New cars in 2022: many suvs and even more electric cars

Corona pandemic and chip crisis are likely to keep the automotive world on its toes again this year. However, numerous interesting new models could at least create a good atmosphere.

Lots of suvs and even more electric cars: also the car year 2022 is in line with the well-known megatrends. A few "normal" ones passenger car are also back. An overview of the most important brands.


Two years after its German launch with the U5 electric SUV, the Chinese manufacturer is bringing out the coupe-sister model U6 on the road. It will be powered by a 140 kW/190 hp electric motor with a 63 kWh battery that offers a WLTP range of around 400 kilometers. In addition to the modern body design and the highly digitalized interior, the sales model is one of the brand’s special features: instead of being sold in traditional dealerships, the vehicles are sold through electronics retailers in the euronics group, while service is provided by the workshop chain A.T.U.

Alfa romeo

With the tonale, the stellantis subsidiary is introducing its power SUV stelvio a compact brother at your side. It, too, is expected to score points with its Italian design and decidedly sporty character. The technical basis adopted from the jeep compass is ironed out in the direction of dynamism. A plug-in hybrid drive, among other things, is designed to ensure that this does not translate into excessively high fuel consumption. The market launch has already been postponed several times, but it should be ready in early summer.

The ingolstadt-based company is rolling out the Q6 E-tron will be launching its third electric SUV series towards the end of the year. The mid-size crossover fits into the gap between the compact Q4 E-tron and the large E-tron and is the brand’s first model to be based on the PPE e-car platform developed jointly with porsche. Powerful engines and 800-volt technology included. Without e-drive, the audi A3 allroad livelihood. From the fall onwards, the offroad-style offshoot of the compact five-door model will largely rely on familiar technology from the Golf range.

More dynamic, more powerful, and digitally advanced, the BMW 2 Series active tourer second generation launched at the beginning of the year. The compact van is developing visually more in the direction of a crossover and will initially be available in early 2022 as a gasoline and diesel, summer will see the launch of a plug-in hybrid retrofitted. Prices start at 37.200 euro. One of the van’s close technical relatives is the X1 compact SUV, a new generation of which is expected in the fall. At the other end of the SUV range, an upper-class SUV with M genes and plug-in hybrid drive will also be launched at the end of the year, which was announced earlier this year in the form of the XM study. But there will also be new developments in the classic car segment when the flagship of the 7 series enters its next generation towards the end of the year. For the first time, there will also be an electric variant called the i7 give.


After a five-year break, citroen returns at the turn of the year with the C5 X back in the mid-size class. The successor to the C5 station wagon has a fashionable crossover look, but its core and proportions remain more in line with its predecessor. The brand’s new flagship is set to make its mark with the "advanced cofort," among other features-chassis with hydraulic shock absorber stops, which is intended to ensure comfortable handling. Instead of diesel, there are plug-in hybrids with up to 165 kW/225 hp.


For many, it’s the prettier ID.3: at the start of the year, seat-able too cupra to put its first e-mobile from the Group’s modular system on the road. The born is technically largely identical to the northern German model, but is more dynamically styled and more crisply tuned. Up to 170 kw/231 hp power and 540 kilometers range are possible.


The romanians replace their rather prosaic lodgy family van with a crossover that is enhanced with jogger from. The new model also offers a small price (from 14.000 euros) space for up to seven occupants, but packs it in much more pleasingly than before. In addition to gasoline and autogas engines, a full hybrid will be available for the first time, but probably not until 2023.

the new group affiliation makes it possible: fiat family car to be launched at the end of 2021 ulysse SUV, albeit not as a classic van, but as a new model minibus. It shares its base with the peugeot traveller, opel vivaro and co., the new stellantis sibling, which will probably also contribute its optional e-drive. There will also be a commercial vehicle variant called scudo.

For ford 2022 is the year of the commercial vehicle cooperation with VW. In the middle of the year, the cologne-based company will initially take over the caddy high-roof station wagon from wolfsburg and offer it in a slightly modified version tourneo connect to. Shortly afterwards, it will be the other way around: ford will then launch the new generation of pick-ups ranger which in turn will be used by VW as the basis for the new amarok. Visually, the flatbed truck will be more closely aligned with the Ford Ranger than before US model F-150, also new is a V6-thisl for discerning non-commercial customers.


