Leasing without schufa: are there reputable providers for car leasing without schufa??

welcome to our guide where we answer the question if leasing without schufa information is possible. First, however, we will clarify in detail the most important questions about leasing and schufa

If you want to buy a new car, for example, and are not sure whether a leasing contract is right for you or whether you might have to expect problems with the schufa, then you should read this article thoroughly. After that you can make a well-founded decision and know possible alternatives.

The most important in short

  • schufa is a private company and not a governmental institution. The abbreviation schufa stands for "schutzgemeinschaft fur allgemeine kreditsicherung".
  • Leasing is a business model in which the customer pays a fixed monthly rate fixed at the time the contract is concluded and in return is provided with the item for use for the duration of the contract.
  • There are some providers where leasing contracts are also possible without a schufa report. However, you usually pay significantly higher leasing rates.

Also interesting

Definition: what is schufa?

schufa is a credit agency founded in 1927. Contrary to what many believe, this is a private company and not a state institution.

Schufa means "protection association for general credit security".

schufa collects and sells data on the creditworthiness of german private debtors. schufa obtains data from over 9000 partners such as banks, leasing partners as well as electricity and telecommunication providers.

The collected and processed data is then in turn given to the same partners, for example, when someone wants to take out a loan with a bank.

But many landlords of apartments also require their potential tenants to have a spotless schufa report before they rent out the apartment.

leasing without schufa: what you should know

Before we can answer your actual question, you should first read the following paragraphs carefully. Here we explain the basics and answer the most frequently asked questions about leasing without schufa.

What is the schufa-score?

The exact formula for calculating the schufa score is a trade secret and therefore not known to the public.

Some of the things that influence the score, however, include:

  • Current cell phone contracts
  • Current leasing contracts
  • Information on bank accounts and credit cards
  • Expired credits

The schufa score is a value that lies between 0 and 100. The following table summarizes some of the scores and their meanings:

schufa-score risk of non-payment
97,5 – 100 very low risk
95 – 97,5 low risk
90 – 95 satisfactory risk
80-90 significantly increased risk
50 – 80 very high risk
0 – 50 critical risk

A score of 100 means that the probability of timely repayment of the loan by the debtor is 100%.

How do I get my schufa information??

Once a year, you even have the opportunity to get this information free of charge ( 1 ) . Each additional query you will then receive for a fee of 18.50 €.

You can obtain both free information and information subject to a fee at meineschufa.De.

How a negative schufa score can be influenced?

For one, you should check the entries to make sure they are correct. If you notice that there are incorrectly still open claims from a company, then you can report this to schufa and the entry will be deleted ( 4 ) .

Naturally, overdue loans and payments are included in the calculation of the schufa score in a very negative way. Therefore, you should make sure that you settle all outstanding payments as soon as possible and avoid delays in the future ( 2 ) .

Not every invoice that is paid late is reported to schufa. But if you have already received the second reminder and you still do not pay the bill, then you will certainly receive a negative entry in the schufa.

There are also some theories that keeping several current accounts in parallel has a negative impact on your schufa score. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

How does leasing work?

Leasing is particularly popular for very expensive, technical products. Such objects quickly lose value or become obsolete, which is why it is often not worth buying them.

Based on the list price of the object and the duration of the contract, a rate is determined that the user has to pay each month. The duration usually varies between 12 and 16 months.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing??


Probably the most decisive point is obvious, namely that the high purchase price does not apply. If you buy a new car, it loses a lot of value, especially in the first year. With leasing, you only pay your monthly installments and don’t have to worry about depreciation.

In addition, there is a great deal of freedom in structuring leasing contracts. The monthly rates, the term of the contract and any additional payments can be fixed at the beginning and thus allow a high degree of planning security.

In addition, the leasing model also allows people to enjoy a new car who would otherwise not be able to afford it due to a lack of equity.

Furthermore, a leasing contract can be worthwhile for businessmen, as they are associated with tax advantages ( 3 ) .

  • High acquisition costs are eliminated
  • Great freedom in structuring the contracts
  • Affordable new cars for low earners
  • Tax advantages for business owners
  • The object does not become the property of the user
  • Possible additional payments
  • No cancellation option

However, an obvious disadvantage of leasing contracts is that the object does not become the property of the user. As soon as the contract expires, the object becomes the property of the leasing dealer again.

It is possible to agree on a purchase price at the end of the contract period, but this is usually much higher than the actual residual value of the car.

