Milk frother comparison 2022

We present you the best milk frothers on our test and comparison portal.

If you only think of latte macchiato when you think of milk foam, you can still discover a lot of new things, because a milk frother can be used for many trendy drinks and dishes. Whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte, matcha latte or a ginger milk foam topping on pumpkin soup – do your own culinary milk frother test.

You can find your personal favorite among the milk frothers here in the comparison table. Order the device conveniently directly online to your home. We have linked favorable suppliers for you at the very bottom of the table.

Buyer’s guide to the milk frother test or. -comparison: we help you find your milk frother test winner!

  • You are a hobby barista? A difference to the milk foam made with the steam nozzle of a portafilter remains, but the milk foam from the electric milk frother is still delicious.
  • Even if it is called milk frother, the devices can also froth vegetable alternatives. the results are best with high protein and fat levels.
  • There are also milk frothers that are operated manually. These milk frothers require some practice to get good results. The same is true for stick milk frother with battery.

milk frother-steam

Creamy milk froth, that’s what everyone expects from their milk frother. This requires not only a good device, but also good milk. A high fat content makes it creamy and at least 3 – 5 % protein ensures stability.

It all depends on the temperature

The optimal temperature of the milk is 65 degrees, because at a higher temperature it changes in such a way that the milk foam can no longer succeed. This is due to the fact that from about 70 degrees the proteins change their structure.

A star barista will probably turn up his nose a little when it comes to milk foam from an electric milk frother. In fact, good milk frothers reliably produce very good milk foam, which can hardly be distinguished from classic steam-jet milk foam by the layman.

In addition, with some milk frothers you can create hot and cold milk foam or also hot milk or hot cocoa make.

What is important for a good milk frother, you will learn in this buying guide and what options you have in the large selection on the market.

milk frother battery

with a milk frother with battery you can froth small quantities for single cups. But be careful with this type with the movements in the liquid: the hot milk foam can splash very easily.

1. What kind of milk frothers are there??

There are different ways to create milk foam. To find out which is the best milk frother for you, you should first make a general decision about which category your milk frother should belong to.

  • Milk frother consisting of a glass or metal cylinder with a sieve insert
  • Pump up and down with the strainer insert to create the foam
  • For warm milk foam, already warmed milk must be poured in
  • Milk frother with battery
  • Only suitable for small quantities
  • The milk must already be heated
  • Works completely automatically
  • Larger quantities of milk foam possible – depending on max. Capacity in ml
  • Reliable, reproducible results
  • Range of functions, ease of operation or ease of cleaning vary from device to device
  • Requires practice
  • Only available in combination with fully automatic coffee machines or coffee percolators
  • Cold milk foam can not be produced with the milk frothing by steam nozzle

Tip: if you have any doubts, try a milk frother test with your friends’ and family’s machines. You will quickly find out which method and result will convince you.

Milk frothers without electricity are available in different sizes and made of different materials. Make sure that your milk frother is dishwasher safe so that you can enjoy it in the long run.

2. What is important in an electric milk frother??

The milk frother comparison in the table above refers to electric milk frothers. These differ primarily in terms of the following features:

  • Sizes from 120 to 500 ml
  • The volume must be much larger than the filling quantity, because the milk foam has much more volume than milk
  • Differences in consistency
  • The perfect milk foam should be fine-pored, fluffy, creamy and stable
  • Whether and which parts are dishwasher safe varies greatly
  • Some devices have a non-stick coating that makes cleaning easier
  • home remedies or special cleaners must be adapted to the material (be careful with aluminum)
  • Stainless steel milk frothers get fingerprints easily

Tip: to get the best possible milk foam, it is worth trying different types of milk with different fat and protein levels. taste is very individual. Some people are more interested in creaminess, which is determined by higher fat values. For others, a fine-pored foam with good stability is more important, or they pay attention to a low-fat diet. Foam becomes more stable with less fat and more protein.

