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While hiking disappeared without a trace

Missing scarlett S.: new clue at the police harbors abstruse theory

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Scarlett S. Disappeared while hiking in the black forest without a trace. Police are still receiving tips about her case. Unfortunately also still very abstruse.

Update, 23. October: meanwhile it is six weeks. Still valid scarlett S., hiking in the black forest disappeared without a trace, as missing. At the police but apparently go on new clues a. Unfortunately probably only useless. One brought last according to a report of the westphalia paper a quite abstruse theory on.

The 26-year-old from Bad Lippspringe in NRW (district of Paderborn) possibly wanted to go through the weir valley in the direction of the weir, according to the police. Scarlett S. Is considered very reliable and had regularly contacted her relatives- since the 10. September there is no more contact to the 26-Jahrigen. The police were already able to find september 2020 no helpless situation exclude. What happened to her remains unclear, as does the westphalian gazette on *wa.De reports.

Missing scarlett S.: new clue at the police harbors abstruse theory

According to the report, it was only a few days ago at the police paderborn, the meanwhile in the case of the missing scarlett S. Determined, given a wacky call. A man brought thereby the disappearance from scarlett S. Connected with the poisoning of alexey nawalny.

It is not the first absurd theory in connection with scarlett S. The police might also have caused the recent NOTE have treated it like any other: evaluate it, compare it with the current state of the investigation, decide how to deal with the reference to deal with.

Scarlett S.: new absurd theory about the disappearance of the missing girl

At this concrete reference and the absurd nawalny-theory might have lacked any basis. Still going police from the fact that scarlett S. While hiking on the gorge trail at black forest accident.

Meanwhile, for her family, any further theory is an additional burden, as the westphalia leaf with reference to the police explains.

Missing scarlett S.: search for the missing unsuccessful even with drone

Update, 8. October: for days experts from police and mountain rescue to scarlett S. Wanted. Mantrailers were used and helicopter with special equipment such as a thermal camera. But the 26-year-old student from bath lippspringe, who was killed while hiking on the gorge trail at black forest disappeared without a trace, remained missing. Then came the sad news: the search is set. Although was a little later due to clues once again the search apparatus started, but again without success. That after scarlett S. Now officially no longer searched, but apparently does not mean that on the ground no one is looking for the young woman.

Of course, the hope remains almost four weeks after scarlett’s disappearance, that the fate of the young woman will still be clarified. That the 26-year-old will eventually be found still seems to be driving many privately. Finally, the participation in the case of the missing was huge. Nearly 700 people in a specially set up facebook group are sharing their experiences about how they have apparently repeatedly found the missing person in the gorge trail to scarlett S. Search.

The police assume that scarlett S. On the sixth and last stage of the popular hiking trail, Scarlett S. from Badippspringe died in an accident. She was last seen at her starting point in todtmoos. At gorge trail there were places that were simply inaccessible, had the police already at the beginning search after the missing Explains. The bergwacht schwarzwald had therefore even used a drone. With it also unreachable places should be searched for. Without success.

Scarlett S. Missing: private persons continue to search on the Schluchtensteig

Because there was practically no hope left, scarlett S. Still alive to be found search set. Only when a new decisive note would provide a reason to look for the 26-year-old again. But apparently some do not want to wait that long. The fate of the missing woman apparently leaves them no peace.

„Today, despite the weather, the last stage from weir towards todtmoos", „we made a map where at least we searched very hard" – these are only two of the numerous posts on facebook that suggest that on the gorge climb still private persons purposefully look for scarlett S. Hold. But as well-intentioned as that may be. It is not dangerous. This also makes an administrator of the facebook group, in which also the sister of the missing scarlett S. Involved, clearly.

Scarlett S.: searching for missing persons on gorge trail is not without danger

„We would also like to ask you, if you go out on your own, not to risk your life lightly. What we do not want is another missing persons action! Therefore we do not assume any liability for private searches", it is said there. And nevertheless will probably continue to look for scarlett S. Wanted.

But the already partly as difficult to hike gorge trail becomes more dangerous especially at this time of year. „After heavy rainfall, some of the paths, especially in the gorges, are soggy, muddy and only passable with increased caution", are the current directions of the information office schluchtensteig to the first section of the trail. hikers would have to remember that the paths in the gorges would also need some time to dry after bad weather.

