News from germany: drunk man parks his truck on the highway and turns off the lights

News from germany drunk truck driver parks semitrailer on the highway and turns off lights

Ulm: drunk truck driver parks semitrailer on highway and turns off lights

Miraculously, a drunk truck driver did not cause a major accident on the autobahn in baden-wurttemberg. The tractor-trailer first grazed a car near ulm-west, when it suddenly pulled to the left in the construction zone, according to the police. Since the truck driver did not stop, the injured motorist chased him and called the police. Meanwhile, the truck kept snaking across all three lanes of traffic. Finally, he stopped in the right lane, parked his tractor-trailer and turned off the lights. Fortunately, his "persecutor and other motorists recognized the dangerous situation and secured the unlit truck with their vehicles "to prevent greater harm", the police further announced. A breath alcohol test then showed a value of more than two per mille with the driver. Police confiscated his driver’s license, the 33-year-old was sent to the cell to sober up. The tractor-trailer was towed away.

Source: DPA

Mannheim: mother and children run over by freight train

In mannheim, a mother and her two small children were hit and killed by a freight train. The woman was trying to cross the tracks with her children at the mannheim-luzenberg train stop on saturday evening when they were swept away by the passing freight train, according to police on sunday. The identity of the three killed was initially unclear. The investigators assume that it was a tragic accident. The criminal investigation department mannheim took over the investigation. There were no indications of foul play according to the reports.

Source: AFP

Mulheim: dispute over family parking space escalates

In a dispute over a parking space reserved for families with children, one of the two contenders was injured in front of a supermarket in mulheim an der ruhr on saturday. According to the Essen police on Sunday, two men got into a fight because one of them was upset about customers using the slightly wider parking spaces for families, even though they did not have any children with them. According to the report, a 43-year-old was initially arguing with a 35-year-old who had claimed one of the parking spaces for herself. The incident got out of hand when a 58-year-old drove into one of the family parking spaces. Police say the "defender" turned himself in of the parking spaces into the parking space in order to block it. This apparently did not bother the 58-year-old. Eventually, the two opponents turned on each other. A witness stood protectively in front of the 43-year-old, who was lying on the ground and injured in the attack.

News from saturday, the 14. March

Trier: man shoots into the air during DIY store robbery

During a robbery at a DIY store in trier, the perpetrator fired at least twice into the air on Saturday. As the portal "wochenspiegellive.De" reported, the masked man had first threatened the staff in the market and demanded money. A customer is said to have confronted the suspected robber in the process. The latter then shot two times into the air with a pellet gun and fled without prey. passers-by caught him on foot after a chase. According to firefighters, several people were slightly injured in connection with the robbery. The criminal investigation department has started the investigation.

Magdeburg: nine teenagers rescued from balcony after fire

Firefighters rescued nine teenagers from the balcony of a burning two-family house in magdeburg, Germany. An adult who tried to extinguish the fire suffered minor injuries in the attempt, the fire department announced on Friday evening. Fire reportedly started because candles were handled carelessly. Since smoke poisoning could not be ruled out, all those involved were taken to hospital, it was said. A firefighter was also injured during the operation. The entire apartment was affected by the smoke, and the damage is estimated at 150,000 euros.

Source: DPA

Munich: woman gets stuck under car seat while looking for keys

Because of an unusual mishap, a woman had to alert the fire department on friday. As the emergency services reported, the minibus driver’s vehicle key had fallen under the car seat. When trying to fish out the key, she got her forearm stuck in a crevice. After several unsuccessful attempts to free herself, she reached for her cell phone with her second hand and informed the fire department. They had to use a parting grinder to deflect parts of the seat base to free the woman from her predicament. During the futile attempts to free herself, the 56-year-old injured herself and had to be taken to hospital.

