New eco-list – germany’s most environmentally friendly cars

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New eco-list | these are germany’s
most environmentally friendly cars

Read how many diesel models are on it

the emissions scandal has unsettled many drivers. Driving bans for older diesels also loom in major cities. It’s hard to make the right decision when buying a new car.

If you want to drive a fuel-efficient car safely into city centers in the next few years, you should look out for gasoline hybrids and natural gas vehicles," advises the ecologically oriented Verkehrsclub deutschland (VCD).

the association presented its annual environmental list for cars on thursday. The association strongly advises against diesel cars and gasoline engines with direct injection without particulate filters.

This year’s auto-environment list contains 34 cars, including six gasoline-electric hybrids, five natural gas-powered cars, 13 gasoline-powered cars and ten electric cars. The VCD counts gasoline hybrids such as the toyota prius hybrid among the cars worth recommending.

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Also natural gas models like the VW eco up! Be recommended, explained the traffic club. Efficient gasoline engines without direct injection, such as the citroen C1 vti 68 stop&start, are also a good choice. Electric cars such as the BMW i3, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for vehicle fleets and commuters, he says.

Diesel scandal and driving bans

Car manufacturers promise up to 10,000 euros diesel premium. BILD knows exclusively how much customers really get!

BILD shows the complete diesel list of the german environmental aid organization for the first time – listed by manufacturer and model.

Warning against diesel cars

"diesel vehicles cannot be recommended by the VCD," the traffic club further explained. The reason for this is that "hardly any car manufacturer has been able to prove that the nitrogen oxide limits of its cars are also complied with on the road". The only exception, the mercedes E 220d, was not included in the environmental list "because it consumes too much fuel and is not completely safe from driving bans".

► as long as there is no blue sticker, all diesels could be affected by driving bans, explained the VCD. Direct-injection gasoline engines are also not included in the list as they do not yet have a particulate filter and therefore emit a high number of ultra-fine and particularly harmful particles.

"the decision to buy a car in times of the emissions scandal should be well considered," said gerd lottsiepen, transport policy spokesman for the VCD. If you scrap your euro 4 diesel now for a euro 6 diesel, you may soon no longer be able to drive your new car in the environmental zone.

"it is a scandal that euro 6 diesels are still being registered today that exceed the legal nitrogen oxide limit several times over in road measurements," said lottsiepen.

Tips for buying a car

The old stinkers: suddenly they’re worth something again – and a lot of it! BILD answers the most important questions.

The diesel scandal is currently unsettling Germans. BILD answers motorists’ questions.

the VCD’s buying recommendations

Toyota Prius Hybrid

The VCD particularly recommends gasoline hybrids such as the toyota prius hybrid photo: manufacturer

Gasoline hybrids

model body-
Recommended price
(kW/hp) consumption
(l/100 km)
lexus CT 200h L 26 950 € 100/136 5,1 – 5,4
toyota auris hybrid L 23 490 € 100/136 5,0-5,3
toyota C-HR hybrid SUV 27 390 € 90/122 4,9-5,3
toyota prius hybrid L 28 150 € 100/136 3,4-4,4
toyota prius+ hybrid CV 31 500 € 100/136 5,6-5,9
toyota yaris hybrid L 17 990 € 74/100 4,7-4,9

Golf TGI BlueMotion

Cars powered by natural gas, such as VW’s golf TGI bluemotion, also performed well in the eco-test photo: manufacturer

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