Practical test unold backmeister compact breadmaker test report 14. September 2017 photos: manufacturer

Homemade bread – tastes just super delicious and you know what’s in it. If you don’t want to knead and shape the bread yourself, let one of the modern automatic bread makers do the work for you. We have taken the backmeister kompakt from unold under the magnifying glass in a field test.

Practical test unold backmeister compact breadmaker test report 14. September 2017 photos: manufacturer

Stirring, kneading and baking can be observed through the glass slits in the lid

Practical test unold backmeister compact breadmaker test report 14. September 2017 photos: manufacturer

add ingredients, select program start press. the rest is done reliably by the unold backmeister kompakt fully automatic

Equipment and processing

the unold backmeister kompakt lives up to its name and comes with slim dimensions on the work surface: roughly 29 x 23 x 25 cm, which is also compatible with smaller kitchens. The stainless steel baker with one control panel with display and large lid handle can bake breads weighing up to 500 g. For this it has 11 stored programs plus a program for individual settings a browning degree switch, a time selector that allows pre-programming of up to 13 hours, and an automatic keep-warm setting. The other accessories include a measuring beaker, a measuring spoon and a hooked skewer, which can later be used to the dough hook is fished out of the finished bread. The instruction manual in A4 format includes many classic bread recipes and tips.


we send the bakermeister into the hardness test and let it make a wholemeal bread. To do this, we put the appropriate flour mixture in the baking pan with the indicated amount of lukewarm water. Now just select the appropriate program and browning level, press the start-stop button and you’re ready to go. From now on, the automat. on the display we can read the set program and the remaining baking time.­


The device works very quietly. So we look through the glass viewing slits in the lid to see if it is really busy. We see it stirring and resting and finally notice from the delicious smell that it’s time to start baking. If possible, the lid should not be opened, so that the rising and baking phase is not disturbed and the dough collapses. Our wholemeal bread takes a good three and a half hours until a multiple beep announces the end of the program. That sounds like a long time. But most of the time actually goes for the rising on it. We open the bake master and, armed with grill gloves, we remove the baking pan by a short turn. Now turn the baking pan upside down and let the bread slide onto a cake rack to cool down. We use the hook spike to pull the kneader out of the bread. The wholemeal bread is well browned and crispy.­ inside not quite as loose as desired. The second try we let a mixed bread bake and are very satisfied with the result. We also try the time preselection – also here everything works according to plan.


The unold backmeister kompakt is a very well manufactured appliance that does not require a large footprint and is suitable for breads up to 500g. Operation is very simple and convenient thanks to the many baking programs. Practical also the time preselection. For example, the device can be programmed in the evening like this the next morning, the bread will be ready in time for breakfast. This is the great advantage of an automatic baking machine: once you have set it up, you can safely leave it alone and enjoy great fresh bread later on. The unold backmeister kompakt costs around 100 euros and is definitely worth the purchase.

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