News of friday, the 13. March

Osnabruck: scuffle over flour hamster purchase

A "hamster purchase of 50 packages of flour led to a scuffle in a supermarket near osnabruck. A man had packed the flour into his shopping cart in hilter, police said on friday. At the checkout, he was denied the purchase of such a large quantity on thursday evening: he could purchase 20 packs, the remaining quantity should remain in the store for other customers, a store employee told him. But the customer didn’t see that coming. Instead, the 41-year-old argued with two supermarket employees until it came to a physical confrontation. In the end, the 50 kilograms of flour remained in the store.

Source: DPA

Osnabruck: Sogel murderer behind bars for life

In the trial of a murder case 25 years ago, a man was sentenced to life imprisonment at the osnabruck regional court on friday. The court thus followed the request of the public prosecutor’s office. The defense attorney of the defendant from freren in lower saxony had argued for an acquittal of his client.

The 66-year-old is said to have murdered a 24-year-old from Soegel in August 1995 after an attempted rape. To conceal the sexual crime, he allegedly strangled the young woman. At the beginning of 2018, a homicide commission had reopened the case after it succeeded in securing DNA traces on the victim’s clothing. During the trial, the man claimed that the woman had only been sitting on his lap.

Source: DPA

Karlsruhe: car driver "pursued patrol car

A driver on the A5 freeway thought he was particularly clever on Wednesday. As the police reported, the 31-year-old drove several kilometers behind a patrol car that had been called to a driving scene. According to the report, he was driving more than 40 km/h too fast and repeatedly disregarded the prescribed minimum distance. In addition, he apparently pulled out a smartphone – possibly to film his journey. The officers first checked the scene of the accident and a short time later stopped the road rager at the bruchsal gas and rest area. They confiscated the cell phone as evidence.

Bad breisig: cessna forced to make emergency landing – three injured

The emergency landing of a small aircraft on Thursday at the airfield in the Rhineland-Palatinate Monchsheide injured the three occupants of the aircraft. Police report says plane had to make unscheduled landing due to engine problems. In the process, the Cessna hit a treetop and crashed on the grounds of the airfield – the three passengers were slightly injured. The aircraft suffered property damage of unknown amount. The cause of the engine problem is unclear.

Schwerin: 39-year-old appears at the police station with a weapon

A 39-year-old man triggered a police operation at an office in rostock late on thursday afternoon. According to officials, a female employee of the registration office reported that a man had appeared at the offices with a gun. A short time later, emergency services found the owner of the gun in a car with approx. 30 people filled waiting room of the office. The man did not resist. A check revealed that he was legally in possession of the alarm gun. Three employees of the registration office had to be psychologically cared for afterwards. The office was closed early.

News of thursday, the 11. March

Dortmund: shoplifter flees with salesman on hood of car

The employee of a supermarket in Dortmund survived an involuntary and extremely uncomfortable joyride on the hood of a car with minor injuries on Wednesday. According to the police on Thursday, a 32-year-old woman had observed a man stealing in the market and informed the staff. According to the report, a 40-year-old employee took up the pursuit of the suspected thief and stood in front of his car. The suspect nevertheless started the engine and drove at the man. He fell onto the hood of the car and clawed at the windshield wipers. By deliberate acceleration and braking maneuvers, the unknown man tried to hit his "passenger" to shake off. He was finally unable to hold on and suffered minor injuries when he fell onto the road. The aggressive driver fled. The police has started the investigation for robbery and dangerous interference with traffic.

Krauschwitz: car thief jumps off bridge in panic

On the run from the police, a suspected car thief in podrosche (district of gorlitz) jumped from a bridge about eight meters into the depths. The man suffered serious injuries on impact. According to the police report, the plane had to make an unscheduled landing due to engine problems. According to the officers, the man who died in the accident had previously sped towards the German-Polish border in his van in order to avoid a traffic check. There a nail belt installed by the police on the border bridge slowed him down. Instead of turning himself in, the 36-year-old risked jumping over the railing of the neibe bridge. Police officers found the man shortly afterwards seriously injured under the bridge. A rescue helicopter flew the man to the hospital. He had apparently stolen the sprinter in berlin.

