Rental car with child seat: procedure and costs

If you are traveling with children, you can book child seats with your rental car. the costs vary depending on the country and the landlord. Read here what you have to consider when booking and how much a child seat costs.

Cost of child seats in rental car

the prices for child seats can vary depending on the country and the provider. There child seats and booster seats to the additional services be sure to read the rental terms and conditions of your car rental company so as not to overlook possible hidden costs. usually the cost of the child seat is not included in the rental car price. Some providers charge a daily fee for child seats, others require a single payment per rental and regardless of the rental period. Most car rental companies that charge daily rates have a maximum price, no matter how long you use the child or baby seat. Baby seat to your car rental. Partly the prices at airport stations are higher than in the city and also between seat cushion, child seat and baby seat there are sometimes price differences.

For your orientation you will find below a overview of the costs for baby car seats and child seats per day (including taxes and fees) sorted by the most popular countries for car rentals. Please note that almost all providers define a maximum amount, which is mostly between 60 and 100 euro is located at. If you are traveling by rental car for a long time, you will never have to pay more than this maximum amount for the child seat.

  • Germany: from 6 euro
  • spain mainland: from 7 euro
  • Spain Balearic Islands: from 6 euro
  • Spain canaries: from 3,40 euro
  • USA: from 6 euro
  • Italy: from 7 euro
  • Portugal: from 7 euro
  • Austria: from 9 euro
  • Switzerland: from 14 euro
  • Australia: from 4 euro
  • south africa: no daily price, total price independent of travel duration from 20 euro
  • France: from 6 euro
  • Greece: from 3,70 euro

How to book a rental car with child seat with us

so that you can be sure to get a resp. To get the right child seat, we recommend a non-binding request to our customer service. You can contact them by phone at 0221 – 567 999 11 or do it online via our website. The option "extras, which also includes child seats, you will find in the booking process under address and payment method.

On cheaper-rent-a-car.De you can request child seats under the item "extras" in the booking process.

Then we contact your rental company and reserve the child seat for your rental car. In the booking confirmation we carry the cost of child seat with on, so that you get an overview of the total price. The cost of the child seat you must pay on the spot. If you decide at short notice to take your own child seat with you on the trip or if you do not like the child seat on the spot, you can cancel the reservation, without being charged for the cost of the child seat.

14 answers to "car rental with child seat: procedure and costs"

I am also very disappointed about the fact that child seats can not be booked bindingly resp. that even if a child seat is confirmed, according to customer service, there is only a 90 percent certainty that it will actually be available on the spot. it should be clear that the success of a vacation depends on whether you can safely transport your child in the car – if this is not guaranteed, there is no point in doing business here at all. With the competition, the child seat is bookable, so this also gets the surcharge – what I find a pity, because I have made very good experiences here so far.

Child seats are unfortunately only noncommittal bookable with all offerers, even if that ggfs. Only later in the booking process becomes clear. Please have a look at the respective small print.

But we are working on the fact that accessories can be booked binding and secure in the future.

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

So people, really! You have such a great service, a great website, competitive prices, I have booked a car with you twice and it has always worked out and now I want to book again.

But that you still have not solved the problem with the child seats, and that after more than 2 years, that is a poor testimony!

Dear yasmin herzog,

First of all thank you for the praise!

Now for the criticism: unfortunately the child seats are always provided by the local rental station. So we tell the landlord that you would like to have a child seat. The rental company confirms that such a seat is available and has been reserved for you. Whether this child seat is then really provided on site, is unfortunately no longer in our hands. For example, the child seat may be returned damaged by the previous renter. We are very sorry that you had – apparently again – negative experiences here.

With kind regards
julia from cheap-rental-car.De

"if you decide at short notice to take your own child seat on the trip or if you do not like the child seat on the spot, you can cancel the reservation without being charged for the child seat."
how do i do this practically? With billiger-mietwagen, or the rental company on the spot respectively. By mail?
And how can it be evaluated that citizens of the country have only half the cost for exactly the same child seat (USA)? I don’t understand this and it feels strongly like discrimination…

You can simply tell your local rental company directly that you do not need the child seat after all.

The cost of the child seat may be lower, but rental cars in the USA are generally subsidized for foreigners, so that they pay less rent.

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

One question and that is if the child seat is not provided on site, can you cancel the whole reservation and get your money back?? It would be really stupid if my child and my wife go by bus and I go alone with the rental car&

If the child seat is not available on site, please call us or your tour operator immediately. Cancellation with your rental company is considered as a no-show, in which case a refund of the rental price cannot be guaranteed.

By calling us or your organizer will instead get the opportunity to solve the problem to your satisfaction.

Friendly greetings
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

Quote from above text:
"so that you can be sure to get a child seat from your car rental company. To get the right child seat, we recommend that you make a non-binding inquiry with our customer service department."

That is a lie! With the customer service one hears then that one cannot assure it. You cannot be sure that you will be able to use the car with your family. On my question, how that looks then with the cancellation, since it is then no longer 24h before, one had no answer ready. Only vague "a solution will be found" but no concrete statement. Don’t even get me started on the extra cost of having to use a different mode of transportation.

Billiger-mietwagen is here absolutely not family-friendly on the way. I should look up the phone number myself and call the local rental company and ask if they have a seat available. An absolute admission of the incompetence of the employees. Why am I on this website? I might as well call an operator xyz and rent the car there. The few euros more are worth it to me in the end, that I can be sure to get what I have booked.

We are already working on making extras such as child seats bindingly bookable in order to prevent the problem you mentioned.

We would like to mention here that although the booking of a child seat is currently still non-binding, the rental companies can meet the demand in well over 99% of cases without any problems.

Friendly greetings
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

Hello, do I get the guarantee that the child seats are then also available? If we arrive and the child seats are not available, it would mean for us of course that we could not drive.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that the child seats will be available. We will forward your request for child seats and they are almost always provided.

only in very rare exceptions does the rental company not have a child seat available after all. However, we are working to ensure that this extra is 100% guaranteed in the future.

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

I booked a car on your web site booking no. 6389473, but I couldn’t find where I can add a child seat. I have to have two – for 1 year old and 3 year old. How can I add them to my booking?

As we can see you have cancelled your booking already.

Generally it’s not possible to book a child seat with your rental car (yet). We can only forward your wish to reserve child seats. Usually the rental car services have enough of them available to provide you with what you need when you arrive at the station. &

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