Leasing without schufa

Leasing without schufa, for self-employed and private individuals, you decide with leasmobil for a serious partner.

We have no hidden processing fees or upfront costs, but offer you realistic leasing offers with which you can start immediately.

The processing is of course without schufa and without bank information / bank check.

We are not an agency. you conclude a leasing contract without schufa directly with leasmobil.De as lessor and also receive the vehicle from us.

We will answer any questions about the process here..

Delivery problems with almost all manufacturers

Due to a lack of semiconductor technology, supplier problems and short-time work, the delivery times of almost all car manufacturers have been considerably extended.
We are talking about a delay of up to 1 year!

But we still have some stock vehicles that are cheap and quickly available:
vehicle inventory – dealer search


Choose the vehicle, make an appointment, pick up the leased car.




  • You need a new or used vehicle?
  • You want to preserve your liquidity?
  • No credit because of negative schufa?
  • The bank, ex/spouse should not know about leasing?
  • short term leasing without schufa / long term leasing?
  • You have other purchases in mind?
  • Figures of the BWA or balance sheet are not sufficient?


  • Fast and direct commitments
  • Uncomplicated processing
  • Leasing contract without schufa entry
  • Immediately available new and used cars
  • residual value leasing / installment plan
  • No bank information or bank check
  • High discounts = favorable rates

Always something


An excerpt of our latest offers. For more details just click on the picture.

Leasing despite negative schufa

With leasing without schufa leasmobil offers the possibility to lease a vehicle despite a negative schufa entry. vehicle leasing without schufa with leasmobil means for you a serious way to become mobile again. Vehicle leasing without schufa gives you the opportunity to own a vehicle for a long time without having to resort to expensive car subscriptions or rental cars. Leasing without schufa runs discreetly and without schufa examination and bank information, as well as without schufa entry. Leasing without schufa also helps with upcoming purchases or house financing, so that a vehicle loan does not stand in the way. Your financial leeway with the bank will not be affected.

Serious processing

leasing without schufa with leasmobil is usually quick and unbureaucratic. With our immediate leasing you can get your vehicle even faster, and the processing is even faster because the vehicles are already in the house. Also on a bank information is renounced with leasing without schufa. Your own bank will not be informed about leasing with leasmobil. The only thing you have to do is to fill in the request form online and send it to us.

High discounts = low rates

As a reputable provider of leasing without schufa, we naturally only use reputable car dealership partners. The long-term connections and the high vehicle acceptance guarantee you very good discounts, manufacturer subsidies and residual value support, which ultimately result in a favorable rate. Because we pass these benefits and support directly to you. Therefore, we work exclusively with partner dealers of BMW, MINI, KIA, VOLVO and a used car dealer.

Goodwill repossession

After the term is before the term, that’s how the manufacturer’s appraisers usually see it when returning the vehicle. But not with us. With leasmobil you have a partner with purchasing power at your side, therefore only the damages that are actually present will be charged for the return and no wear and tear damages will be listed compared to new cars. This will save you money, which can be in the thousands. With leasmobil this will not happen to you. We will take care of that, we promise.

Flexible terms

If you decide for a leasing without schufa with leasmobil, we offer you flexible terms from 12 to 48 months. Some leasing models also allow you to take over the vehicle at its calculated residual value. We can also find a solution for you if your convertible has become too small, because you have a baby on the way and maybe you need a station wagon. We are looking for a buyer for your convertible in our clientele or perhaps exchange the car with another customer who drives a station wagon and would like a convertible. All this is possible with leasmobil, leasing without schufa and underlines a serious partnership.

Residual value or km leasing

Due to the massive subsidies of the manufacturers, it is now uneconomical to buy a vehicle. As a rule, you pay less with the added installments than the vehicle loses in value. Here is mostly a km-leasing with to grund legen. In the case of used car leasing without schufa, it may be economical to take over the vehicle at the calculated residual value or to pay off the residual value in installments. It always depends on the vehicle and leasing model. Leasmobil will be happy to advise you.

Get in contact with us. We are looking forward to your call or mail.




Leasmobil.De e.K.
Grasweg 47a
90556 seukendorf


phone: 0911 – 66 97 138
fax: 0911 – 66 97 156
mail: [email protected]

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