Millions: the most expensive car license plates in the world

Special license plates and license plates most expensive license plate in the world

If you are looking for an effective way to empty your account, please go this way. For a little sheet metal you have to pay a lot – the most expensive markers in the world.

Until recently, the world’s most expensive license plate came from new york. Living in the american mega-metropolis is not cheap, yet 8.4 million people make their way through the largest city in the u.S. every day, and anyone who has ever been there knows: many of them travel by car. 4.4 million cars roll through the skyscraper canyons there every day, and around two million vehicles are directly registered in new york city.

License plate New York sale 20 million Volvo

Car as dowry

It’s clear that affluent road users are looking for a way to stand out from the gray masses. But even the most expensive sports car is likely to find its counterpart in the big apple at some corner or other. However, there is one feature that is really and truly unique: a 20 million dollar (currently about 16.75 million euros) Volvo V70. now we all know that for old sheet metal sometimes horrendous sums are paid, but for this down-rocked blue station wagon that seems a bit outrageous, or?

License plate New York sale 20 million Volvo

well, to be honest, the car itself probably costs something around 200 to 500 dollars and is here merely to be understood as a dowry. The really expensive element of the old swedish car is its license plate, which the owner family is now selling after 40 years of ownership. The plate simply says "new york". without number or addition – and so it looks almost like a postcard. the license plate dates back to the 1970s when new york started offering vanity plates.

New place 1

The sign from new york, however, has now been knocked off the throne of the most expensive license plate in the world. His place is taken by a representative from california. "MM" is its coinage, between 24 and 26 million dollars (up to 23.09 million euros) it should cost. The metal is auctioned via the open sea platform, and payment is made in the cryptocurrency ETH. For this amount, however, you not only get the real plates, but also a digital original, a so-called NFT (non fungible token). The coinage "MM is so special because there are more than 35 million cars registered in california and the license plates range from two to seven digits. accordingly rare are such two-digit examples, even with two identical letters.

MM California license plate most expensive in the world

The most expensive labels

By the way, charging absurd sums for license plates is not a specialty of the USA. In 2008, a businessman in abu dhabi paid 10 million euros for the license plate with the simple number "1". in the same year designer afzal kahn pinned himself in great britain for about 500.000 euro "F1" to his bugatti veyron. By the way, the most expensive license plate in switzerland, auctioned in 2017, looks like a "nummerli-schild" for poor people. Only 160.000 francs were paid for "VS 1" in the canton of wallis. The only recognizably practical effect of such a sign: who is called out in the shopping center because of wrong parking, feels in any case directly addressed. More special features you will find in our photo show.

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