New catalog of fines for road traffic comes into force

Since 9. November 2021: the new catalog of road traffic fines comes into force. Speeders and parking violators have to pay significantly more. To better protect cyclists and pedestrians.

After lengthy controversy, the Bundesrat (upper house of the German parliament) approved the Ministry of Transport’s ordinance to tighten the catalog of fines at the beginning of october. Among other things, traffic offenders who exceed the speed limit, park incorrectly or disregard the rules on emergency lanes now have to expect significantly higher fines. The measures are intended to better protect pedestrians and cyclists in the future.

The reform was already briefly valid in 2020, but then had to be withdrawn and amended due to a formal error. Stricter regulations on driving bans have been partially relaxed.

Speeding tickets significantly more expensive

Anyone who exceeds the speed limit in built-up areas by more than 10 kilometers per hour will now pay double the fine: at least 50 euros instead of the previous 25 euros. If a driver exceeds the speed limit by more than 30 kilometers per hour, the fine will be at least 260 euros instead of the previous 160 euros.

Speeding outside built-up areas will also be punished more severely: if the speed limit exceeds 10 kilometers per hour, the fine will now be 40 euros instead of 20, and if the speed limit exceeds 20 kilometers per hour, traffic offenders will have to fork out 100 euros instead of 70.

New driving ban limits rolled back

The originally planned tightening of the driving ban limits, according to which motorists from 21 hour kilometers in the city and from 26 hour kilometers outside the city should give up their driver’s license – has been withdrawn. As before, speeding offences of 21 kilometers per hour or more in built-up areas will result in a point in the flensburg driver fitness register.

Points for parking in the wrong place when obstructing traffic

A parking ticket is stuck to the windshield of a wrongly parked car. © dpa-photo: Ole Spata

Parking tickets, which are often regarded as a trivial offense, have also become expensive. simple violations now cost 55 euro instead of 15 euro. This also includes unauthorized parking of vehicles in handicapped, electric car and car-sharing parking spaces, which has so far cost 35 euros.

If drivers park incorrectly and obstruct the use of cycle paths and footpaths, or park their vehicles on hard shoulders or in second rows, they could be fined up to 110 euros and receive a penalty point in flensburg. The ADAC therefore also warns against stopping in the second row, which usually results in a certain obstruction of traffic. The situation is similar for blocking fire department entrances: if rescue vehicles are obstructed, it can cost up to 100 euros.

Driving ban for violations when forming emergency lanes

From now on, anyone who fails to form an emergency lane on the freeway or even uses it without permission will pay a fine of up to 320 euros. regardless of whether the misconduct poses a concrete danger, the penalty is always a one-month driving ban and two points in flensburg. motorcyclists in particular should therefore change their behavior accordingly, advises the ADAC.

Walking speed for trucks when turning right

To better protect pedestrians and cyclists, who are often not easily visible in the blind spot, trucks are now required to drive at walking speed when turning right. Violations are punishable by a 70 euro fine.

A police car drives through an emergency lane on the highway. © imago images / Arnulf Hettrich

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