Neumunster: homeless man allegedly set fire to vehicle

A 32-year-old man in neumunster (Schleswig-Holstein) is suspected of murder and arson following a house fire that left two dead. The homeless man is in a psychiatric hospital on a court order because of possible incapacity, the public prosecutor’s office in Kiel and the police announced on Thursday. Two people were killed in the fire in the attic of a multi-family house on Tuesday, one died after jumping from a window. According to investigators, the suspect himself had appeared at the federal police station in neumunster on tuesday morning and had stated that he had set a fire in a residential building. Further investigations by the criminal police strengthened the suspicion that the man had spent the previous night in the building affected by the fire and set fire to it in a still unexplained manner. A medical examination revealed further indications of a psychiatric illness, which could lead to an incapacity to commit the crime. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, a magistrate ordered the suspect to be temporarily placed in a psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile, the investigation by police fire investigators at the scene was still ongoing.

Dramatic scenes had taken place during the fire. A 42-year-old died jumping from a window into the courtyard of the burning building. In total, emergency crews rescued more than 30 people from the house and neighboring buildings. After the end of the extinguishing work, they found another body in the burned-out attic floor. The identity was still unclear until thursday.

Source: DPA

Leipzig: unknown persons steal six cars from nursing service

Unknown persons stole a total of six vehicles belonging to the company during a break-in at a care service in leipzig. According to the police, the perpetrators broke into the office on Thursday night and took 15 car keys from a defective safe cabinet. Six vehicles were stolen from the parking lot afterwards. The perpetrators also took a three-digit amount of money from a cash box. Police put the value of the thefts in total at a low six-figure sum.

Source: AFP

Halberstadt: 18-year-old flees from police – in his apartment lies a corpse

After a nighttime chase with a young man, police in halberstadt (saxony-anhalt) discovered the lifeless body of a woman in his apartment. As the officers reported on Wednesday, the 18-year-old initially ignored the stop signals of the police in his car. During a chase through the city, he drove off the road and slid into a field. During the subsequent escape on foot, the officers apprehended the man, who was apparently under the influence of drugs. In his vehicle, they found various narcotics and a pneumatic weapon. On the order of a judge, the apartment of the 18-year-old was then searched. Investigators discovered the body of a woman. No information was initially provided on their identities or the circumstances of their deaths. Due to the situation in which the body was found, an investigation was initiated on suspicion of homicide. The arrested man is in police custody.

Munich: man allegedly threatened Chinese neighbor with death

Apparently because of her origin, a man in munich threatened his neighbor with physical violence. As reported by the Munich police, the 45-year-old is said to have waited for the woman of Asian origin in front of her apartment door on Tuesday and sprayed her with disinfectant. According to the report, he shouted the word "corona" several times. After he threatened her with violence, the victim called 911. As the "suddeutsche zeitung" reports reports he threatened to cut off her head. The alarmed officers calmed down the angry attacker, filed a report for bodily harm and are now investigating a possible xenophobic motive.

News of Wednesday, the 11. March

Wurselen: gas leaks from bathroom therme

In wurselen, North Rhine-Westphalia, a 13-year-old girl collapsed unconscious in the bathroom: as the police reported, she was discovered there by her mother. On arrival, rescue workers detected an elevated level of carbon monoxide. Mother and daughter taken to hospital with poisoning. The police have taken up the investigation. The house was confiscated and sealed. According to investigations so far, the cause of the carbon monoxide poisoning was a gas leak from the boiler.

Darmstadt: aerial bomb to be defused on friday

the aerial bomb discovered on the messplatz in darmstadt is to be defused on friday. This was announced by the city on its website on Wednesday. The 500-kilogram bomb from World War II was discovered one meter below the ground on Tuesday. The defusing is planned for Friday from about 11 a.m. until probably 1 p.m. For this, an area in a radius of about 750 meters must be evacuated from 8 a.m. until probably 2 p.m. Around 9000 people are affected, according to the city. Classes at schools in the affected area will be canceled that day. "We ask all citizens who have the opportunity to independently take care of an alternative accommodation, so ideally in the appropriate period to stay with relatives and friends or to spend their time elsewhere outside the restricted area", mayor rafael reisser stated. "For all others, we will provide the kasinohalle and the darmstadtium as alternative accommodation during this time. There the supply of the people is also ensured."