When choosing a frother, make sure it is large enough for your purposes and easy to clean. A shiny stainless steel or chrome milk frother quickly looks dingy because every fingerprint is visible on it.

3. How does a milk frother work?

Milk frother with induction

As with cooktops, induction milk frothers are faster to heat than other electric milk frothers. The whisk does not have to be connected to the container in the case of the induction milk frothers.

All electric milk frothers – whether with or without inductionwork fully automatically. You simply pour in milk or a vegetable milk and switch on the appliance.

Depending on whether you want the frother to whip hot or cold milk, you can set the appropriate program or temperature. For warm milk foam, the device heats the milk and whips the milk with the whisk. How fine-pored or firm the milk foam becomes varies from device to device and also depends very much on the milk.

One automatic shut-off ensures that the milk cannot scorch.

Tip: if you have any doubts about which is the best milk frother for your purposes, read some customer reviews of the devices you have shortlisted. This often gives good indications of specific characteristics that may be particularly important to you, but which are not obvious in a direct, technical comparison.

Whether it’s a steam nozzle, manual or electric milk frother, the goal is a glass filled with coffee and milk foam that’s fluffy and creamy. Experiment a little with different milks, settings and temperatures.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a milk frother in 2022 ?

When making a purchase decision, it usually helps to clarify the main advantages and disadvantages. An electric milk frother has the following advantages and weaknesses compared to manual methods:

  • No microwave or. No stove needed to heat the milk
  • No need to spend time and skill
  • The result is more economical with the same amount of milk or milk. Plant milk always equally good
  • The frothing is done automatically while you can do other things
  • Often a power connection is necessary (there are also milk frothers with USB connection)
  • The device is larger than a manual
  • It is sometimes more time-consuming to clean electric milk frothers

Check the manufacturer’s website for accessories for your milk frother. Partly there are different frothing discs or attachments.

5. Milk frother test or. comparison: the most important user questions and answers about milk frothers

Answers to common user questions that were not directly answered by our buyer’s guide can be found here.

5.1. are there spare parts and accessories for milk frothers?

Reputable manufacturers offer spare parts for their milk frothers in any case. In some cases, there are also additional attachments for different applications. In addition, additional milk frother jugs or replacement jugs are sometimes available. A second dishwasher-safe jug, for example, can provide convenient, ongoing switching between milk frother and dishwasher.

If a milk frother is small, compact and made of a single part, this is of course not possible. For milk frothers with USB charging option, replacement charging cables are of course on the spare parts list.

Tip: use rechargeable batteries for a frequently used battery operated milk frother, this is easy on your wallet and the environment.

5.2. Has stiftung warentest done an actual milk frother test?

The last milk frother test by stiftung warentest was published in february 2018. Therefore, the market has long been dominated by more modern models that reflect the technical development of recent years. At that time, the nespresso aeroccino4 was named the milk frother test winner, which is hardly available anymore.

Of course, the foundation can always conduct a new milk frother test, which would then again be more relevant.

milk frother-hot-and-cold

If the milk foam is too coarse-pored, then it collapses quickly. This can easily happen if the milk was too hot during frothing.

5.3. What brands of milk frothers are there??

Reputable brands for milk frothers are mainly: melitta, severin, tchibo, gastroback, nespresso, clatronic, WMF and philips. Of course there are many other manufacturers. In case of doubt, please check whether spare parts are available, for example.

5.4. Where to buy a good milk frother at a reasonable price?

At individual auctions of the discounters (aldi, lidl etc.) with a little luck, you can buy a milk frother that meets your expectations. However, the exact type designations should then be checked. It is much easier to order a milk frother online that you have previously selected in a milk frother test or in the table of the milk frother comparison above.

The prices range from about 40 to 100 euros. Various milk frother tests and also the above comparison show that the most expensive devices do not have to be the best by any means.

A cappuccino is a classic among milk froth coffees. Make your own milk frother tests and try cocoa with milk foam or a chai latte.