Scarlett S. Missing: also private search before the from, but participation remains

But even in good weather, even the private searchers must soon capitulate. From november until the beginning of may the schluchtensteig as no longer passable. According to infostelle gorge trail hiking in snow or frost is even life-threatening. But even if they have to stop searching on the spot, the fall scarlett S. Will apparently not let go of many so quickly.

Scarlett S.: disappeared without a trace while hiking on the schluchtensteig

Update, 6. October: the search to scarlett S. Was set long ago. The witnesses questioned. Your hiking trail through the black forest traced. And still scarlett S. Even more than three weeks after your disappearance as missing. Of the 26-year-old missing since the 10. september any trace. But one could once again movement into the case of the missing bring.

A review: scarlett S. Traveled on the 4. September to stuhlingen at the swiss border. There begins the gorge trail. On the popular, but considered quite difficult, hiking trail, the experienced student wanted to walk the approximately 119 kilometers to weir.

Scarlett S. had previously been abroad according to her sister’s statements. While hiking, the well-trained young woman apparently wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet. Maybe that’s why she wandered alone. Six hiking days are from the information point gorge trail for which also from scarlett S. Planned route set. She wanted to walk the following six stages.

stages of the schluchtensteig start and destination of the schluchtensteig
stage 1 stuhlingen to blumberg
stage 2 blumberg to schattenmuhle
stage 3 schattenmuhle to fischbach
stage 4 schluchsee-fischbach to st. Blasien
stage 5 st. Blasien to todtmoos
stage 6 todtmoos to weir

Missing scarlett S.police reconstructed hiking trail on the gorge trail

The individual stretches of the gorge trail are between 18 and 22 kilometers long and are considered quite demanding. Scarlett S. Had at the time of their disappearance already the five stages to todtmoos behind her. This could be the police reconstruct in their investigation. Cell phone data and witness statements confirmed scarletts way about the gorge trail.

The photo shows the missing Scarlett S. from Bad Lippspringe (NRW), who disappeared without a trace during a hike in the southern Black Forest

It is also clear that after the fourth stage of the hike from schluchsee to st. Blasien did not run on immediately. As the police were able to determine scarlett S. In st. Blasien a bus to todtmoos. From 8. On the 9. September üShe spent the night there in a hotel before returning by bus to St. Gallen. Blasien drove.

Scarlett S. Missing for weeks: what she was doing before she disappeared

Then she put the stretch after todtmoos also once again on foot back and stayed there in the same hotel for another. From the investigation of police can be clearly read what scarlett S. In the days leading up to her disappearance did and when she was where.

Date reconstruction to scarlett S.4. September

5. September

6. September

7. September

8. September

8. On 9. September

9. September

9. On 10. September

10. September

journey to stuhlingen, where her car was also found
1. stage of the gorge trail – stuhlingen to blumberg
2. Stage of the gorge trail – blumberg to schattenmuhle
3. Stage of the schluchtensteig – schattenmuhle to fischbach
4. stage of the gorge trail – fischbach to st. Blasien, then continue by bus to todtmoos
Üovernight stay in a hotel in todtmoos
return by bus to st. Blasien, then 5. stage of the gorge trail – st. Blasien to todtmoos
Üovernight stay in the same hotel in todtmoos
last known whereabouts in a supermarket in todtmoos

At 9. September had scarlett S. Last contact with her family. At 10. September she was still in a supermarket in the morning in DEAD MOOS from Üsurveillance cameras recorded. Here she wears full hiking mountour and also the so conspicuous red backpack she had with her. The police assume that they will then also complete the sixth and final stage of the gorge risers wanted to graduate.

Missing scarlett S.: around disappearance had not been seen again?

After that scarlett S. Signed up for a visit to a friend. But here she never appeared. Also for the fact that the young woman arrived at the destination in wehr, there is with the police no clues. Instead, the investigators continue to suspect that scarlett S. On the gorge trail accident.

Although there is a crime no clues. But also in this direction is still being investigated. However: currently missing person case stalled for the time being. Scarlett S. Traces are still lost in todtmoos. This is also the last place where her cell phone was located. What happened after that is completely unclear. Obviously the 26-Jahrige was observed in contrast to the many days before also no more by witnesses.