After the Korean premium brand, founded in 2015, had recently expanded its conventional model range, the launch of the first pure e-model is scheduled for early 2022. The mid-size crossover GV60 uses the technology of the group’s brothers hyundai ioniq 5 and kia EV6, garnishing it with new high-tech features and a decidedly dynamic design. Toward the end of the year, the SUV will be joined by the G80 electrified electric sedan and a large electric SUV.


The Japanese are fully committed to the hybrid in Europe. Following on from the CR-V and jazz, the small HR-V crossover exclusively with the dual drive system that cannot be recharged from the outside is now coming to germany. It does its work behind an angular front end that dominates the front of the mini-SUVs, while the rear end is fashionably angled and provides visual dynamism. Later in the year the new civic, also comes as a pure hybrid model.

Large, luxurious and partially electric: jeep launches the new generation of the Genesis at the beginning of the year SUVs grand cherokee to germany. The Sportage, which is offered exclusively as a five-seater in Germany all-wheel drive is powered by a 276 kW/375 hp engine plug-in hybrid powered, capable of covering around 40 kilometers in purely electric mode.

After six years in production, the Koreans are revamping their best-selling SUV. In the new generation, the sportage änew futuristic exterior and extensively digitized interior on the. unusual extra in this class: parking by remote control from outside the vehicle. In addition to the diesel and gasolinen also a plug-in hybrid with an eligible range of 60 kilometers. Overall, the power band ranges from 85 kw/116 hp to 195 kw/265 hp.

land rover

With a smoothed and refined design, electrified powertrains and preserved off-road capability, the luxury off-roader range rover fifth generation at the beginning of 2022. Compared with its predecessor, which has been in production since 2013, the new version has grown by just under a hand’s width to 5.05 meters, while the long version, which is being offered again, has a length of 5.25 meters. For the powertrain, there is initially six- and eight-cylinder diesels and gasoline engines with mild hybrid technology and up to 390 kw/530 hp power as well as two plug-in hybrid based on a six-cylinder engine with a standard electric range of 100 kilometers. Also planned for 2024 is a all-electric model announced.


With the mid-size SUV NX will lexus finally out of the exotic niche in europe. The first generation, launched in 2017, immediately became the brand’s best-selling passenger car on the continent, and the new edition is expected to appeal to even more customers from the end of 2021 onwards. Also thanks to the plug-in hybrid drive, available for the first time, with an electric range of around 63 kilometers.


The Japanese are expanding their SUV-portfolio above the CX-5. The five-seater is initially expected to be launched in mid-2022 CX-60 at the turn of the year, it will be followed by a seven-seater variant called the CX-80. Both will be based on the brand’s new rear-wheel drive platform, powered by plug-in hybrids or a mildly hybridized inline-six, which will be available as a diesel and a gasoline engine. In addition mazda next year the MX-30 with range extension through a range-extender to.


With the SUV levante maserati Since 2016, maserati has boosted its previously sluggish sales figures. The stellantis brand is hoping for the same from the one-number-smaller grecale, which should actually have been launched much earlier than in the spring of 2022. maserati has already banned the diesel from its model range. It will be replaced in the grecale by an two-liter mild hybrid gasoline engine. maserati will then cater to power-hungry customers with a V6 in various configurations, while the eco-conscious can look forward to a electric grecale look forward to – but probably not yet in 2022.

After a break of around three years, the new edition of the granturismo. The sports car, which will be available as a coupe and a grancabrio, will be the brand’s first all-electric model, but will also be available with a gasoline engine. The Italian brand’s packed year of new products will be rounded off by the convertible version of the super sports car MC20.


Probably the biggest new-product package of the year has mercedes laced. The premiere series will start at the beginning of the year with the new edition of the iconic SL, which was developed for the first time under the auspices of in-house tuner AMG and is expected to be correspondingly dynamic. The roadster with a fabric roof initially produces up to 430 kW/585 hp and costs at least around 130.000 euro. Both values are significantly lower than those of the hypercar mercedes-AMG one, which is finally expected in late summer after a lengthy delay and will have 775 kw/1.054 hp and will cost just under three million euros. The premiere of a near-production study already took place at the IAA 2017.

There will also be additions to the E-models the brand. The business sedan shown at the IAA in Munich, for example, will be launched in early summer EQE. The little brother of the EQS has a similarly streamlined body with a short hood and large arched passenger compartment, offers a range of around 660 kilometers and at least 300 hp. A few months later, the EQT will be followed by an electric high-roof station wagon and the EQS SUV a kind of electric cousin of the GLS. Two sizes smaller, mercedes remains conventional for the time being and sends out the new mid-size SUV GLC which draws on the recently updated C-Class for its powertrain and infotainment. The launch is expected in early fall.

