La autoshow: the novelties as a series of pictures

the auto industry is caught between the times. All the world talks about the electric drive. But until that happens, the manufacturers will have to keep their heads above water with old models. Hardly anywhere is this transition as clear as at the car show in los angeles – and nowhere does it seem to work as smoothly as here.

Just a few miles from hollywood, hedonism sets the tone at the convention center – the trade show guests are not concerned with ideologies and the right drive. The new models have to be strong, fast and beautiful. Technology quickly becomes a secondary matter.

Audi in los angeles

the two new products on the audi stand are a good example of how far the industry is spreading: on the one hand, the second electric car from ingolstadt – the e-tron sportback – is intended to accelerate the move into the battery era and, as an elegant SUV coupe with up to 408 hp and a maximum range of 448 kilometers, to bring some seductive power to the sensible world of electric cars.

On the other hand, there is the RS Q8, which has been developed according to old values and, as the sportiest model in the SUV family, plays the triad of stronger, faster and sharper. With an aggressive grille design and a powerful engine – according to audi, the four-liter V8 gasoline engine delivers up to 600 hp and accelerates the colossus to 305 km/h if necessary.

Small balancing act at porsche

On the small side, you can see a balancing act between the times at porsche. While (from the old world, so to speak) the macan turbo celebrates its world premiere as the 440 hp flagship of the SUV series, in the new world the choice of the taycan is increasing: the electric sports sedan is now available as the taycan 4S with a system output reduced to 530 hp and a top speed throttled to 250 km/h. but with a price reduced by around a third to 105,900 euros.607 euros.

The changing times in los angeles don’t stop at icons either

On the one hand, the supposed manufacturing dinosaur ford is making its way into the future with an electrified mustang. It shows a sports car converted into an SUV with up to 465 hp and a range of 600 kilometers, which will be available at the end of 2020 as a "mache at prices starting at 46.900 euros is set to go on sale.

Tesla ventures back into the stone age

And on the other hand, tesla boss elon musk, who is revered as a visionary, ventures into the stone age and announces his first pick-up in the trade fair environment. This will not only compete with the Ford F-150, which has been a best-seller in the USA for decades. It is also getting competition from new companies – from the start-up bollinger, for example, which wants to put a decidedly rustic electric all-terrain vehicle on the roads as a pick-up and SUV.

Somehow in between – and a little lost, at least among the Americans – is the VW ID. Space vizzion, which wants to give a relatively concrete glimpse of an electric alternative to the mid-range classic passat. It may work in europe, but americans still don’t know much about station wagons. Although an electric all-wheel drive with 340 hp and a standard range of around 600 kilometers would fit in well with the market environment.

SUVs as part-time electric vehicles and powerhouses

The hyundai vision T, the lincoln corsair gran touring and the toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid are three new off-road vehicles that aim to bridge the gap between the two eras as part-time electric vehicles. The toyota is to be available for purchase as early as spring 2020. The lincoln – equipped with a surprisingly small four-cylinder engine for such a large car – is also due to go on sale soon. The hyundai, however, is a study that will never go into series production.

If you’re sure you don’t want an off-road car, it’s worth taking a look at the BMW stand. Because as one of the very few new passenger cars without a sports badge, increased ground clearance or all-wheel drive, the new 2-series gran coupe turns there. It is to compete with the mercedes CLA and audi A3 sedan from spring 2020 onwards.

As conspicuously as the industry is staring into the future, it is also upholding old values – especially in the USA, where AMG & M models are available co. Sell more cars than anywhere else in the world. That’s why the German plants want to win over the public above all with powerfully tuned SUVs.

Because the audi RS Q8 is not alone. It is flanked by M versions of the BMW X5 and X6 with up to 625 hp and 290 km/h top speed. In addition, new AMG variants of mercedes GLE and GLS compete for the attention of fair visitors. Just like the BMW M models, they get a V8 engine and are listed with 4.0 liters of displacement with up to 612 hp as well as a top speed of 280 km/h at best.

BMW shows highly equipped limousines

While mercedes is relying solely on its two powerful SUVs, BMW is also launching two sporty sedans: for the first time, the Bavarians are showing the 625-hp M8 as a gran coupe in los angeles. Shortly before the end of the series, the M2 is available as a specially upgraded CS with a six-cylinder engine tuned by 40 hp to 450 hp and a top speed raised to 280 km/h.

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As the john cooper works GP, the mini with a 306 hp four-cylinder engine will be the fastest road car ever built by the BMW subsidiary: the small car achieves a top speed of 265 km/h.

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