Another point of criticism of the leasing model is the possibility of subsequent payments. Depending on the contract model, these may be due either in the event of major damage or if agreed mileage is exceeded.

In addition, leasing contracts have the major disadvantage that they cannot be terminated and must therefore be paid until the end of the agreed term.

Where are leasing contracts used?

However, leasing contracts are most frequently used in the private and business automotive sector. A distinction is made between the two special forms of mileage leasing and residual value leasing.

In the case of residual value leasing, very low leasing rates are initially advertised. The rates are based on the projected residual value of the vehicle.


At the end of the contract period, however, very high additional payments may be due. Namely, if the actual residual value is significantly lower than the projected residual value due to damage or lower market demand.

Mileage leasing, on the other hand, is a completely different model. Here, the leasing rate is based on the agreed annual mileage of the car.

Although additional payments may be due if you exceed the mileage limit by a significant margin. These additional payments, however, are significantly lower and can also be influenced by the user himself.

When is the best time to lease a car??

In addition, a leasing contract is advisable if you only want to use the car for a short period of 1-3 years and would like to enjoy planning security during this period.

Even if your life circumstances change frequently and you don’t want to commit to one type of car for the long term, a leased car could be just right for you. Because there, depending on the duration of the contract, you can change your car in short intervals.

Is a leasing contract without schufa possible??

Basically, the answer to this question is yes. There are quite a few leasing dealers where you can lease a car without a credit report.

This has the advantage for you that you have a chance to get a car even if you have a negative credit history.

But now comes the reality: in principle, leasing dealers who do not require a credit report are definitely not advisable.

Leasing contracts often involve a high risk for the lessor. If these dealers do not even check your creditworthiness with schufa, then this often indicates a lack of seriousness.

Often you have to pay a high down payment at the beginning of the contract. This is very untypical for leasing contracts and in the worst case you will neither see the money again nor will you ever see the car again.

And even if the leasing offer is legitimate, you usually pay a high price for the supposed discretion. Namely, with leasing rates that are far higher than those offered by traditional leasing dealers.

In addition, the choice of vehicles is often very limited and in the rarest cases it is a new car.

What are the alternatives to leasing a car??

A leasing contract is not the right choice for every person and in every situation if you want to buy a new car. Therefore, we present you the most common alternatives here.

Purchase of a car

For one thing, you don’t have to return the vehicle at the end of a term, but have it forever. In addition, any changes to the car are possible and you do not have to worry about the use, unlike mileage leasing.

Furthermore, you can save up for the car and pay for it directly in one go, so you don’t have to worry about the amount of the monthly lease payments.

  • The vehicle becomes your property
  • Changes to the vehicle are possible
  • Immediate payment of the costs possible
  • High acquisition costs
  • Long-term commitment to a single vehicle
  • High depreciation in the first year for new cars

On the other hand, there are also serious disadvantages. For example, the high purchase costs, which not everyone can afford, especially for new cars.

In addition, many people’s desires and life circumstances change regularly, making it difficult to commit to a particular type of vehicle over the long term.

In the case of new cars, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the car loses a lot of value, especially in the first year. Even if it’s accident-free and well-maintained, the price can drop by over 25%.


  • Car becomes your property at the end of the contract
  • Costs can be spread over several years
  • Changes to the car are possible
  • The interest rates are higher than leasing rates
  • Installments are not tax deductible even for entrepreneurs

Financing offers similar advantages to buying a car, but the price of the car is paid over a longer period of time.


The advantage over leasing is, on the one hand, that significantly shorter contract terms are possible. While leasing contracts are usually valid for at least 12 months, cars can be rented for just a few hours or days.

Moreover, with the short terms, a very spontaneous and frequent car change is possible.

In addition, the lessor of the car pays for inspections, vehicle tax, and, depending on the lease agreement, the cost of any damages.

  • Very short terms possible
  • Frequent change of car possible
  • lessor takes over most of the necessary services
  • Long-term leases are not offered everywhere
  • Higher rates than leasing

The big problem, however, is with long-term leases. This is because not all car dealers or leasing companies offer them. Often, leases longer than a few months are not possible or are extremely costly.

In addition, the monthly rates are usually much higher than with leasing.


Now you should know that a leasing contract without schufa information is certainly possible, but not necessarily advisable. In the end, you will have to pay significantly higher leasing rates in most cases.

try to keep your schufa-score as high as possible by conscientious account management and paying bills on time. Apart from leasing, there are other ways of financing a car that might be of interest to you.

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