With two electric SUV the traditional british brand under chinese ownership is already represented in germany. This will be followed in early 2022 by the MG5 an electrically powered compact station wagon. MG promises a range extension from 479 to around 1.400-liter expandable trunk and two battery versions with 50 or 61 kwh for 320 and 400 kilometers of range, respectively. The electric motor powers the stromer with 115 kW/156 hp and 260 newton meters of torque. The price will be under 40.000 euros.


In europe, the japanese are moving closer to their alliance partners renault and nissan, and in the future will mainly sell their cars under their own label. However, they do not want to drop their own brand classics completely, so that probably in the middle of this year the mid-size outlander SUV finding its way from japan to europe. As in the current generation, the 4.71-meter-long all-wheeler will also be available with a plug-in hybrid, but its electric range will increase by a hefty 90 kilometers.


Electric cars and SUVs or both stand at nissan in focus. At the beginning of the year, the Japanese will launch the high-roof station wagon townstar a slightly modified variant of the renault kangoo enters the race. Like this one, there will also be the offshoot in an electric version will be available (from summer), a diesel will no longer be available. But more important for its own stromer profile is the mid-size SUV ariya, after the leaf, nissan wants to take the second big step in electrification with this new flagship: decidedly modern in both design and technology, it is intended to radiate across the entire brand from the summer onwards. The new X-trail, which operates in a similar market segment but is conventionally powered and aims to be a more spacious alternative to the best-selling qashqai, looks comparatively unspectacular in comparison. It could be launched in the fall.

The chinese electric carmaker launches its commitment to germany at the end of 2022 with a range-buster. The business sedan ET7 is expected to reach up to 1.can drive 000 kilometers per battery charge. The top version with two engines also offers extremely high drive power of 480 kW/653 hp. Up to now, the models of the independent manufacturer have only been officially available in norway within europe. However, it is not the ET7 that is listed there, but the SUV ES8 delivered.

The astra has been at the core of the opel brand for five generations now. The new edition, which will be launched at the beginning of the year, will for the first time have stellantis genes under the sheet metal, sharing the technology with peugeot 308 and DS 4, among others. The design in the brand’s fresh style is intended to create its own profile, with a major modernization push in the interior in particular. In addition to diesels and gasoline engine there are three plug-in hybrid with up to 220 kw/300 hp and, for the first time, a purely electric variant from 2023. In terms of bodywork, customers have the choice between a classic five-door model and a station wagon.

In addition to the astra, which is doomed to success, the Russelsheim-based company is adding two niche models to its lineup. At the beginning of the year, the electric micromobile opel rocks-e for 8.000 euros as a cube-shaped two-seater for city driving limited to 45 km/h, but also suitable for 15-year-olds. Another electric vehicle is the vivaro hydrogen, which has both a small battery and a fuel cell on board. Around 400 kilometers of range should be possible in this way. The target group for the zero-emission van is primarily fleet customers.

In China, the great Wall subsidiary is targeting young car buyers in particular with its unusual retro styling. In germany, the brand launches the 4.24-meter short five-door model in spring cat 01, from around 30.The new Astra is expected to cost around euro 000 and offer a range of up to 400 kilometers.


In January, the French will launch the new generation of the 308 to the dealers. Sedan and station wagon grow significantly in size, now reaching mid-size format. Customers have a choice of powertrains two gasoline engines and one diesel with up to 96 kw/130 hp and, for the first time, also under two plug-in hybrids with up to 165 kw/225 hp and up to 60 kilometers of electric range. A purely battery-powered model is not currently announced. Compared with its predecessor, the design is much more muscular and dynamic, and the cockpit is very modern and digital, with peugeot remaining true to its typical design with a small steering wheel and raised instruments. Prices start at 23.200 euro.


The Stuttgart-based company will not be launching any completely new models next year. After all, they are sending numerous highly refined derivatives of well-known models into the race, including in early summer the 718 cayman GT4 RS and in the fall the 911 GT3 RS.


