Prerequisites for free scrap tire disposal

The tires must not be dirty, d.H. That they must not be contaminated with soil, mud, paint, stones or other foreign bodies.

If you do not meet the requirements, this is not a problem. We still take all your old tires at the following conditions (to the list).

Unfortunately, the following are generally excluded from acceptance: bicycle and wheelbarrow tires, tire halves or parts, torn or cut tires.

Our services

the free disposal of old tires is an issue that all of us motor vehicle users have to deal with sooner or later. Unfortunately, it often happens that garages, dealers but also private individuals do not dispose of their old tires properly "wildentsorgen" and thus harm our environment for centuries. Therefore, it is up to each and every one of us to decide where our old tires end up.

So where to put the old tires?

We as a sustainable disposal company for old tires take care of the professional disposal of your old tires. We fulfill your disposal wishes flexibly and at short notice. We dispose:

scooter tires, motorcycle tires, car tires, truck tires, tractor tires, solid tires

Recycling process – what happens to the tires?

13.5 million tons of tires are dismantled worldwide every year. This includes cars, motorcycles, trucks but also tractors tires on.
In europe there are nearly 3.4 million tons of the most different tires and in germany of it approx. 580.000 tons.
These tires are then incinerated, shredded or even reused.

Prerequisites for free scrap tire disposal

Scrap tire incineration

Burned in germany, just under 353.000 tons of tires. Many old tires cannot be reused due to their condition and are burned at the expense of our environment. the federal association for environmentally sound recycling of old tires also takes a critical view of this practice, because the raw material is completely destroyed by flaring and the pollutant emissions are too high.

Prerequisites for free scrap tire disposal

Scrap tire reuse

In reuse after an inspection of the basic structure, the rubber is removed down to the belt of the tire and replaced. the effort for this method is very high and the renewed tire is also not comparable to a new premium tire. As a result, demand is decreasing year by year.

Prerequisites for free scrap tire disposal

Shredding old tires

Shredded will be about 220.000 tons per year. The old tires are recycled in the form of rubber strips and granules for products that we find in everyday life. From new tires, to fall protection mats on children’s playgrounds or building protection mats, to the asphalt we walk on every day or. Driving.

Your advantages of free scrap tires disposal

Professional disposal with corresponding disposal document and certified disposal number

Ideally free of charge*

No resources wasted

*see "requirements for free scrap tire disposal"

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