Bielefeld: chicken truck explodes

Chicken truck explodes in supermarket parking lot – one injured a chicken truck exploded in a supermarket parking lot on wednesday morning. As radio bielefeld reported, a man was injured. According to the report, the imbiss operator was preparing the cart for sale when he discovered a leak and a gas cylinder exploded. Debris flew around, flames blazed several meters into the sky. The imbiss operator suffered minor burns in the accident.

News from Germany: chicken truck explodes in Bielefeld

Nuremberg: unknown person sends threatening letter with enclosed live ammunition

An unknown person in france has repeatedly sent threatening letters and sometimes enclosed live ammunition. The addressees of the letters were a Turkish-Islamic mosque association in Rothenbach an der Pegnitz and two local politicians, as the police headquarters of central Franconia announced on Wednesday. The series of crimes had already begun in december. The threatener used greeting cards with inscriptions such as "gutschein de luxe" or "sincere condolences". The special commission set up in the case is now trying to find out the origin of the cards used and called on the population for tips.

Source: AFP

alps: man allegedly tried to kill ex-girlfriend and mother

The duisburg homicide commission is investigating a young man for an attempted homicide in the north rhine-Westphalian community of alpen. Officials reported that the 25-year-old from cologne was allegedly shot on Tuesday evening at around 19.40 o’clock have attacked the family of his ex-girlfriend in her house. According to the report, he first injured the 50-year-old mother and then the 20-year-old ex-girlfriend with a knife and later spilled a liquid smelling of gasoline at the house. A neighbor who heard loud screams then alerted the police. police officers were able to apprehend and arrest the suspected attacker on the spot. They have also found gasoline cans and several knives near the house.The two injured women had to be treated in hospitals. In the meantime, the 20-year-old was in danger of death. According to initial findings, the police assume that it was an act of a relationship. The suspect will be brought before a magistrate on Wednesday at the request of the kleve public prosecutor’s office on suspicion of two counts of attempted murder and one count of attempted aggravated arson.

An employee of the medical care center tests the mobile test for the coronavirus

responsibility corona becomes a test for our entire society

Hanover: police publish photos of stolen goods

hanover criminal police seized stolen tools during searches. On Wednesday morning, the officers published photos of the objects seized in february, which they had found on a 49-year-old man. The man is suspected of committing several burglaries from motor vehicles region-wide and stealing tools such as an akkuflex, a drill and pipe presses. In addition, the police have seized a VW Touran, a VW T4 and a Yamaha R1 motorcycle. Officials hope to gain information from the public through the publication of the images. The seized objects can be viewed here.

olpe district: body discovered in sunken car

Creepy find in the biggesee: police divers found a male body in a sunken car there. According to the public prosecutor’s office in siegen and the police authorities in olpe and hagen, the dead man will undergo an autopsy on wednesday to determine the cause of death. Passers-by had already called the fire department on Monday evening and reported around 19.30 o’clock a sinking vehicle. The rescue forces searched for about two hours with two boats, sonar equipment and divers – but without success. on tuesday the search was continued and the car together with the corpse was discovered on the bottom of the biggesee lake. The homicide squad has taken over further investigations.

Rescue workers pull the car out of Lake Bigge

Blaubeuren: man dies in gas explosion

In blaubeuren, baden-wurttemberg, a resident died in an explosion in a residential building. The explosion occurred on Tuesday afternoon shortly after 3 p.m. The other occupants of the house were not at home at the time. Police reported Wednesday morning that officers found two gas canisters in the basement that had been opened and were leaking gas., that had apparently ignited. The building was so badly damaged by the explosion that it is currently uninhabitable. The family members came to stay with relatives.

