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If you have read our article "car selling tips and tricks" then you are surprised about the word "schwacke" stumbled. Even if you are interested in the used car ads you will find "schwacke" or "schwacke value" read again and again. But what is it exactly? Who is the schwacke list relevant for and how does it benefit private individuals?. In this article about the schwacke list we explain.

Schwacke list

Schwacke list online

The schwacke list is the term when it comes to car valuations of any kind goes, but is often confused with other providers or. Mixed. there is only one schwacke list, DAT and others are other providers and have nothing in common with the schwacke list. Many people don’t get this quite right.

Schwacke valuation for more than 50 years

The schwacke list has been around for over 50 years, initially in printed form and with access for dealers only. But in the meantime it is accessible for everyone on the internet. a car or vehicle evaluation can be made easily and in a short time on the internet.
If you make a valuation based on the schwacke list, you will receive an individual vehicle valuation that takes into account many criteria, including relevant things such as: initial registration, mileage and special equipment. These things are used for many free car reviews not taken into account, so the value calculated in this way is only relevant for the schwacke list.

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Schwacke costs money

A professional vehicle valuation based on the schwacke list is not free of charge! Currently it costs 7,90€ – but this money is worth the online rating in any case. Because no matter if buyer or seller you profit from it. as a seller you have a real market value, so a windy car seller can’t talk you down on price. You also have a rating that you can print out and give to potential buyers, which creates trust which is very important especially when buying a car.

As a buyer, you can, of course, with the appropriate data a schwacke valuation online this has the advantage that you are informed about the real market value of the new used car and so you do not run the risk of paying too much money.

you should not save these 7,90€ for the vehicle evaluation, some car buyers / car salesmen are astonished about the result.

Online vehicle valuation

save money with the schwacke vehicle valuation

This is how the schwacke online valuation works

The online car valuation by means of the schwacke list is very easy, only some data about the car to be valued are necessary.

You can choose whether you want to start the evaluation "with vehicle registration document" or "without vehicle registration document". It is more convenient to use the vehicle registration document, because this way you will get the vehicle number directly after entering the HSN& TSN displays the right vehicle.

As soon as the suitable vehicle was determined it goes to the input of the special equipment, and this is depending upon vehicle very extensive. You should take a few minutes here and make the entries conscientiously, because everything is included in the valuation.

When all entries are done, only the payment process is left and afterwards you can download and print your rating directly.

Conclusion: the schwacke evaluation is worthwhile in any case and should be carried out with every car purchase / car sale. Do not save at the wrong end

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