Renault positions the Megane E-Tech against VW ID.3 and co

With the Megane E-tech, the French will take on the VW ID in the spring.3 in focus. The compact with its soft crossover styling is based on a completely new electric platform and is expected to travel up to 470 kilometers per battery charge. As is now customary in this segment, there is a choice of different battery sizes and engine output levels. Renault also offers several charging technology options, from slow to fast. The price is likely to be similar to that of its northern German competitor (from 32.000 euros) and undercut it by a few euros. Still significantly less white about the successor to the kadjar, which will be launched in the summer on the basis of the nissan qashqai. Last but not least, the name of the compact crossover is also unclear.


A good year after the enyaq e-crossover, the Czech VW subsidiary is sending out its coupe-discardr on the road. the most important difference, apart from an exclusive top version with 195 kW/265 hp, is a probably generally higher price as well as the sleeker design, which is supposed to offer not only aesthetic advantages but also better wind resistance. The most efficient version covers 535 kilometers.


The daimler subsidiary moves out of the subcompact segment and ventures a relaunch as a brand with a new design city crossover. The E-mobile was developed jointly with the chinese geely group and will also be built in the Middle Kingdom. Name, design and technical details are still secret a good year before market launch.


The South Koreans are launching their first e-car early in the year battery-powered variant of the korando, which boasts a range of up to 420 kilometers. The closed radiator grille and a redesigned front apron are the most important visible changes compared with the conventional variant of the compact SUV.


The Subaru Solterra is purely electric

E- instead of boxer enginethe japanese all-wheel-drive brand is bringing its first e-car to europe this summer. The solterra was developed together with the toyota bz4x and is said to go up to 530 kilometers per battery charge. Two engine variants are available for the crossover with sloping rear end: one with 150 kW/204 hp and front-wheel drive and one with 160 kW/218 hp dual-motor all-wheel drive.


Suzuki has relaunched the S-Cross

A crisper name, a more self-assured design and significantly more technology: suzuki to relaunch its S-cross compact SUV in early 2022. The previous "SX4" name suffix is omitted, but for the first time a full hybrid drive into the engine program. The design is moving more in the direction of a more robust look with hardly any change in dimensions, while the interior features new infotainment and modern connectivity. Prices start at 29.300 euro.


The Toyota bZ4X is the first of a whole family of e-cars

The japanese revamp their entry-level sports car: the coupe will not only be replaced by GT86 in the course of the model changeover to GR86 but will be more powerful (plus 34 hp), stiffer and, above all, sportier. Driving pleasure in the traditional sense, the promise that the small two-seater with its 172 kW/234 hp will fully deliver from spring onwards is as follows. The aygo X, which will be launched a little later, is less focused on driving dynamics micro-crossover replaces the similarly named subcompact car, offers a pithy style, slightly elevated seating position and lots of optional equipment. A 53 kW/72 hp 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine powers the car, with prices starting at 15 euros.400 euro. The two SUV classes larger will follow in the summer bz4x, the first electric car the brand. What is unusual is the generous battery guarantee of ten years, after which 90 percent of the capacity is still supposed to be available. Eight years and 70 to 80 percent are standard industry practice. Prices for the compact crossover, which is available with up to 160 kW/218 hp and all-wheel drive as an option, have not yet been announced.


The electric volvo offshoot continues to count: after polestar 1 and 2, the debut of the polestar 3 a sportily positioned SUV in the Porsche Macan format. In terms of powertrain and batteries, the newcomer, which will be built in China, is likely to differentiate itself more strongly from volvo than before.


the swedes are set for further conversion to a purely electric brand. The next battery-powered vehicle will be the big one towards the end of 2022 SUV XC90, which will point the way to the future of the brand not only in terms of drive, charging technology and battery, but also in terms of design.

The VW Taigo is an SUV coupe

wolfsburg has found another gap in its already well-stocked SUV program: from the beginning of the year, the taigo with its coupe-The new model will attract customers who find the somewhat smaller T-cross too conventionally styled. For the powertrain, there is a choice of a one-liter three-cylinder TSI in the 70 kW/95 hp and 81 kW/110 hp versions, and the 1.5-liter TSI with 110 kW/150 hp. One electrified variant will not be available for the taigo, which is always delivered with front-wheel drive. Prices start at just under 20.000 euro. At the other end of the product range, the new edition of the amarok pick-up will be launched at the end of the year. Unlike in the past, VW is not developing the app itself, but is buying the technology from commercial vehicle partner ford. Their ranger will also launch at the end of 2022.

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