Scarlett S.: clue could bring more movement into your case

But only through them could probably once again movement in the case scarlett S. Come. „clues could bring new tracks for us", had michael biermann, press spokesman of the police paderborn, opposite echo24.De already said last week. But until yesterday monday was not the decisive one. Biermann: "unfortunately there is still nothing new.“

"there is unfortunately further nothing new."

michael biermann, press spokesman for the paderborn police, on monday, 5. October

But the police had already expressed the hope that there might still be contacts of scarlett S. Gives who would not have contacted the investigators so far. A decisive note could shed light on the 26-year-old’s fate and possibly shed some light on what happened to her.

Scarlett S.: still missing – police still hopes for new witnesses and clues

For the POLICE is the last stage of the gorge trails of particular importance in the investigation. Where went scarlett S. After the morning shopping at the supermarket on 10. September? Did she actually walk on the gorge trail in the direction of the weir?

Whoever has information on the case of the missing persons can make, should still contact the investigators. Clues take the police in paderborn, who was scarlett S. From bad lippspringe üthe police have taken over the investigation, or any other service. Here we would like to point out again the characteristics of the young woman:

Scarlett S. Missing: red backpack was a conspicuous feature

Scarlett S. Is about 1.60 meters tall, slim and has dark blond to blond hair. She was also at her last known place of residence in todtmoos dressed in short pants, dark long sleeve shirt, walking shoes and sunglasses. Witnesses are likely to have noticed the large red osprey trekking rucksack in particular that was scarlett S. had with him.

Scarlett S.: excitement about possible sighting of the missing – surveillance images checked

Update, 05. october: giving up is not an option. Even more than three weeks after the disappearance from scarlett S. Is the hope great. On that besides partly unfortunately also abstruse theories to scarlett S. But still the decisive clue to the fate of the 26-year-old emerges. Recently there was apparently once again a glimmer of hope. pictures of a Üsurveillance camera have been checked. This is reported by the sister of the missing person on facebook.

„That is correct. There was a NOTE, which, however, already lies a little bit back", also confirms michael biermann, press spokesman of the paderborn police, on echo24.De-inquiry. „This has also been checked by us.“ according to this scarlett S. Allegedly at a gas station in luxembourg seen. The police then sighted the PICTURES of a local Üsurveillance camera.

"the woman was not the missing one"."

michael biermann, press spokesman for the paderborn police department

But the brief glimmer of hope did not last long. Biermann: "it was not the woman who was missing.“ as scarlett’s sister writes on facebook, the young woman is missing because of a red backpack with scarlett S. Been brought in connection. Also this had while wandering on the gorge trail at black forest had a red backpack with her.

Missing scarlett S.: police checked possible sighting – surveillance images from luxembourg

Investigators are still working on the assumption that scarlett S. On the sixth and last stage of the popular hiking route an accident occurred. indications of a criminal act in connection with the disappearance the missing persons the police although apparently not ascertained. However, they continue to investigate in this direction as well. The decisive note to clarify the if scarlett S. Missing so far however.

Missing scarlett S.: police state current status of the investigation

Update, 30. September: tomorrow thursday it will be exactly three weeks. Since then scarlett S. missing. From the young woman who was alone on the gorge trail at BLACK FOREST was wandering, still missing any trace. The police paderborn, at the scarlett S. had been reported missing by her mother, has in the meantime again the investigations taken over by colleagues in freiburg. On site there were no further approaches. But how does the stand in case scarlett S. In paderborn currently out?

„Currently, in fact, there are no new clues that can help us in the investigation", explains michael biermann, press spokesman for the police in paderborn, on echo24.De-inquiry. Here too, in the case of the missing scarlett S. At the moment so unfortunately pushed to its limits. At gorge, the popular hiking trail on the scarlett S. On the way was search after the 26-year-old student has also long since been discontinued.

Clues could bring new leads for us.

Michael biermann, press spokesman police paderborn

Nevertheless, the police also continues to wait for the perhaps decisive note to scarlett S. „Notes from witnesses- so facts, no speculations- are important to us and could bring new tracks for us", explains biermann. That scarlett S. Still alive is found, however, seems probably excluded. As before, the investigators in the case of missing person assumes that she was in the hiking has had an accident.

Missing scarlett S.: intensive search on the gorge trail in the black forest unsuccessful

Also intensive search for the disappear from scarlett S. With helicopters, special equipment or experts of the mountain patrol black forest have not been able to confirm this suspicion so far.

Most recently, the state chairman of the mountain guard even the assumption expressed that scarlett S. Off the main trail through the schluchtensteig could have moved. In this case, the young woman may even have accidentally turned herself into danger have brought.

Missing: self-inflicted debt? Brought scarlett S. Accidentally in danger?

