Frothing milk: all the info about the right milk and aids

Frothing milk: all the information about the right milk and tools

You can use both whole milk and low fat milk for frothing. vegan milk can also be foamed. soy milk, hazelnut milk or oat milk are best in this case.

If you want to work without a milk frother, you can also froth the milk in the thermomix or with a magic wand.

to properly froth the milk, it should be at refrigerator temperature. In addition, the pot or milk jug should always be only half-filled with milk.

To a a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato needs a beautiful foam crown. Even if you don’t have a fully automatic coffee maker with an integrated frother, you can still create perfect milk froth.
In this article we will tell you, which milk is best and whether vegan alternatives such as almond milk can also be used for frothing. In addition, you will receive tips on how to froth milk without a frother.

1. Frothing milk – it all depends on the right milk

Preparing the perfect milk foam is an art in itself. There are special barista courses in which the frothing milk is an important part of making coffee, as well as coffee itself.

Milk foam is created when the milk is enriched with air and gains volume accordingly. Therefore, in principle, any milk can be used for preparation. The higher the fat content of the milk, the creamier the foam will be. However, the foam is more stable with a lower fat content.

But can you also froth vegan milk?? vegans who give up dairy products may also lack, for example frothing soy milk, hazelnut milk or oat milk.

Generally rice milk, coconut milk and almond milk not suitable for frothing.

The reason that almond milk is unsuitable for foaming is that fats and proteins are missing.

However, there are already variants in the trade, with which the foaming succeeds better. This also applies to the other vegan milk types.

2. Milk foam can be created using various methods

woman froths milk with a stick milk frother

Simple electric milk frothers are battery operated.

To make milk foam, the steam nozzle on a portafilter or fully automatic coffee machine is the best choice. The hot steam causes the milk to turn into foam. However, as these devices are very expensive, we would like to present you with a few alternative options below:

  • Thermomixif you have a thermomix, you can use it to froth milk as well. Put the milk into the cold mixing bowl and set the machine to level 4 for 3 minutes. then heat for 3 minutes at 70°C on level 2.
  • Milk frother: milk frothers are available in both manual and electric versions. An electric milk frother is easy to use because it both heats and froths the milk. When using an electric wand, however, the milk must be heated beforehand.
  • Hand blender/whisk: milk foam can also be made with a hand blender. Simply immerse the hand blender in the heated milk and then blend until frothy. However, frothing with a magic wand requires some practice.
  • Whiskthe whisk is the cheapest alternative to make the milk foam without a milk frother. simply rotate the whisk as fast as possible in the warm milk, so that fine foam is created.

Tipif you want to froth whole milk or oat milk without any equipment, you can simply pour the milk into a screw glass and shake it vigorously for about one minute. A fine milk foam forms on the surface, which you can skim off the surface.

3. Frothing milk the right way – these tips will help you succeed

From a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees celsius the protein begins to coagulate, so that creamy foam can be created. If the milk is heated, however, it loses its elasticity.

Also make sure that Pouring milk foam into the coffee quickly after preparation. because after a short time, foam and liquid separate again, so that the foam loses consistency.

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