Living without a car with family, child and dog?

We now dare the next step in the direction of environment and health and sell our car. It’s as simple as that! Or not? This is a question we will probably ask ourselves more often in the near future. My husband is optimistic and looking forward to a carless life, I am sometimes still torn about it. We live in a rural area, but there is a bus from time to time and if it is very urgent, we need a cab. For the vacation one can perhaps borrow a car. Or you take the train. Our means of transport will be the good-old-bike! First of all, I don’t want to say that everyone can live without a car. So we CAN, but it’s also about how. And that is for example with us quite clear.

Why do we need a car?

We have not moved our car much lately. We are both self-employed and don’t have to drive to work every day. Mainly it is used for shopping, errands, appointments and trips. There is a lot standing around and somehow we have the feeling that the cost-benefit aspect is not really balanced. We also miss the sporting activities we used to have (for example, as students). We were on the road a lot by bike. But our car needs to be maintained, checked, repaired and taken care of financially – for that little bit of money? We would rather invest this energy in more sensible things. It is cheaper to order a cab at regular intervals. It’s a phase of life right now that could definitely function without a car. What happens later, we will see when the time comes.

How can I replace the car?

If we are honest, the first reason we own a car is convenience. Open the door, bang – off we go. You will reach your goal quite quickly. At least that is the theory. it’s interesting to note that we get particularly upset when trains are delayed, but we don’t hesitate to accept the traffic jams on the roads. With the train I see in this evaluation that over 95% of trains are quite punctual. I also watched passing cars for a while and noticed that most of them are occupied by only one person. So much potential is lost! There’s so much room for a ride. besides: many many things can be done without a car without any problems. And well organized carpools (or public transport systems) could do a lot of good. Without problems almost everybody can go shopping for example.

Shopping without a car? Of course!

Either you walk, ride your bike or have your groceries delivered to you. Online supermarkets have a great selection and also deliver fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables directly to your home (see our test alnatura onlineshop and eaten is always (ehem. Your organic garden)). Or one orders a vegetable box from the region. I’m sure for most people there is a way to shop without a car. We are in the process of building this routine. Of course, you have to plan a little, stock up on emergency supplies and eat what you have left until you can go shopping again. But this makes you think much more carefully about what you buy and prepare. Awareness of one’s own health grows! the combination of plenty of exercise and healthy staple foods could be wonderful for a new lease on life.

We get started! Goodbye car!

So. We are now getting started and are happy to document in the blog our impressions, problems, experiences and positive influences without a car. I am very curious to see how it looks in the coming weeks and months. The car has been sold since this weekend. The bikes are ready to go, let’s get started! 🙂

Have any of you ever thought about living without a car?? Tell us about your experiences!

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