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The navigation devices offer real bargains, unless you are changing continents and need a database of particularly exotic road maps. And you don’t have to worry about updates either – the manufacturers update the map material automatic, as long as your device is running.

There are differences, as you can easily see from our table, in the controls. Only few devices have voice control, so that you don’t have to operate the keys in unfavorable situations. Also a bluetooth hands-free function for phone calls not yet part of the standard equipment of many navigation devices.

Navigation device recommendations

Tomtom GO essential 5"

Tomtom GO basic navigation device

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Buying advice: how to find the right product in our navigation device comparison 2022

  • Navigation devices are nowadays the standard in the car and reliably show the way in unfamiliar places.
  • Today, navigation devices provide a variety of useful additional functions with.
  • For cars, trucks and motorcycles there are different devices available.

Navigation devices have become established in everyday life in a relatively short time. They guide solo drivers safely to their destination and have already prevented many a dispute between the driver and a passenger who is overwhelmed with the road atlas. Today’s navigation systems usually come with maps for the whole of europe, so that even on a short trip to a neighboring country or on a long summer trip to the mediterranean, the best orientation is ensured.

1. What are the different versions of navigation devices??

you have the choice between a single navigation device with a mount that is attached to the dashboard or the windshield, and a car radio with navi. With these the display of the navi is integrated in the car. this brings further advantages, for example, relative theft protection and additional functions such as a rear view camera. In the following table, we present two different types in the category of navigation devices.

But which GPS navigation systems are really useful? Before you buy navigation equipment, you should look at different models. Various portals and trade journals regularly test new devices and select certain navigation devices as test winners. The stiftung warentest foundation has also already looked at navigation systems. Such a navigation device test is always a good orientation aid. You can find more buying advice here:

  • What additional functions should navigation devices have in 2021 / 2022??
  • What do smartphones and navigation device apps do??
  • Which brands are recommended?
  • Which navigation devices are suitable for trucks and motorcycles??

2. How do navigation devices work??

Modern navigation systems are made possible by GPS. GPS stands for global position system and was developed by the american military: a total of 27 satellites orbit the earth and constantly radio their position and time to the ground. Every navi with GPS can receive these data. However, the navigation device must be able to receive data from at least four satellites simultaneously in order to calculate the current position of the car.

That’s why the navi signal may fail in mountainous areas with poor satellite reception or in long tunnels. You may have already noticed it in underground parking garages: the navigation system only continues its service when you drive the car back into daylight.

Size matters: first-generation navigation devices were rather small with a 3.5-inch screen diagonal. Modern devices with 5 or 7-inch screens not only offer you a much better overview, but even additional functions such as a split screen.

2.1. What does TMC mean for navigation devices??

A built-in navigation device in the car.

You have probably heard the term TMC in connection with navigation systems. TMC stands for traffic message channel. the messages transmitted through it are sent to the car radio or navigation device (if it has a built-in FM transmitter) via FM transmitter (in the range of the FM signal).

TMC is used to send traffic updates to navis. How your navigation device can alert you to a traffic jam and suggest a detour. but keep in mind that thousands of other drivers will receive the same recommendation!

2.2. How to convert picture size to inches?

Size specifications for screens are almost always given in inches. One inch is equal to 2.54 cm. A 7-inch navigation device has a screen diagonal of just under 17 centimeters. This table makes it easier for you to get an overview:

3,0 7,62
3,5 8,89
4,3 10,92
5,0 12,7
7,0 17,78

3. What additional functions do navigation devices offer??

The first GPS devices could do no more than show drivers their current position and navigate them to their desired destination. In comparison, today’s navigation devices are much better equipped. Some of the features that modern navigation devices for cars should have:

  • Bluetooth / hands-free system
  • Speed assistant
  • Automatic map updates
  • voice control

3.1. Bluetooth and handsfree

Bluetooth is a modern radio standard according to IEEE802.15.1 for the transmission of data over short distances. It’s hard to imagine a car without bluetooth: it enables the navi to work hands-free. The smartphone uses bluetooth to transmit calls to the navigation device, which then plays them back via the loudspeaker. So the driver can make phone calls and still have both hands on the wheel.

Attention: since 2017, anyone caught driving with a cell phone attached to their ear has had to brace themselves for tougher penalties: in addition to a 60-euro fine, you’ll also get a demerit point in flensburg. However, hands-free phone calls are allowed.