Darmstadt: aerial bomb is defused

An aerial bomb from the second world war has been found on the messplatz in darmstadt. This must be defused on Wednesday. The population is asked to avoid the area as much as possible. As the city announces on its website, there will be a press conference on Wednesday, in which the further procedure will be announced.

Ostkreis: police seize weapons arsenal

The police found a whole arsenal of weapons at a man in the eastern district of Hesse. The officers executed a search warrant against a 40-year-old who had previously threatened a 30-year-old with a baseball bat. In the apartment of the man, however, the officers found much more than just the baseball bat, as they announced on Wednesday morning. The man kept an arsenal of weapons at home, including small amounts of various narcotics. The weapons were three air and three soft air weapons, three special axes, a machete, six different knives, a brass knuckle, a laser pointer, pepper spray and various ammunition for the found weapons. The man now answer for the violations of the narcotics and weapons law.

News from Germany: police found a whole arsenal of weapons

News of tuesday, the 10. March

Krefeld: money transporter robbed – getaway car set on fire

Two armed and masked robbers have attacked a money transporter in krefeld. The unknown persons escaped with a cash box, the police announced on Tuesday. There were no injuries. The perpetrators set fire to the getaway car a few streets away, it burned out completely.

They then presumably fled in a black VW sedan. "We are currently searching with all available forces and a helicopter", a police spokeswoman said. The perpetrators were masked with balaclavas. One was carrying a pistol, the other an assault rifle. Investigators initially gave no information on the amount of the haul.

Source: DPA

Leipzig: mother lion kills two of her cubs

With dismay, the zoo leipzig has announced on its homepage that two of the five lion cubs born on christmas 2019 were killed by their mother. mother lion kigali reacted aggressively on Monday morning after a routine vaccination of her offspring, killing a cub, writes the zoo.

After a temporary separation, the mother and young animals were brought together again after apparent calming "in order not to let the mother-child relationship break down", it says. During the night, however, kigali then killed another animal. "We can’t explain why the lioness, who has been working hard on her litter for the past ten weeks, is acting so aggressively", zoo director jorg junhold is quoted as saying. it was then decided that father lion majo, who has so far only met the babies at the viewing window, should take care of the offspring to relieve the mother lion. "Our hope is for majo to provide some protection for the remaining three young animals. At present, we cannot estimate whether this will be successful.", so junhold.

Neumunster: two dead in house fire

Two people died in a fire in a multi-family house in neumunster, Schleswig-Holstein, on Tuesday morning. According to police, a 42-year-old man died after jumping from a fixed part of the burning building. A second dead body was found in the attic destroyed by the flames after the end of the firefighting operations. Information on the identity was not initially.

On Tuesday morning, the rescue services received a report of a fire in a roof truss in a multi-storey residential building in the city center of neumunster. According to the report, a human died when he jumped into the courtyard of the building. Another resident of the house was rescued by jumping into a fire department jump sheet. its state of health was described as "stable" by the officials.

In total, the emergency services rescued 34 people from the house and neighboring buildings, including children. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. The badly damaged house was initially not allowed to be entered. An expert should assess the damage.

news germany - fire neumunster

Source: AFP

Hamburg: around 1000 rats and mice from experimental lab in animal shelters

After the closure of the criticized animal testing laboratory LPT in hamburg, several animal shelters have now taken the remaining 1000 rats and mice into their care. "After fearing that the animals might end up as live fodder, we are now very relieved that they finally did end up in the hands of animal welfare", said thomas schroder, president of the german animal protection association, on tuesday according to a press release.

In february, the hamburg health authority withdrew the license to keep animals at the company’s headquarters in hamburg-neugraben, with immediate effect. The LPT site in mienenbuttel had already been shut down beforehand. In mid-January, the county had revoked the permit to keep animals there.

