Latest technology& buy multimedia online

Technology offers for gaming without limits! Latest hardware, laptops, pcs and technology.

Laminator in A4.

Laminator OneLam 400 A4

Laminator OneLam 400 A4

Laminator in A4.

Laminator OneLam 400 A3

Laminator in A3.

Latest technology& buy multimedia online

Latest technology& buy multimedia online

Latest technology& buy multimedia online

Latest technology& buy multimedia online

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Laminating foil double pack Everyday, set of 2 x 100

DIN A4, A5, A6& business card format.

Laminating foils Everyday DIN A3, 2 x 25 set

2 x 25 foils in A3.

Latest technology& buy multimedia online

Latest technology& buy multimedia online

Latest technology& buy multimedia online

Lifting and lifting. Get fit easily – in your own home gym.

Smart feeder MD60228

With voice transmission and videolivestream.

UHD smart TV X16566, 163.8 cm (65 inches)

Energy efficiency class F

Care for home cinema feeling.

Tablet Smart Tab M8

20.32 cm (8 inch) screen diagonal.

Home Style Audio System P85700 (MD88700)

DAB+/Bluetooth® site radio E66045

With bluetooth ® function.

Powerline adapter Magic 2 LAN-GAMING-SET

Ensure a trouble-free network.

XXL gaming mouse pad Templar X10 (MD88660)

With strong adhesive bottom.

Supporter X11 mechanical gaming keyboard

Note: delivery delays may occur.

Gaming accessory set P81016 (MD88087)

Gamble with the comprehensive set.

OneShred 8CC document shredder

Shreds 8 A4 sheets at a time.

Shredder OneShred 12CC

Shreds 12 A4 sheets at a time.

Wireless RGB gaming headset

Model mage X10 (MD88980).

Be more efficient in the home office.

Full HD monitor M27

Energy efficiency class D

Experience a brilliant picture.

DAB+ Internet radio DABMAN i450

Receive more than 25.000 radio stations.

3D WLAN printer T-REX with twin extruder

Core gaming PC Engineer P10 (MD34585)

How to make gaming!

Notebook S15449 (MD63975)

Work efficiently from home.

Gaming chair Druid P10 (MD88970)

gaming with high seating comfort.

So you can sit comfortably while gaming.

UHD Smart TV 70A7100F, 177 cm (70 inches)

Energy efficiency class G

Smart TV for even more entertainment.

Energy efficiency class F

Gaming pleasure on curved monitor.

Gamble on the go.

Take your gaming to the next level.

Gaming at a high level.

Energy efficiency class G

Enjoy a sensationally sharp picture.

High quality renewed smartwatch.

High quality renewed smartwatch.

Energy efficiency class F

Big cinema on 80 cm (31.5 inch).

Print without cartridges.

Enough power for everyday use.

Precise pressure points and feedback. MD88605.

Entry-level gaming mouse Supporter P12

Gamble like a pro.

Wireless gaming mouse Supporter P13

Bring absolute accuracy to the game.

Mage P10 stereo gaming headset (MD88640)

With powerful bass.

Notebook ENVY 17-ch1554ng

43.9 cm (17.3") FHD IPS display.

Multifunction stereo radio Dabman i450CD

The all-rounder among stereo radios.

Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705L

Smart tablet for your entertainment.

Multimedia for everyone: technology for home office and entertainment at home

Put your senses to the test! discover the latest technology and take your multimedia equipment to a new level. Enjoy your entertainment program with razor-sharp images and crystal-clear sound. Get your work done in the office with powerful laptops and computers at breakneck speed and transform your home with innovative technology into a smart home. We give you tips on how to easily set the scene for your personal multimedia setup.

All advantages at a glance:

simple: order online& pay

versatile: wide range of technology for all areas of life

flexible: 60 days return policy without reason

The right electronics for your home office

More and more people work from home these days. Thereby the home office from a desk in the corner of the living room to a real office in your own four walls. But no matter in which environment you have set up your home workstation, for efficient work you need the matching technology. There are two questions in particular that need to be answered:

♦ What devices do I need to work??

♦ how much space do i have??

Laptop or tower PC?

The basis for efficient work in the office is the computer. Decide first: mobile notebook or powerful desktop PC? The advantages of the laptop are obvious. It is space-saving, easy to transport, and the monitor, speakers and microphone are already integrated. A notebook is therefore the optimal choice if you don’t have much space available or want to stay mobile. Work at your desk, in the garden or on the road. You always have your most important documents with you!

The desktop PC on the other hand, is the optimal solution for a classic workstation at home. Desktop pcs convince with more power. They are especially recommended for graphics- or data-intensive work.