3.2. Speed assistant

The speed assistant is a relatively new assistance system that helps drivers to keep to the current speed limit. the system is also called intelligent speed adaption (ISA). Surely you have already overlooked it while driving on the highway that the speed was suddenly limited to 100 km / h, without any apparent reason. Often there is a speed trap right there (not by accident). The speed assistant points this out to you. Some systems even throttle back your speed.

3.3. rear view camera

Speed camera warning in the navi

The use of so-called speed camera warnings is legally controversial. §23 abs. 1b of the road traffic regulations states: "anyone who drives a vehicle must not operate or carry a technical device ready for operation, designed to indicate or interfere with traffic control measures."

Lawyers, however, are of the opinion that the speed camera warning is only a secondary function and not the actual provision. Up to now there is no clear legal verdict. Fines for the use of speed camera warnings are currently issued very rarely.

Today, a rearview camera is almost always included with a car radio with navigation system. This is to add a parking aid, which is worth its weight in gold, especially when parking at the side of the road or in narrow parking garages. The camera switches on as soon as you put the car in reverse gear.

You will then see the image of the camera on the display of the navigation system, as well as artificial auxiliary lines. So they know exactly how much space is left to the next parked vehicle. You can use the existing navi also retrofit with a rear view camera.

3.4. Automatic map updates

Navigation devices that update themselves are an enormous relief. You do not need to remove the memory card from the navigation device to update the map and connect it to the computer. New navigation devices do this themselves.

3.5. Voice control for navis

Typing on the touchscreen while driving can be dangerous. That’s why it’s practical if the navigation system can be controlled not only by manual input but also by voice command. All you have to do is tell the device the desired address verbally.

4. What are the different brands of navigation devices and how do they perform in navigation device tests??

The smartphone as a navigation device in the car.

In germany, several major manufacturers such as tomtom, garmin, becker, falk and medion share the market for navigation systems. Different navigation devices regularly emerge as test winners from various navigation device tests and comparisons. You can buy navigation devices online and in stationary shops. media markt also offers car radios with navi and hands-free system.

The best navigation devices were recently found to be the garmin drive smart 61 and the tomtom go 520. However, this can change with every new edition, so a tomtom navigation device or a garmin navigation device are not always the gold standard. even a cheap navigation device from medion can turn out to be perfectly adequate.

Another good choice may be a becker navigation device. Most recently, the becker navi "professional 6SL EU" did well in a navigation device test.

Also consider whether you absolutely need to buy additional navigation devices: apps for your smartphone can do just as much today. The major manufacturers now offer corresponding map material that you can download to your cell phone and use for navigation via the built-in GPS. But what are the pros and cons of a smartphone app??


  • You save an additional device in the car.
  • The smartphone is not left in the car and can not be stolen.
  • Smartphones have a larger display than older navigation devices.

  • you are dependent on the battery of the smartphone.
  • Many smartphones are equipped with multitasking (e.g. B. Navigate and play music at the same time) overloaded.
  • If you forget the smartphone in the cradle, a theft is more serious than with the pure navi.

5. Can I use a car navigation system in a camper van or truck??

Theoretically, you can use a car navigation system for trucks and motorhomes as well. However, there is one major drawback: the navigation devices do not take the dimensions of your vehicle into account. For example, you may suddenly find yourself in front of a low bridge that your motorhome cannot pass under or a narrow bridge that your truck is too heavy to cross. You should therefore use special navigation devices for campers or long-distance drivers.

Tip: for campers, large navis with a 5- or 7-inch display are a good choice. you can also use this as a tv screen at your destination.

If you like to drive on two wheels? You also get special navigation devices for motorcycles: these allow control via touchscreen even with motorcycle gloves and offer particularly easy-to-read map material. The waterproof case protects the navi in a downpour of rain. Via bluetooth, the transferring instructions to the helmet. look at the battery life in hours for a motorcycle navi: since you can’t power the device from the car battery, it has to last a while.

By the way: if you use your company car privately, you should think about buying an electronic logbook to simplify documentation for the tax office.