Update, 28. September: scarlett S. Is considered to be well-trained. She should be an experienced hiker had the right equipment with him. And yet the police even three weeks after the disappear of the young woman is that she was hiking in the black forest unfortunate. Did she inadvertently put herself in danger?? As a report in the badische zeitung suggests scarlett S. have stayed off the main path – and have not been found so far because of this, too.

„There are indications that the young woman has left the way", said adrian probst opposite the badische newspaper. The chairman of the schwarzwald mountain rescue service and Mayor of st. Blasien knows the gorge trail well. On the hiking route was the missing scarlett S. Before her disappearance on the road. Five stages of the quite demanding way she had already mastered. On the way to the sixth and last, the trail of the 26-year-old got lost in todtmoos.

Missing scarlett S.: last stage of the gorge trail is considered difficult

According to the report, the probability is high, that marten victims would be found. At least insofar as they are on the main road through the gorge trail moved. Brought scarlett S. She may have been in danger because she left it? forces of the bergwacht schwarzwald had searched intensively for the missing person. also on tortuous paths. But unsuccessful. Unfortunately, there is little hope scarlett S. To find alive.

The last stage of the gorge trail, on which scarlett S. was probably on the way, is considered difficult. For the 22 kilometers between todtmoos and weir are scheduled to hike for about seven and a half hours.

Scarlett S. Still missing: police reconstruct path of the 26-year-old

update, 25. September: scarlett S. Applies also more than two weeks after her disappearance as missing. the 26-year-old was hiking in the black forest disappeared without a trace. The sad realization even today: there are no concrete clues as to what scarlett S. could have happened or where the young woman is. the time before she disappeared police can reconstruct in the meantime.

„Based on the statements and the available cell phone data, the young woman’s journey can be traced almost seamlessly up to the time of her disappearance", says a press release from the paderborn police from today friday. The paderborn investigators have scarlett’s case meanwhile again by the colleagues in freiburg übernommen. In paderborn there was scarlett S. Reported missing by her mother for the first time.

„Particularly important for the investigation were the last stages of the canyoning", explains the police paderborn. On the popular hiking route was the missing scarlett S. Last on the road. Of it the police in the meantime draw a very exact picture.

Missing scarlett S.: hiker made several stops in todtmoos

Scarlett S. Wandered therefore from schluchtensee according to st. Blasien. There she did not remain at first, but drove with the bus further after todtmoos. Here she took a hotel room, in which she was searched by the 8. On the 9. Septemberovernighted.

On the morning of 9. September drove scarlett S. Back to st. Blasien. This time, to complete the stage to todtmoos also still on foot to cope. In the evening, the 26-year-old spent the night again in the hotel there.

Missing scarlett S.: suddenly every trace of the 26-year-old was missing

Also on 10. september there are still hints for the missing. Scarlett S. bought in a edeka in todtmoos a. On the pictures of the surveillance cameras there is to be seen that she had already prepared herself completely for the hike at this time. Both her clothing and her red hiking backpack indicate that she has not reached the village.

But what scarlett S. Afterwards happened, lies completely in the dark. „Still in the village of todtmoos then lost the track", says the paderborn police. The next goal of the wanderer should defense have been. „There is no evidence so far that she has reached the village.“

Scarlett S. Still missing: investigators do not believe in foul play

Still suspect the investigator therefore that scarlett S. crashed on her last leg. „Concrete evidence for a crime are not present. Nevertheless, this option is also not disregarded in the context of the investigation", the press release of the police paderborn.

Because still clues on scarlett S. Entered, had it also in the course of the week again selective search given. Again without success. Still on last saturday had for example also the n mountain patrol black forest according to the missing searched.

Missing: police hope for more clues about Scarlett S.

Now the investigators have questioned all so far identified persons who had contact with the young woman during her hike scarlett S. Had. „Possibly there are other contact persons who have not yet reported to the police.“ the police asks that they contact the services in waldshut-tiengen or in paderborn report.

Woman missing in the black forest: unsuccessful search stopped – what happens now??

Update, 21. September: there are now no hope more? Since the 10. september scarlett S. In the south Black Forest missing. The 26-year-old was hiking there, she is considered well trained and experienced. But: presumably she had an accident. days lasted the search on, then was discontinued. According to new information the mountain rescue black forest on saturday again on the search for scarlett S. made in north rhine-westphalia. The hope dies as well known yes last.

