Milk frother test overview in september 2021 comparison and experience

For coffee lovers who appreciate capuccino and latte macchiato, a milk frother is simply indispensable. These appliances are available in various designs, such as induction milk frothers or automatic milk frothers. Here are three models that stand out for their performance, functionality, compactness and energy efficiency.

Our recommendation: severin SM 9684 milk frother

The SEVERIN SM 9684 milk frother is a compact device that works with an innovative induction process. For easy dosing, the milk container has a filling quantity marker. By using the corresponding function wheel, you can heat and froth the milk. The milk frother has an integrated storage facility for the interchangeable inserts. The stainless steel milk container with filling quantity markings is suitable for the different functions. The quantity is about 120-500ml when heated and about 120-260ml when foamed. The operation is simple and uncomplicated. The milk frother is switched on and off by a push button. The switch off is automatic. Since the milk frother works with an innovative induction process, the milk is not burnt on the surface. The milk container is removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. In the test of various platforms such as stiftung warentest this milk frother could convince with its excellent performance. Also in the experience of customers who have already bought the milk frother, speak of its very good performance. By clicking on the button, you will be taken to the offer on amazon, where you can buy this milk frother at a low price.

Incl. 19% statutory vat. Prices updated on: 30.09.2021 00:10

frothing – filling quantity 260 ml
heating capacity 500 ml
safety pilot light, overheat protection, automatic shut-off, on/off switch
beverage type hot milk foam, cold milk foam, hot milk
control panel illuminated button

Compact milk frother with high filling capacity

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price/performance: arendo milk frother

The arendo milk frother produces a creamy, velvety and fine-pored milk foam in a short time. the device works very quietly and convinces with a power-saving stand-by consumption of less than 0.5W. How to benefit from energy-efficient performance. The maximum filling quantity for frothing is 100 ml, for foaming 200ml. Thanks to the 360° base station, it is easy to put down and lift up the frother. The milk frother is equipped with two buttons so you can choose between hot or cold frothing. Warm frothing takes only about 80 seconds. The stainless steel double-wall design guarantees robustness and long service life. Thanks to the automatic shut-off, effective overheating protection is guaranteed. In order to achieve a stable hold and grip, the milk frother is equipped with anti-slip feet and an ergonomically shaped soft-touch surface. In addition to its functional features, the milk frother has a trendy stainless steel design that makes it an attractive eye-catcher in the kitchen. In the test report of various platforms such as stiftung warentest, the milk frother received a very good rating. testimonials from customers published in a forum of different portals mention the easy and uncomplicated handling. Clicking on the button will take you to the offer on amazon, where you can buy this milk frother online.

Incl. 19% vat. Prices updated on: 30.09.2021 00:10

foaming capacity 115 ml
heating quantity 240 ml
safety automatic shut-off, overheating protection
beverage type hot milk foam, cold milk foam, hot milk, milk foam
control panel push button
performance 500 watt

Powerful milk frother with elegant design

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Our premium alternative: WMF lono milk& choc induction milk frother

The WMF lono milk and choc induction milk frother offers four functions, so you can prepare hot and cold milk foam, hot milk and hot chocolate even from chocolate pieces. For hot milk the capacity is from 150 ml to 500 ml. For milk foam you can expect 150ml to 350 ml. This milk froth is enough for two coffee latte macchiato. the milk container is made of cromargan and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. in the test of different platforms, this milk frother mostly received a very good rating. customers’ experiences, which can be read in a forum of different portals, mention the versatile application possibilities. clicking on the button will take you to the offer on amazon where you can buy this milk frother.

Incl. 19% legal vat. Prices updated on: 30.09.2021 00:10

frothing – filling quantity 350 ml
heating quantity 500 ml
safety automatic switch-off
drink type hot cocoa, hot milk foam, cold milk foam, hot milk
control element illuminated button
performance 650 watt

Versatile milk frother with four functions

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buying guide: how to find the right product in a milk frother test or. -comparison

New, innovative milk frothers work with apps, so the devices can also be operated via bluetooth. By browsing through the app’s recipe management, you can personalize the respective device. Step-by-step instructions for the various recipes. There is also the possibility of discovering numerous new recipes thanks to the app. The app gives you the option to check the status of the device. Warning signals draw attention to faults.

For all lovers of cappuccino and latte macchiato, a milk frother is an indispensable appliance. You can create frothy milk quickly and easily with a milk frother. It is possible to use different types of milk. You can choose between different variants. Manual milk frothers are available, but are used less and less frequently. The result is simply not satisfactory. Nowadays, automatic or induction milk frothers are the preferred choice. Both variants offer specific advantages. There are also devices with several functions, which are suitable for heating as well as frothing milk. some milk frothers also offer the option to prepare cocoa. However, these devices are slightly more expensive than milk frothers, which are used only for frothing. New, innovative devices are particularly energy-saving and consume very little electricity. This is an essential advantage if you use the milk frother every day. Modern milk frothers also convince with their simple handling, so that one does not have to read the operating instructions in most cases. Mostly you get a warranty with the purchase. Repairs are carried out free of charge within a specified time frame. Before buying a milk frother, you should definitely read through various tests. How to find out which device exactly meets your individual requirements. The performance of a milk frother is examined in detail in a practical test. It is also advisable to read the opinions of other customers. How to find out if a machine can really make creamy milk foam. Of course you can buy a milk frother in a specialized store. However, online shopping in particular offers numerous advantages. Virtual shopping is fast and uncomplicated. You only need a working internet connection. Numerous online stores carry milk frothers from high-quality brands such as severin. Before you decide on an online store, however, you should read the opinions of other customers. This way you can be sure that you are not taking a risk and that you are dealing with a reputable supplier. On the online trading platform amazon you can find particularly favorable offers. The order is done quickly and several payment methods are accepted. Most of the time, customers are very satisfied with amazon’s services. The delivery of the milk frother takes place after ordering and payment in a short time.

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