Tomtom GO basic navigation device
TomTom Na­vi­ga­ti­ons­ge­device GO Basic
currently available from 154,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
traffic jam detector yes
speed camera warning system yes
the map update for the tomtom navigation device GO basic is not free of charge? The tomtom navigation device GO basic updates maps for free. the software provides a map update four times a year. Keeping you up to date without extra cost.
Tomtom GO essential 5"
TomTom GO Es­sen­ti­al 5'
currently available from 176,51 €
» to the amazon offer” to the ebay offer
traffic jam detector yes
speed camera warning device yes
what map material does the navigation system GO essential from tomtom have?? The GO essential navigation system from tomtom is the only one in our navigation device comparison to have worldwide map material (more than 152 countries). This makes it suitable for non-European travel as well.
Garmin drivesmart 65 MT-S EU
Garmin Dri­veS­mart 65 MT-S EU
currently available from 197,99 €
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay offer
traffic jam detector yes
speed camera detector yes
does the garmin drivesmart 65 MT-S EU navi have a speed camera warning and does it also mention street names? The speed camera warning is displayed. However, this concerns mainly stationary speed cameras. street names are also given by this navigation device.
Tomtom via 52
TomTom Via 52
currently available from 149,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
congestion detector yes
speed camera warning yes
how many countries do you have maps of on your tomtom navigation device via 52 and are they guaranteed to be updated free of charge?? the navi has maps for 48 countries. It is guaranteed that the maps on this navigation device are constantly updated without additional costs.
Tomtom GO essential
TomTom GO Es­sen­ti­al
currently available from € 199.99
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay offer
traffic jam detector yes
speed camera detector yes
is the route guidance of the tomtom GO essential navigation device reliable and can it safely avoid traffic jams?? These two points belong to the special qualities of this tomtom navigation device. You can rely one hundred percent on the route guidance and the avoidance of traffic jams.
Garmin drivesmart 61LMT-S
Garmin Dri­veS­mart 61LMT-S
currently available from 160,65 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
traffic jam warning yes
speed camera warning yes
a mount for the gamin drivesmart 61LMT-S navigation device is included in delivery? if yes, which? A bracket for the windshield is included. There is a suction cup on it that you have to moisten the edges so that it holds on the windshield while driving. On the other side the navi is attached.
Tomtom GO discover
TomTom GO Discover
currently available from 256,89 €
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay-offer
congestion detector yes
speed camera detector yes
the tomtom navigation device GO discover has an integrated speed camera warning system? Customer experience with navigation devices shows that the tomtom GO discover navigation device has a radar camera warning system. However, radar alerts are only free for one year with this model. Then you have to pay extra for this function.
Jimwey GPS navi
Jimwey GPS Navi
currently available from 95,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
traffic jam detector yes
speed camera warning yes
how does a free map update for the jimwey GPS navi work?? In our navigation device comparison, we show that you will also receive a free map update when you purchase the jimwey GPS navigation device. all you have to do is go to the jimwey website and download the latest map material.
Tomtom GO basic
TomTom GO basic
currently available from 139,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
traffic jam detector yes
speed camera warning yes
a computer or laptop is required to download map updates for the tomtom GO basic navigation device? our navigation device comparison shows that you do not need any other devices such as a pc, notebook or tablet for updates and downloads of new maps and the latest software. The tomtom GO basic navigation device is WLAN-enabled, so you can make direct updates.
Garmin drivesmart 55 MT-S EU
Garmin Dri­veS­mart 55 MT-S EU
currently available from 190,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
traffic jam warning yes
speed camera warning yes
lane assistant is included in the garmin drivesmart 55 MT-S EU navigation device? customer experience with navigation devices shows that consumers are satisfied with the garmin drivesmart 55 MT-S EU navigation device and its features. In the device is also a lane assistant integrated.

you can get an overview of the products from how many different manufacturers in the navigation device comparison?

for an optimal overview of the offer in the area of navigation devices, our editorial staff has compiled 17 models from 5 different manufacturers for you. Discover this variety for yourself in our navigation device comparison! More information"

What do customers pay on average for a navigation device from our navigation device product comparison??

On average, customers spend approx. 147 euro off. However, you can get the cheapest navigation device model from approx. 81 euro . More information"

How many customer reviews did the navigation device with the most reviews receive in the navigation device comparison??

Of the navigation device models in our comparison, the tomtom start 62 has received the most reviews so far. Ca. 2.200 buyers have shared their experiences with the product. More information"

Which navigation device from our comparison particularly impressed the editors??

6 navigation devices from the product comparison particularly impressed our editors and received the top rating "VERY GOOD": tomtom GO essential 5" , tomtom navigation device GO basic , garmin drivesmart 55 MT-S EU , tomtom GO essential , garmin drivesmart 65 MT-S EU and tomtom GO discover . More information"

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