On Saturday were 22 mountain rescue team, who were supported by drones in the area todtmoos-wehratal on the way and have searched two hidden paths, reported a spokeswoman for the mountain guard. Some sections were additionally climbers searched – in vain. According to POLICE should not be searched again until new clues gives.

After however also on the weekend any search remained unsuccessful, a police spokesman said on Monday that there is practically excluded is to find the young woman still alive.

If there are then new clues that have a small chance of success in the search, police and bergwacht will probably go on the search again. Until then it remains horror for all relatives and friends of the 26-year-old. Because: they remain uncertain what happened to the young woman and whether she is still alive.

Missing in the black forest: scarlett S’s family now speaks out.

Update from 19. September: since 10. September the 26-year-old scarlett S. Missing. The young woman from bad lippspringe in north rhine-westphalia had gone hiking in the black forest broke into the house and disappeared without a trace. The last signs of life reached scarlett’s family on 9. September, it’s a photo. On 10. September is the 26-year-old one last time by a Üsurveillance camera recorded- afterwards nothing more.

In the IMAGE NEWSPAPER äexpresses his opinion now scarlett’s sister janina g. About the case. She explains: "We are afraid for her, we have not heard anything for seven days.“ the family itself had POLICE informed and was already in the black forest traveled, the bild-zeitung says to scarlett S. And the investigations the police. According to her sister, scarlett S. Previously been abroad. Because of the coronavirus she came back, says janina. In the black forest wanted scarlett S. Enjoy the silence.

Missing in the black forest: is scarlett s. Accident?

when you leave the path at the schluchtensteig, you get offside into very difficult terrain.

Mathias albicker, chief inspector of police

Already on thursday declared a police spokesman on echo24.De that scarlett S. Possibly crashed. In the meantime, the investigators assume. Nevertheless, the case continues to raise many questions. Especially as scarlett S. Described as an experienced hiker who was well toned. Despite a large search operation, no evidence of a crime has been found so far scarlett’s find remaining. And with each passing day hope fades.

Scarlett S.: missing while hiking in the black forest

First reported on 17. September: with red trekking backpack while shopping – so was scarlett S. From bad lippspringe in north rhine-westphalia last seen. But how echo24.De* reported, since that day of the 26-year-old missing any trace. The young woman wanted to be on the gorge trail in the southern black forest hike. However, she has been missing for a week. According to the police, there is no evidence of a crime, but the investigators still fear that scarlett S. In one threatening situation is.

Scarlett S. Missing: young woman crashed while hiking in black forest?

„We assume that she crashed off the beaten track is", a police spokesman said on thursday. Previously, the young woman had been searched intensively with helicopters, drones and dogs in the partly impassable terrain near the swiss border. Unfortunately unsuccessful. Now the search stopped. Of course, the police continue to follow up on all leads. The prospects for scarlett S. Are unfortunately nevertheless everything else than good. „The hope fades from hour to hour", said a police spokesman.

Scarlett S. Was already beginning of september wandered off, as did heidelberg24.De* reports. She is considered experienced and well trained. So she had been on the about 120 kilometer trail from stuhlingen to weir made in the district of waldshut. On the tour she kept family and friends up to date with whatsapp messages. Still on 9. September did the 26-year-old send photos of st. Blasien to her family.

While hiking in the black forest: scarlett S. Missing for a week

One day later scarlett S. After a hotel stay in todtmoos still in pictures of one Üsurveillance camera of a supermarket to see. On this evening her cell phone was also last logged into todtmoos. But then her trail gets lost. When she didn’t show up at a friend’s house as arranged, scarlett S. Reported missing. „We could no longer locate the cell phone", said a police spokesman. He does not exclude the possibility that the young woman in a area with radio gaps crashed is.

The police suspect that scarlett S. Through the weir valley in the direction of the weir wanted to go. The mountain rescue team walked the entire route, firefighters, police and volunteers combed the area for days with search dogs. „We have searched everything and found nothing", said a police spokesman. He refers to the sometimes impassable terrain: "there are places that we can not reach.“ even a thermal imaging camera is useless there because of the dense vegetation.

Missing scarlett S.: what happened to the young woman while hiking in the black forest?

The hope scarlett S. In her possibly helpless situation is still found in time is low, but she remains. The police have therefore now taken the next step with the publication of several photos and are counting on clues to the remainder of the 26-year-old. The following information is provided by the police on scarlett S. – "the missing one is

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