5.5. What drinks can be prepared with a milk frother?

not only can you top an espresso in your kitchen with foam made from milk or plant milk, but also other drinks and foods such as cocoa, iced coffee, matcha, chai, coffee and cream liqueurs, soups made from pureed vegetables and desserts.

Try one iced coffee according to the following recipe:

Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a double cold espresso in a glass cup, pour 4 chrushed ice cubes over it and fill it up with cold milk foam. mix instant coffee and cocoa (ratio 1:2) in a small shaker and sprinkle on top as a garnish or shake through a tea strainer. If you have a template for such decorations, you will get a particularly decorative result. Best served with a long spoon and reusable straw.

Tip: as a decoration it is always a good idea to use something that also appears in the drink or the food or harmonizes well with it. For fruity varieties, for example, some lemon or orange zest. Chocolate shavings or cinnamon are popular for sweet drinks. On a soup, decorate the milk foam with some freshly chopped herbs and for a dessert, for example, chopped pistachios or some fruit puree fit very well for decoration.

Information on the tchibo cafissimo induction milk frother stability

hot milk froth

the tchibo cafissimo induction milk frother is easy to clean?

customer favorite: best rated product on amazon in comparison
Tchibo Ca­fis­si­mo In­duk­ti­ons milk­foaming­mer
price found: from 69,95 €
"go to amazon " go to ebay
Yes, the milk container can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. In addition, the milk frother from tchibo has a practical overheating protection.
Information about the severin SM 3584 stability

hot milk foam

how much capacity does the SEVERIN SM 3584 milk frother have??

Severin SM 3584
price found: from 42,33 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
This milk frother from SEVERIN has a capacity of 200 ml. In addition, it convinces with four different programs, which allow hot as well as cold frothing.
Information on the melitta cremio hot& cold stability

hot milk foam

is the melitta cremio hot& cold milk frother also suitable for soy milk?

Melitta Cremio Hot & Cold
price found: from 71,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
Yes, this milk frother from melitta can also froth soy milk or lactose-free milk without any problems. The automatic switch-off and the cordless container are particularly practical for everyday use.
Information about the severin SM 3585 stability

hot milk foam

how many programs does the severin SM 3585 milk frother have??

Severin SM 3585
price found: from 79,99 €
" now on amazon " now on ebay
very good
The milk frother from severin convinces with three different programs. At the touch of a button, you can froth cold or hot milk and prepare hot chocolate from whole pieces.
Information about the gastroback latte magic 42325 stability

hot milk froth

how much milk foam can be produced with the gastroback latte magic 42325 milk frother?

Gastro­back Latte Magic 42325
price found: from 55,00 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
With this milk frother from gastroback, a maximum of 350 ml of cold or warm milk froth can be produced in seconds. In addition, a maximum of 250 ml of milk or cocoa can be heated.
Information about the WMF stelio stability

hot milk foam

what is the capacity of the WMF stelio milk frother??

WMF Stelio
found price: from 49,49 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
very good
This milk frother from WMF is designed for a filling quantity of 150 ml (milk foam) or 250 ml (warm milk). The non-stick coating also ensures effortless cleaning.
Information about the nespresso aeroccino 4 stability

hot milk froth

how to clean the nespresso aeroccino 4 milk frother?

Nes­pres­so Ae­roc­ci­no 4
price found: from 114,90 €
" now on amazon " now on ebay
very good
If you buy this milk frother from the house nespresso, you do not need to worry about cleaning. The high-quality stainless steel milk container can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
Information about the clatronic MS 3326 stability

hot milk foam

with the clatronic MS 3326 you can froth the milk nice and firm?

price found: from 42,99 €
" go to amazon now " go to ebay now
very good
If you use a milk with a low fat content of 1.5%, you get a firm milk foam that lasts a long time. even plant milk is very suitable for this purpose.
Information about the jura 24019 stability

hot milk foam

the jura 24019 can be used to prepare hot and cold milk foam?

