Pro& contra: should car ads get warnings like cigarettes??

Should car advertisements be given warnings like those for cigarettes??



Yes, says alan posener

THE WORLD photo shoot 2018 Alan Posener on 06/28/2018 Photo by Claudius Pflug

At the beginning of the pandemic, I lent my car to a family that needed it more, and I switched to an electric bike. I never saw my car again. A great experience. I look better, I feel fitter and I like to go shopping. But since then I see the traffic planning differently. Being determines consciousness, and where I as a car driver scolded about the bike lane, I as a cyclist recognize its sense, or scold in my turn if it is missing.

I also have nothing against warnings on car advertisements, as france has now decided to do, analogous to warnings on cigarette packages. Although they are superfluous, because people will soon be buying fewer cars anyway. I do carsharing, get when I need a car, a horny VW ID4.

Warnings, however, do no harm to anyone and give car manufacturers the good feeling of doing something for the environment. They also provide material for commentary and demands for parties seeking to attract resentful motorists. What’s not to like?

the author lives in the suburb. He needs the car mainly to drive the cat to the vet. She has something against the bus.

No, says rainer marx

A toilet brush is not meant for personal hygiene. Could think but. That’s why there are special warnings about this – in the USA, the land of unlimited warnings. There is also on scooters to read "this product moves", on cell phones it is advised not to dry them in the microwave oven. The examples are legion. But now come the french.

Record number of new registrations

Warnings on wine bottles already exist, as well as on food that is too salty or too sweet. For motor homes over 3.5 tons driving in france, since 2021 there is an obligation to indicate the blind spot by means of three stickers on the vehicle. Honestly. The latest regulation: car advertising with warning only. For the sake of the climate.

You could also take the public transport, the bike, or the train. And the success of such actions? Is extremely controversial. Warnings about obvious consequences and dangers are no more than fig leaves for politics or business. And they are aiding and abetting a creeping stupefaction.

our author’s favorite warning comes from a u.s. bathtub manufacturer and reads: "avoid drowning!"

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