Source: DPA

news germany - murder trial karlsruhe

Karlsruhe: father acquitted in murder trial on grounds of insanity

In a trial for the murder of a woman and child, the 61-year-old defendant in karlsruhe has been acquitted on grounds of insanity. The karlsruhe regional court ruled on tuesday that the father of the family must be placed in a psychiatric hospital. Prosecution and defense had previously pleaded not guilty to murder.

During the trial, two experts attested that the defendant suffered from severe depression with delusional features. He had wanted to protect his family from what he thought was financial ruin and had therefore wanted to take them to their deaths.

The man from tiefenbronn in the enz district in baden-wurttemberg, had killed his 38-year-old wife and eight-year-old son in the house they shared at the end of may last year. Its eleven-year-old brother survived only narrowly. All victims had suffered severe cuts and stab wounds. After the act, the accused had tried to take his own life with pills and alcohol.

You are having suicidal thoughts?

help is provided by the telephone helpline. It is anonymous, free of charge and available around the clock at 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222. Consultation via e-mail is also possible. A list of help centers throughout Germany can be found on the website of the german society for suicide prevention.

Source: DPA

Gelsenkirchen: suspicion of incitement of the people – police officer suspended

gelsenkirchen police chief britta zur suspended a 57-year-old police officer from duty on tuesday. man suspected of posting several statements with possibly inciting content on social media, police say. Appropriate criminal proceedings and disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the officer.

"We take consistent action against any form of xenophobic or racist comments and actions", explained the police chief of the ruhr area city. "I expect all my employees to show a clear commitment to the free democratic constitutional order at all times and to actively uphold the fundamental values of our constitution". It is "important to her that the accusations made are fully clarified", emphasized the.

Source: AFP

Gernsheim: motorist appears at police station intoxicated

A 19-year-old was to be questioned by police in gernsheim, hesse, for a suspected drug drive. As officials reported Tuesday morning, he appeared Monday evening around 19.40 o’clock at the station. However, the officers quickly noticed that the young man was apparently under the influence of drugs. A test reacted positively to THC, in addition he admitted to have consumed drugs. The officers initiated criminal proceedings against him.

Cologne: cargo ship wrecked on the rhine river

A cargo ship sank on the rhine near cologne this evening. As reported by the cologne "express reported, the "thekla" drove against a mole washed over by the high water, causing the 100-meter-long ship to leak in the bow and water to seep in. The ship, loaded with aluminum hydroxide, was in danger of sinking, but was able to reach the harbor basin under its own power. No one was injured, according to the report.

Frankfurt and neubrandenburg: police congratulate chuck norris on twitter

Actor chuck norris turns 80 on tuesday – and apparently has a lot of fans in the police force. Both the officers in frankfurt and the officers in neubrandenburg, congratulated the hollywood legend on twitter. "One of our patrols was able to observe the coronavirus yesterday during hamster shopping in #frankfurt. It had heard that #chucknorris was in the city. Happy birthday @chucknorris! [coronavirus: take dei krempel and make yourself fott]" , tweeted frankfurt police, while colleagues in neubrandenburg wrote: "we have stopped #chucknorris. We got away with a verbal warning #happybirthday to the man who catches all the bad guys."

Source: twitter

News from monday 9. March

Bremen: electric toothbrush disturbs couple’s love game

A flashing electric toothbrush disrupted a Bremen couple’s lovemaking and prompted police action. According to officers in the Hanseatic city on Monday, the man and woman alerted them because the couple feared they were being filmed from an apartment across the street while making love in their apartment with the curtains open. The reason for the suspicion was a flashing red light that they noticed there.

According to their observations, this came from a device that a man was holding in his hand. Police officers checked the apartment and investigated the matter. The alleged voyeur turned out to be the 31-year-old resident who had been cleaning his teeth at his window at the time in question on Saturday night.

According to his recollection, he had pressed down too hard, causing a red warning light to light up on the toothbrush. Officials said they showed the device to concerned callers as evidence of the crime. These are thereupon "in loud laughter" broken out.

