Parking space for the car: garage or carport – which is the better parking solution??

Both variants have advantages. People who look after their wallets opt for a carport. A garage offers more protection – and additional storage space.

A car of one’s own remains a must for the vast majority of Germans. According to the latest DAT report, over 90 percent of end consumers surveyed do not want to give up a car. One main reason is individual mobility. Around 45 million mostly private cars are driven in germany. But where to put the car when it’s not being moved? The decision is often made between a carport and a garage.

Those who look at their wallets opt for the carport, which is clearly the cheaper solution. "prefabricated wooden kits are available from around 500 euros, while a garage can easily cost five times that," says philipp sander of the automobile club mobil in germany. Especially when a garage is planned and built individually, the costs rise. And neither of these works without tedious paperwork: "Both variants require a building permit and often a building permit as well."

From the safety aspect, the lockable garage is at an advantage. "the vehicle is much better protected here from view, theft and vandalism," says marcel muhlich of the auto club europa (ACE). Especially valuable or rare cars should therefore always be parked in a garage. Cars that are sensitive to the weather, such as classic cars or convertibles, are also much better off in a carport.

63 billion in damage from marten bites

Another aspect not to be underestimated: the garage offers absolute protection against marten bites. According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), car insurers had to pay 63 million euros in 2015 for damage to vehicles caused by small animals. In addition, says sander, a garage is of course also suitable as storage space for tires, car accessories and other objects. With the right construction, the driver can also get into the house without getting wet. However: a garage does not necessarily contribute to maintaining the value of a car. This also depends on the design of the garage. "while a garage likes to collect moisture after a rainy drive, a carport is much better ventilated," says muhlich. "the car will certainly not rust there so quickly."a garage should therefore always also be well ventilated. In general, a garage also offers more protection against weather events. In the summer, the car doesn’t heat up so quickly here, and in the winter there’s no need to scratch it, guaranteed. Here, the carport offers only limited protection. If the wind is bad, the windows can freeze even under the carport.

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You can also save money on insurance with the so-called "garage discount. "the distinction between street and garage is made by the insurer, since statistically lower damage settlement costs are incurred for vehicles that are not parked outdoors," says jens dotsch, specialist lawyer for traffic and insurance law. This could prevent a lot of damage: damage from third parties, from storms, or even from theft.

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