are normally available from two model categories:

The HD series

The HD series convinces with its entry-level function. Also the box-shaped exterior, the display-less and plain illuminated buttons and the steam plant distinguish them.

EP series

The EP range also has low-cost equipment. However, it attracts with the sensortouch control panel and the milk foam system called lattego. Here you can also find models with steam plants. Overall, this series is far more modern.

The prices and functionality depend on the series classification of the saeco fully automatic coffee machine.

The brands, series and products

With the fully automatic coffee machines there is everything that the coffee-loving heart desires. The saeco coffee maker comparison ranges from the saeco xelsis coffee maker SM7580/00, which convinces with many functions, to the saeco lirika with the pre-brew function and a quite large capacity. Right up to the saeco gran baristo avanti, which is small and therefore fits in every kitchen.

The saeco picobaristo

Saeco PicoBaristo HD8925/01 fully automatic coffee maker

  • No descaling for up to 5,000 cups with eight filter changes thanks to patented aquaclean filter
  • clear and easy navigation thanks to intuitive high-performance display with icons and text overlays
  • Creamy cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button thanks to the removable, hygienic milk carafe
  • Consistent performance and natural taste thanks to professional 100% ceramic disc grinder

The saeco HD8925/01 has easy navigation, coffee enjoyment of up to 20,000 cups and produces up to 5,000 cups without having to descale (with eight filter changes) and has a high-performance display.

Up to 11 specialties can be set and it comes with an integrated milk carafe. 5 aroma strengths and 10 grind settings also speak for themselves. It has an automatic cleaning system. Moreover, it is molded in piano black on precision and has a thermoblock that guarantees hot coffee.


  • Small and compact
  • Good workmanship
  • Easy to adjust
  • Good quality espresso
  • Perfect milk foam


  • surfaces quickly stained

Every time it’s used, the quick clean function makes fresh milk run into the machine.

Difference with other appliances

The separate milk container for docking. So there is no need to free space next to the machine and it blends in with other kitchen appliances.

Further information

The grind setting is easier and more flexible.

the saeco SM5570/10 (saeco pico baristo deluxe) also belongs to this series, which has a few more functions.

The saeco incanto HD8922/01

The incanto series has been completely redesigned and looks well thought out. For example, the brew group is easy to remove for cleaning. The flow heater is made of stainless steel and the adjustable grinder is made of ceramic.
The bean hopper almost 250 grams and the water tank has 1.8 liters capacity.

It prepares 6 coffee specialties, has aquaclean for up to 5000 cups without descaling. In addition, 5 aroma strengths and 5 settings of the grind, a high capacity and is still compact. Furthermore it convinces with perfect milk foam thanks to the latte perfetto technology.


  • Automatic milk foam
  • Easy cleaning
  • Hot water and steam can be obtained separately
  • Milk quantity controllable


  • No aroma selector switch
  • No display screen
  • No stand-by mode
  • No favorites function
  • Switch-on time not programmable

With a suitability for high cups it also shows what it can do.

Difference from other machines

You can brew 2 cups at the same time and use both powdered and bean coffee. The water hardness is adjustable.

More information

The ON/OFF indicator is clearly visible.
The saeco incanto series is aimed at 1-3 people. Unfortunately, with the memo function, it is not possible to save individual quantities for the different users.

The saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7580/00

With the saeco fully automatic coffee maker SM7580/00 you can choose from 12 coffee specialties. Awarded the CSA mark, it extracts the best from the beans. The fast preparation thanks to the high-performance boiler is just as convincing as the automatic cleaning function or latteperfetto for firm milk foam with a fine texture.

With the extended display and touch icons for quick selection of beverages, you can customize the fill quantity, temperature, coffee strength and much more and save them in 6 profiles in the memo function.


  • Memo function
  • 6 profiles
  • Pleasant appearance
  • Quiet operation
  • Very good beverage taste


  • Relatively high purchase price

Due to the relatively high price, this saeco fully automatic coffee machine is better recommended to families or apartment communities.

Difference to other devices

Many individual beverages can be produced

Further information

Slim dimensions for appliances of this price category. That’s why it fits well in the kitchen and can be placed individually.

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