Lpg gas system maintenance and inspection

Maintenance, inspection and repair of an LPG autogas system

The topic "LPG gas system maintenance" should not be neglected completely even if the gas system is working.

Periodically, depending on the manufacturer, it should be done every 15 years.000 to 30.000 km to be serviced:

With a prins VSI, BRC, landirenzo, or front-gas system, it is sufficient for the system to be serviced every 30.000 km in sight. A KME or stag300, however, should be inspected after no more than 15.000 km maintenance. The reason for this lies in the injectors: premium manufacturers usually have maintenance-free injectors. With the KME, z.B. Often valtek rails are installed, whose design requires a cyclical inspection on the test bench.

Usual work during a gas inspection

Before we start with the actual maintenance, we check on a short test drive, if the gas system switches cleanly and the vehicle can be moved smoothly.

A diagnostic device is used to read the fault memory from the engine control unit in order to take any existing faults into account in advance. The adaptation values of the mixture composition at idle give the first indications of the condition of the gas system resp. A possible problem with the engine.

After that the gas system is completely depressurized and only then the vehicle comes to the workshop, where all components of the gas system are technically tested.

The LPG gas filter

We often have discussions with customers whose vehicles no longer function as they should.

The following symptoms are frequently described to us:

  • The gas system jerks
  • No power despite full throttle
  • Switches back to gasoline immediately after switching to LPG
  • You have the feeling that no gas arrives in the front.

Often, the customer suspects that the gas filter is too or. The valve was clogged and therefore gas could not flow into the engine.

from my long experience i can assure you that in my whole career i had only two cases where this was true. With all others the problem was to be found at completely different place.

In most cases, after a professional inspection of the gas system, the symptoms have completely disappeared.

We always change all filters: the liquid phase filter as well as the gas phase filter. We use only high quality products that really keep what they promise. Unfortunately, there are many cheap products on the market whose filter performance (to put it politely) are in need of improvement.

LPG gas system maintenance

Injectors/ rails

Rails of the manufacturer matrix, which are installed in a stargas, or even in the older frontgas gas systems, are completely disassembled and cleaned by us.

The injector valtek type 30, a KME gas system, is put on a special test bench, with which the stroke is then readjusted. All other injectors are largely maintenance-free.

We check installed gas hoses to see if the necessary test numbers are printed on them and if they are still in good condition. Otherwise they will be replaced.

The hoses of the water supply, as well as the underbody lines, are checked for any chafing or defects.


Ignition system

The ignition system, as well as the spark plugs, get special attention with us. The spark plugs should still be in good condition and should not show any ignition punctures at the insulator. Otherwise they must be replaced inevitably. An intact ignition system is the be-all and end-all for a well-functioning gas system. problems, which are hardly noticeable in gasoline operation, duplicate themselves in gas operation and lead to a rough engine run, or noticeable jerking at low revs and high loads.

Ideally, special spark plugs, which are suitable for LPG operation, are installed.

These are a little more expensive, but they have a change interval of 60.000km.

A spark plug should not look like this:

Spark plug

Worn LPG spark plug

It is all a matter of adjustment!

After all maintenance work is done, the gas pressure is checked with the engine running and adjusted if necessary. After that, the test drive is made, during which the gas map is readjusted. These adjustments require a lot of expertise and should be done carefully.

Leak check of the gas system

Finally, the entire gas system is checked with a gas detector for any leaks.

Cost of gas system maintenance

For a 4 cylinder you have to calculate with about 120, – €.

6 and 8 cylinder vehicles are more expensive depending on the effort required.

conclusion on the subject of LPG gas system maintenance

As you can see, an inspection does not only consist of replacing a gas filter. It requires a lot of experience and background knowledge and should always be done by a professional who understands his craft.

Maintenance and repair of all common systems:

Your system is not included? Just contact us.

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