Saeco fully automatic coffee machines

In 2009 the italian company saeco adopted by the dutch electronics company. Saeco produces in various configurations fully automatic coffee machines.

Saeco develops fully automatic coffee machines in various series, which have been reintroduced to the market by philips under the saeco name since 2013.

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coffee machines from the italian manufacturer saeco

Sergio zappella and arthur schmed founded the company in 1981 saeco, whose company name is derived from the abbreviation of "sergio arthur e compagnia" derived. After the takeover of the italian company saeco by philips in 2009, fully automatic coffee machines have been manufactured under the brand name philips saeco since 2010, to reintroduce the designation seaco for the coffee machines in 2013.

The grinders installed in the saeco machines have a ceramic disc grinders grinding in different degrees of grinding coffee beans. The fine grind is perfect for brewing espresso. At coarse grind the brewed coffee very light. one advantage of the ceramic grinder is that it prevents the coffee beans from burning during grinding. In the variopresso brewing chamber the coffee powder is compressed according to the individual request. High density for a aromatic espresso; less pressure for brewing a strong coffee. The amount of coffee can also be precisely adjusted.

With the latte perfetto technology saeco advertises with the perfect milk foam. Two chambers in the milk container ensure that the milk is foamed twice. In addition, the milk container is automatically cleaned. For espresso lovers who have little time, saeco has developed the thermospeed technology developed. Brewing is accelerated by faster heating of the water. According to saeco, this also uses less water than the normal brewing of water.

With the aquaclean water filter According to saeco, up to 5,000 cups of espresso can be prepared before the filter needs to be changed. The multiporous water filter cleans the water. With saeco machines, the taste of the coffee can also be enhanced by the pre-brew function are influenced. By moistening the ground coffee powder, additional aromatic substances are dissolved. In addition, the saeco machines can be adjusted to suit individual tastes manual pre-brewing time are adjusted.

The memo function on the machines, it is possible to set and save the grind, the amount of coffee powder or the pressure, so that the settings can be recalled at the touch of a button. Individual settings can be saved in up to six different profiles. The operation of the equipment is carried out by means of buttons. The settings are displayed on LED or LCD displays. Many coffee specialties can be onetouch button brewed. Seaco introduced the granbaristo avanti, one of the first fully automatic coffee machines on the market the via app from smartphone or tablet can be controlled from. Per onetouch coffee can be prepared from the mobile device. Cleaning of the machine can also be controlled from mobile devices.

The best saeco coffee machines

In the product lists are sorted using preset filters saeco fully automatic coffee machines. In the list the best saeco fully automatic coffee machines the machines are sorted only according to their technical specifications.

In the list price/performance the technical features are set in relation to the price of the product. The respective winner leads the product list.

Saeco coffee machines by performance

points product best price
99 SAECO xelsis HD8943/21 no current prices found
95 SAECO exprelia HD8854/01 no current prices found
94 SAECO granbaristo avanti HD8975/01 no current prices found
94 SAECO granbaristo avanti HD8967/01 no current prices found
92 SAECO incanto HD9712/01 no current prices found
92 SAECO incanto HD8917/01 no current prices found
90 SAECO intelia HD8753/11 no current prices found
88 SAECO xelsis HD8954/01 no current prices found
88 SAECO xelsis HD8953/21 no current prices found
88 SAECO exprelia HD8858/01 no current prices found

Saeco coffee machines with the best price-performance ratio

price/performance product best price
65% SAECO royal HD8920/01 from 948,00 €*
57% SAECO intelia focus HD8751/11 from 2.000,00 €*
SAECO incanto HD8922/01 no current prices found
SAECO intelia evo HD8752/85 no current prices found
SAECO picobaristo HD8924/01 no current prices found
SAECO minuto HD8761/01 no current prices found
SAECO moltio HD8769/01 no current prices found
SAECO royal HD8930/01 no current prices found
SAECO minuto HD8763/01 no current prices found
SAECO exprelia HD8856/01 no current prices found

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