price found: from 89,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
very good
Yes, if you buy this milk frother from jura, you can choose to prepare cold or hot milk foam. This allows you to adjust the temperature of the foam to your individual needs.
Information about the philips senseo milk twister CA6500/60 stability

hot milk foam

does the philips senseo milk twister CA6500/60 work well with plant-based milk alternatives??

price found: from 49,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
very good
Yes, if you buy this milk frother from philips, you can also use it with soy, almond, rice or oat drinks. Plant-based milk alternatives are foamed at the touch of a button.
Information about the smeg MFF01WHEU stability

hot milk frother

how much milk foam can be produced with the smeg MFF01WHEU milk frother?

price found: from 180,54 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
very good
our milk frother comparison has shown that this device can use a maximum of 250 ml of milk for the production of milk foam. This is enough for about six cups of cappuccino.
Information about WMF lono milk& choc stability

hot milk foam

it is possible with the WMF lono milk& choc milk frother also make cold milk froth?

price found: from 99,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
With the WMF lono milk& choc milk frother can make hot and cold milk foam. Thus, there is the possibility of drinking cappuccinos with warm milk foam, as well as iced coffees with cold milk foam.
information about the bodum latteo stability

hot milk foam

is there a minimum amount that should be foamed for the bodum latteo milk frother??

cheapest product in comparison
price found: from 23,99 €
" now on amazon " now on ebay
For the bodum latteo milk frother is no minimum quantity prescribed, only a maximum quantity. The amount of milk poured must not exceed the specified marking.
Information about bialetti tuttocrema stability

hot milk foam

the bialetti tuttocrema is suitable for all common stove types?

found price: from 27,79 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
According to the manufacturer, the model is suitable for all common types of stoves except induction. If you want to buy this milk frother, you should take this into account.

What ratings did the individual milk frothers receive in our comparison??

You can choose your personal milk frother test winner from the following list:

  • first place – very good: aeroccino 4 from nespresso – exemplary internet price: 115 euro
  • Second place – very good: stelio from WMF – exemplary internet price: 49 euros
  • third place – very good: MFF01WHEU by smeg – sample internet price: 181 euro
  • Fourth place – very good: SM 3585 from severin – example internet price: 80 euro
  • Fifth place – very good: 24019 from jura – sample internet price: 90 euro
  • Sixth place – very good: milk twister CA6500/60 from philips senseo – sample internet price: 50 euro
  • Seventh place – good: cafissimo induction milk frother from tchibo – sample internet price: 70 euros
  • Eighth place – good: lono milk& choc from WMF – exemplary internet price: 100 euro
  • ninth place – good: latteo by bodum – example internet price: 24 euro
  • Tenth place – good: tuttocrema from bialetti – exemplary internet price: 28 euro

The distribution of grades of the milk frother manufacturers shows that only 6 milk frothers were awarded the grade "very good" and 9 milk frothers with the grade "good deals.

Two manufacturers are represented in the milk frother comparison with more than just one product. Both WMF and severin offer "good" and "very good milk frother.

How many milk frothers from different manufacturers were included by the editors in the milk frother comparison??

In this comparison, we present milk frothers from 13 different manufacturers so that you can choose the best product for you from the 15 available. More information "

What is the minimum investment in a milk frother to get a very good product??

The most expensive product in the milk frother comparison costs 180.54 euros . However, you can buy good milk frothers for an average of 69.25 euros. More information "

Which milk frother was rated most often by buyers?

So far, a large number of customers have already commented on the product after purchase, the latteo from bodum received a total of 4507 reviews. More information "

Are there any models in the milk frother comparison that have been rated "VERY GOOD" by the editors? have been awarded?

6 of the 15 milk frothers were awarded the grade "VERY GOOD" provided: aeroccino 4 by nespresso , stelio by WMF , MFF01WHEU by smeg , SM 3585 by severin , 24019 by jura and milk twister CA6500/60 by philips senseo . More information "

What other items have customers who bought a milk frother been looking for??

our research has shown: buyers who put a milk frother in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as milk frothers, milk frothers and milk frothers. More information "

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