Source: AFP

Kaiserslautern: helper smashes car window with high heels

A rescuer smashed the side window of an apparently unconscious driver’s car with high heels in kaiserslautern (Germany). Rescue workers were initially unable to get to the 63-year-old on Friday because the car was locked from the inside, according to police on Monday. A 24-year-old helper then courageously grabbed his companion’s high heels and smashed the windshield.

The unconscious driver, who had apparently suffered a heart attack, could then be treated. He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital.

Source: AFP

Goettlingen: thieves steal around 700 shirts from car

Thieves stole nearly 700 shirts from a car in Lower Saxony, Germany. According to police on Monday, they struck at night in gottingen, where they stole 14 boxes of new men’s clothing from a parked rental car. The loot was worth several thousand euros, investigators asked for tips.

The crime occurred on Saturday night in the parking lot of a multi-family house. The unknown perpetrators broke a window of the car. They then apparently transported the boxes with the shirts away in their own vehicle.

Source: AFP

Berlin: cocaine found on children’s playground

berlin police found an extensive assortment of drugs in a sandbox at a children’s playground in gorlitzer park in berlin-kreuzberg. More than 30 bags of marijuana, about 20 packets of cocaine and numerous ecstasy tablets showed the police in a photo released on Monday. Friday night, the buried narcotic was found by the new focal point patrol of the police, it was said under the headline "not nice at all&" dangerous". The police had previously observed a man who had sand on his clothes and had probably "just come from a nighttime buddying session". Further it was said: "unfortunately he was able to escape."

Source: DPA

Weinheim: four injured after serious accident

Weinheim: Four people hospitalized after serious accident

Source: DPA

Berlin: Number of politically motivated crimes rises

More politically motivated crimes were committed in berlin in 2019 than in the previous year. There were 4.6 percent more cases and thus an increase to 4464 acts, the senate administration for internal affairs announced on Monday. According to the report, the number of right-wing motivated acts increased by eight percent to 1932 cases. also the number of politically left motivated crimes increased from more than 1200 to almost 1400 cases.

The number of anti-Semitic crimes reportedly decreased: 281 cases were recorded in 2019, 230 of which had a political right-wing background. In 2018, there had still been a total of 329 anti-Semitic acts, which corresponds to a decrease of 14.6 percent.

A total of 513 in 2019.426 crimes recorded in all areas, up 0.3 percent from the previous year. Although there were decreases in almost all theft offenses. However, the number of sexual offences and the number of acts of cybercrime have increased, explained interior senator andreas geisel (SPD).

Source: AFP

pouring: coffee and cookies poisoned? Nurse denies accusation

A nurse has denied before the Giessen Regional Court, through her defense attorney, that she poisoned her colleagues with sleeping pills and tranquilizers. "She had nothing against anyone and did not do this", the 53-year-old’s lawyer said at the start of the trial on monday.

The public prosecutor’s office accuses the German of having spiked coffee and home-baked cookies with the drugs in september 2017 and in march 2019 and serving them to her colleagues in the tea kitchen of a hospital in bad nauheim (hesse) for access.

According to the indictment, five colleagues experienced health problems, including unconsciousness – one victim was even in danger of losing his life. The public prosecutor’s office accuses the 53-year-old of, among other things, dangerous bodily harm and, in one case, attempted murder.

Source: DPA

Germany: aldi campaign with disinfectant lures quite a few consumers

consumers in germany took advantage of a special offer from aldi on monday morning to buy disinfectants. the discounter’s sales campaign is not related to the corona virus. it was planned months ago, a spokeswoman for aldi-sud told the german press agency. "For years, we have always had a special offer on disinfectants in march, when the travel season begins", they emphasized.

Because the promotional items were only available in limited quantities, customers could only buy three products per person – disinfectant sprays, gels or hygienic wipes. a saleswoman in dusseldorf said, looking at the rather small products on offer: "it’s only travel necessities." in front of several aldi stores in dusseldorf, cologne, munich and bremen, the crowds were limited.

Source: DPA

News from germany from the week of 2. To 8. March read here.

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