Tablets are the multimedia all-rounders. Streaming movies, playing games and reading newspapers or e-books is simply more fun here than on your smartphone. you will also find apps for all areas of application – even for the office.

Innovative accessories for carefree driving

A tower PC or notebook is not enough. Create your own little office and add practical accessories to your technical equipment.

  • Monitor: flat screen or curved monitor: an additional screen also makes working on the laptop easier.
  • printer& scanner: with an appropriate device with high resolution you have your documents directly at hand or digitized. practical multifunction printers take over printing, scanning& copy in a small space.
  • Sound systems: speakers or headsets with integrated microphones simplify any video call. How to stay in touch with your colleagues even in the home office.
  • Communication technology: stay reachable! With smart communication technology, you can always be reached by phone or smartphone.

Entertainment and multimedia for the home

After work comes pleasure. Just switch off and make your senses shine. Electronic entertainment technology sweetens your everyday life. The selection has never been so large. Customize your home entertainment perfectly adapted to your needs and preferences.

tvs& TV sets: your private home cinema

TV sets are the most classic technology for leisure entertainment and still the centerpiece of many living rooms. DVD player or blu-ray players complement your entertainment program. Here, the choice of your tv is crucial. The right size, smart TV, full or ultra HD? Here are a few tips on how to choose the right TV for you:

It all depends on the size

Sure, but not always. Because the bigger, the better is not right here. The optimal size for your tv comes from two points. Your personal preferences play a role, of course, but the decisive factor for the perfect picture is the size of the screen distance between sofa or armchair and TV.

Rule of thumb for the size of your tv:

  • Distance up to 2 m: TVs up to 50 inches
  • distance 2 to 3 m: tvs between 50 and 65 inches
  • distance over 3 m: tvs over 65 inch

If you opt for too big a device when the distance is too small, your picture will quickly look blurry. Avoid trouble with the right choice of size.

Outstanding quality for a home cinema atmosphere

The next thing to do is to determine the picture quality. This depends on your needs and what you use your TV for.

  • HD resolution, also called full-HD, is nowadays the standard and offers you an optimal picture resolution for normal television enjoyment.
  • Ultra-HD, also known as 4K, it offers an even sharper resolution. 4K tvs are recommended for the playback of blu-rays, for gaming with game consoles and streaming offers in high quality.
  • OLED and QLED are further developments of classic LED technology. they also offer UHD resolution, but have a better black tone and correspondingly a top contrast. These devices meet the highest demands and offer TV and gaming fun at the very highest level.

Smart TV with WLAN connection

Perfect for those who don’t just want to watch TV. With your smart TV you can access with a corresponding internet connection digital content to. Use streaming services for series, movies and music or access your personal network. In addition, you browse the internet and use many other apps that expand the range many times over.

Pcs and game consoles: let the games begin

Computer games are no longer just for young people, but are fun for the whole family. Here, too, modern electronics different ways to spend your free time.

With standard pcs or. mid-range laptops if you don’t necessarily play games with the best possible graphics and have to be prepared for minor performance problems with particularly demanding games. These computers usually have to be upgraded for gaming after a few years, so that every game continues to work.

gaming pcs are optimal for real recreational and professional gamers who value the best graphics and strong performance. The highly equipped hardware with strong graphics card, a lot memory and powerful processors is especially recommended for the latest games and online games.

Game consoles like the playstation 4, xbox one or switch offer multimedia fun for the whole family. Connect the game console to your TV or another monitor, and the whole family can start having fun. game consoles are often used in so-called bundles offered and combine console, controller and games in one package.

Optimal audio experiences: bass, beats and crystal-clear sounds

Optimal multimedia enjoyment also includes perfect sound. When the sound if you’re right, you can really immerse yourself in the multimedia world and enjoy a complete experience.

speakers and soundbars come in all sizes, designs and especially performance classes. To the hi-fi system or connected to the computer they provide a great sound everywhere. Modern speakers with bluetooth technology or WLAN even get along without any cables and set the right tone even on excursions or in the garden.

surround systems create spatial sound effects. Especially for movies or action games, surround speakers offer another irresistible sound experience that pulls you right into the entertainment worlds.

Headphones let you dive right into your favorite music. watch tv without disturbing your family. Headphones with built-in microphones, also known as headsets, allow you to stay in touch with your friends – whether you’re gaming online or using skype. Particularly popular noise-cancelling headphones and wireless bluetooth headphones.

Radio, the classic, is still very popular today. It delivers news, music and entertainment – without the fuss. And with modern internet radios you have an almost unlimited choice of channels from germany and around the world.

With innovations and new technologies from our ALDI ONLINE SHOP let the future move into your home.

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