Minimum speed on the freeway: how slow can i go??

short& scarce: minimum speed on the freeway

Even on the freeway, it is not permitted to drive so slowly without good reason that the following traffic is hindered as a result. Whether a minimum speed applies when entering the freeway, you can find out here.

The minimum speed can be specified by a traffic sign and should not be undercut under normal conditions.

The minimum design speed on the freeway is 60 km/h.

Is there a minimum speed on the highway??

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Is there a minimum speed limit to be observed on the freeway??

freeways are known for the fact that here daily high speeds can be driven. If the permissible maximum speed is not impeded by corresponding traffic signs limited, the speed released and motorists are allowed drive as fast, as you want.

A generally applicable maximum speed does not have to be respected on the freeway. It is well known that in this case a general speed limit from 130 km/h applies, but it does not have to be adhered to. But there are no speed limits on the highway also a speed, the may not fall below may be driven?

If there is a general minimum speed? When must this be adhered to? May vehicles the not drive on the freeway, if they exceed the prescribed speed limit minimum speed cannot be reached due to the design can? What happens if undercutting the minimum speed? All this you will learn in the following.

minimum speed on the highway in germany: what does the stvo say?

Minimum speed on the autobahn in germany: does the stvo stipulate how slowly vehicles must be driven here??

The road traffic regulations (stvo) stipulates in § 3 that vehicles must be for no apparent reason are not allowed to drive so slowly that the traffic flow is impeded will. Exactly is the minimum speed by the stvo but not determined. The speed should therefore always follow the traffic adjusted are.

Since on the autobahn high speeds on the daily agenda, the speed to be driven differs minimum speed on the freeway, therefore, as a rule, from that which must be provided, for example, on country roads. drive a few km/h slower than the rest of the traffic, but must the not necessarily a hindrance represent.

It applies: drive significantly slower than all others vehicle driver, for example, behind them forms a long queue of vehicles, this can be obstruction can be evaluated and this can be a warning money have as a consequence.

Is there a traffic sign for the minimum speed??

The traffic sign that specifies the maximum speed is probably known to every motorist known. But is there also a sign, that the minimum speed displays? A freeway can be many traffic signs be equipped, but here by sign also ordered, how fast you have to drive at least?

There are there is no general minimum speed limit, but on some stretches of road of a road, this can be indicated by the characters 275 are indicated. The corresponding traffic sign is round, blue and contains a white number. This indicates, which speed must not be undercut may.

Such a traffic sign is more often extra-urban roads to be found. So also a minimum speed on the freeway be indicated. However, it is valid that minimum speed indicated on the sign is not respected must be driven, if the circumstances undercutting required.

The traffic situation, weather conditions or road conditions can namely influence have on it how fast or slow really should be driven.

Entering the freeway: what is the minimum speed I must drive??

Freeway: a minimum speed must be maintained when driving up?

a general minimum speed on the freeway must be observed when driving up not complied with become. But: who drives on the autobahn and gets to merge into the flowing traffic wants, may not too slow its. A too low speed can lead to the braking following traffic must and this increases the risk of traffic jams and accidents.

The acceleration lane on the freeway is, as the name implies, there to allow motorists to pass accelerate and your speed to which the adapt passing vehicles on the freeway.

At driving up does a driver have to reduce the speed already increase to at least 60 km/h. On the acceleration lane should then as a rule a speed of 80 to 100 km/h are achieved. This should also completely exploited to be able to drive on the necessary speed to come. speed limits are usually set by the traffic situation dependent.

minimum design speed on the freeway

As the speed on the freeway is high and not all vehicles can keep up, there is a speed limit of minimum design speed on the freeway. It is therefore only certain vehicles allowed to enter the highway. This is what the stvo in § 18 in front of:

Freeways (sign 330.1) and motor roads (sign 331.1) may be used only by motor vehicles whose maximum speed, determined by their design, is more than 60 km/h

That is, is their vehicle (for example a moped) by design not in the position 60 km/h to reach, you must not drive at this neither drive on freeways nor on motor roads.

The means but for the rest not, that on the freeway must not be driven slower than 60 km/h may. There is no statutory minimum speed limit on the freeway. Depending on traffic and weather conditions must reduce speed accordinglyt be. Often there is also a speed under 60 km/h. In the following situations this is usually the case:

  • At traffic jam
  • When passing a construction site
  • With bad visibility conditions

Overtaking on the freeway: how fast do I have to go??

If you want to overtake other vehicles, you must reach a certain minimum speed in order for the overtaking process to be possible for certain vehicles smooth and fast runs. But what is the minimum speed limit for overtaking? The stvo stipulates, with regard to overtaking, that the overtaking person must maintain a much higher speed than the overtaken person must maintain. How much km/h more the overtaking vehicle must drive, however, the stvo does not specify.

Undercutting the minimum speed: what are the consequences?

Minimum speed on the freeway undercut: Is there a fine?

Undercutting the minimum speed limit on the freeway: threat of a fine?

Exceeding the speed limit can speeders partly high fines, points in flensburg and even an driving ban mean. But what about undercutting the minimum speed on the freeway for example?

Who drives slowly for no good reason, must be warning of 20 euro calculate. overtaking you another vehicle, although your speed actually not enough for this, this can be a fine of 80 euro and may result in a point in flensburg. If this results in a accident, the fine to 120 euro increase.

Please also note that too slow vehicles especially on the highway a significant handicap represent. Even if here with a overtaken at too low speed can be the significantly affect following traffic and at worst jam or an accident cause.

Minimum speed on the freeway in austria

Putting the minimum speed on the freeway in austria the stvo states? Which regulations apply in this regard to our neighbors? With regard to minimum speed due to design on freeways in austria the same specifications.

Here, too, a vehicle a speed of 60 km/h can be raised on a freeway to drive. But also in austria applies: if a good reason before, which lower speed requires, may also here slower are driven.

They are also divided into Austria no concrete sanctions for the undercutting the minimum speed considered. A fine threatens only when the drive slowly a handicap for other road users.

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