Maxi-cosi child seats

Child seats can be secured in the car with different systems. The simple seat belt attachment works in almost every car model. The newer systems make installation easier and ensure even more safety while driving.

The installation direction indicates how the seat is installed in the car. In the direction of travel means that the child is facing the driver or the car. can see the windshield. In general, child seats are considered safer when facing the opposite direction of travel.

a restraint system integrated into the child seat protects the child from falling out of the seat in the event of sharp braking or a rear-end collision.

The cover of child seats determines comfort during the journey. Padded covers are comfortable and can usually be removed. Breathable materials ensure that clothing remains dry during prolonged periods of sitting.

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maxi-cosi child safety seat guide

Maxi-cosi child car seats

Children are particularly at risk in cars, as they can hardly withstand the high centrifugal forces in an accident impact. Therefore its own seat and therefore its own restraint system, that in the case of accidents and other driving protects from the impact, for children in the car according to the law compulsory. All children under the age of 12 are only allowed to ride in a car if they are safely restrained in a child car seat are appropriate.
Child car seats have to meet a high standard – they have to be optimal adapted to the size of the child to be easy to install in the car let and above all high accident protection in the event of a collision offer. The offer ranges from baby seats for newborns to seats for small and large, as well as booster seats to child seats that can be used for several years. To find the right car seat for your child, you need to determine its weight, but also its size, and orient yourself to the weight groups that are available to choose from. not every child seat is suitable for every car – now you too can find the the right child seat for your child and your car! Maxi-cosi is a brand manufacturer you are sure to be right with. The following is an introduction to the brand and its product range.

Maxi-cosi – safe driving

The birth of the Dutch company maxi-cosi was in 1984 – a revolution for the european market. The concept of the baby car seat came from the USA and was unknown in Europe at that time. Since then, the innovative maxi-cosi car seat has been considered the new mobile solution for children. The company attaches great importance to, human understanding to be included in the product development. Understanding what it means to be a modern parent. Understanding the individual needs and concerns of parents and children. "happy families are the goal of our product development." these are the words of eric viollette, the research& development director at maxi-cosi. With extensive knowledge, the company develops intelligent solutions for greater safety and mobility.

In the meantime, maxi-cosi has made a name for itself worldwide as a high quality, innovative brand made, with which one is in each case on the safe side. maxi-cosi infant carriers and child seats have always been among the best tested by the stiftung warentest foundation. The three factors that count in this comparison are safety, handling and ergonomics and these are written very large with the company. New technologies and designs are constantly expanding and improving security measures.

The product range

Maxi-cosi offers car seats, strollers, baby carriers and other useful accessories to. Child seats are available for every age, as size, age and weight are decisive factors. The seats are first divided into the three classes (class 0+ to I, class I, class II to III) classified. class 0+ is suitable from birth to 12 months, class I from approx. 9 months to ca. 4 years and class II/ III from approx. 3.5 years to 12 years.

Then the products differ also in the kind of the seat fastening: there is the 3-point seat belt, the isofix and the easyfix. You can also choose between different features, such as reclining position, seat length adjustment or side impact protection, decide. Of course, all products are available in a wide variety of orientations, colors and shapes. to find the right car seat for your child, maxi-cosi offers you an interactive child seat advisor. Protect your child with the right child car seat!

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