Mobile air conditioner for car

Now that it is getting hot again on the German roads, you wonder how you might cool down inside the car. If you’re not one of those spoiled people who drive along german roads and highways with the top down or in the luxury version with integrated air conditioning, then you’re looking for an alternative.

And they are slowly making inroads in the market of car accessories and accessories: the mobile air conditioner for car for those particularly hot and unpleasant days.

Mobile air conditioner for car

Many manufacturers have not yet thought about heat accumulation in small cars. But the first prototypes of the mobile mini ventilation systems are gradually appearing for sale. Amazon is a good contact here. The mobile air conditioners for the car are controlled by the cigarette lighter usually have a built-in air conditioner for the car water tank, which can be up to eight hours of cooling promises and can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard using a variety of mounting systems.

What you hear about them? Different. Some models draw an extreme amount of energy and gasoline, others have a wobbly water tank that tends to spill, others are quite noisy and uncomfortable. But others get again also quite positive reviews. Take a look and maybe you will find a good mobile air conditioner for car.

  • & compact and portable mini air conditioner – with cooling, humidifying, night light and air purifying functions (mobile air conditioner, air cooler, table fan, humidifier, air purifier) it uses negative and ultrasonic spray technology to evaporate water, increase humidity, keep your skin and moisture and then blow clean and fresh air to improve pollution and ensure your health.
  • & portable and rechargeable mini fan and air conditioner: the air cooler is a true portable design: wireless with an integrated rechargeable 2000 mah lithium battery that can work continuously for 3-5 hours after fully charged. The size is 17.3 cm x 15.2 cm x 17.3 cm, the air fan is the best choice for office, college, home, camping, etc.
  • & 7 types of lighting modes: colorful soft LED light can not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also promote better sleep. You can choose a color to improve your sleep, or you can set it for a relaxing night light.
  • & 3 wind speed: it is made of high quality eco-friendly material and has a closed fan blade design, which can be safely used by children or pets. The first natural wind is suitable for sleeping. The second wind is suitable for work or study. The third strong wind can cool the air quickly, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant leisure time.
  • & environmental protection and energy saving: our improved portable air conditioner is carefully designed not to use refrigerants or chemicals to cool the air, but to use physical cooling technology to achieve high efficiency with low power output. It is very energy efficient and environmental friendly in daily life.

Fans for car

Another alternative as a mobile air conditioner for the car are considered the mobile fans. The system is simpler and has been tested for a long time. The ratings of the individual mobile fans as an air conditioner for the small car and passenger car are therefore somewhat more positive and better than those for the mobile air conditioner as such.

Mobile fans are also made to run from the cigarette lighter. Some already come with USB connection. In general, the fans are cheaper in energy consumption. The cooling is also of a different quality than that of the mini mobile air conditioners for the car.

By the way, there are also models of mobile fans that reach into the back seat and even into the trunk, so even child, dog and cone can get some of the cool breeze when the air is congested in the car again.

  • ▶ 【EASY TO SET UP AND FIX】 – the ELUTO 12V / 24V dashboard fan is equipped with strong stickers to fix the fan to the dashboard or armrest area.
  • ▶ 【DOUBLE FAN HEAD& 360 ° ROTATION】 – high efficiency fan that rotates, effectively dissipates heat and removes odor quickly, thanks to the powerful fans with double 360 degree rotation, improved air circulation and keep the air in vehicles fresh and cool.
  • ▶ 【three speed settings and low noise】 – the ELUTO car fan has three speeds for high, medium and low speed, and can select the suitable wind when needed. Strong wind but little noise is the feature.
  • ▶ 【5-foot-cable-cigarette lighter plug】 – the power cable of ELUTO cigarette lighter plug is up to 1.5 m long, which makes the fan extremely convenient and can be attached to the front or rear seats. Cool for baby, guests or dog in the back seat or driver’s seat.
  • ▶ 【COMFORTABLE AND APPLICATION】. – suitable for any small, compact, medium or large vehicle, SUV, sedan, car, van, truck, camper, ATV or boat with a 12V / 24V DC cigarette lighter socket. (12V / 24V universal)

Home remedy for cooling

Is there another alternative with which you can drive the heat out of the car? All windows down and drive at speed a few times through the traffic circle. This ventilates the car pretty well and brings fish wind inside the automobile.

A slightly different, but actually working idea is with a damp cotton handkerchief or smaller towel to work with. Do you still know those old snuff towels that grandpa used to keep in his pants? They are especially good for the homemade mobile air conditioner for the car. Like the? Moisten the handkerchief with cold water and stretch it in front of the ventilator. Turn them on and let them ventilate with cold fresh air.

Incidentally, many dealers also offer the option of having their vehicles retrofitted and having a proper air conditioning system installed to match the vehicle model. This also increases the value of the vehicle, if you ever think of selling the car.

Otherwise? endure or leave the car and let the fresh breeze blow around your nose while cycling. Protects the environment and makes you slim and trim.

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