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Known from TV

  • Free online valuation
  • Directly get final selling price
  • sale on demand& fast payment

Only with us: the online car valuation thought further

if you want to value your car online, in most cases you will only get a statistical estimate of your car’s value.

But with us this is only the first step. If you provide us with more details about your car, we will give you your final selling price directly. To this you can sell directly to us.

First receive your estimate .
  • In only 2 minutes directly online received
  • Only a few details like.B. Mileage necessary
  • Attention: statistical reference value!
… then your final selling price
  • Receive in only 24 hours by e-mail
  • Individual characteristics of your vehicle will be taken into account
  • Direct purchase at this price possible

Valuing your car – this is how it works

Step 1: evaluate your car online

First you do our online valuation: for this you use our valuation tool and get a first estimate for your car. Then you decide to sell your car from the comfort of your own home and add the details of your vehicle.

Step 2: complete the information

In order to evaluate your car and give you your final selling price, we need more information about your car. Entering the information is easy and fast – and can be done with just a few clicks and little effort.

Sell your car online - step 1

Additional information about your vehicle

Give us general information about your car, for example.B.

  • Exterior and interior color
  • 2. Wheel set available
  • HU/AU validity
  • Number of previous owners

Sell your car online - Step 2

Information about the condition

Tell us the current condition of your car, z.B.

  • Accident car: yes or no
  • Condition inside and out
  • Have you made any modifications?
  • What damage and signs of use are there??

Sell your car online - Step 3

Simple photos

Take simple photos of your car with your smartphone or any other camera and upload them. We need a photo of each, among others:

  • Exterior
  • Dashboard
  • Center console
  • Damage& traces of use

Step 3: get final selling price

Our car experts determine your selling price now. In addition, we offer your car for 48 hours free of charge in an auction our european network with more than 60.000 dealers to. We can often achieve an even higher selling price for your car. You now have the opportunity to accept the highest bid and book a delivery date.

How our customers rate our service

The online valuation worked well as always. The mentioned price is okay. Lag over the offers of the dealers. Despite my delayed delivery of the vehicle, the original price was almost reached. Appointment went very well.

Courtyard | mercedes-benz C-class, 2016

The transaction was friendly, transparent and professional. Everything was very easy to understand and use.

Wuppertal | renault clio, 2016

More information about our vehicle rating

The online car valuation and what the result means

At wirkaufendeinauto.The car valuation is free of charge and without obligation at any time. On the way to your successful car sale it is also the first step. You enter the most important data of your car on our website and our online tool calculates the approximate value of your car.

This is a guideline and is based on a statistical universe of vehicles, but unique characteristics cannot be taken into account in the car evaluation. Therefore, in some cases, there may be differences between our final offer and the online valuation of the used car.

Finally, fill in the missing information about the equipment and condition of your car and upload a few photos of your car. With your information we will determine the final selling price of your used car. Start your car valuation now and find out what your car is still worth!

Used car valuation: these criteria play a role

criteria of online evaluation:

  • car brand
  • Car model
  • Year of first registration
  • Mileage
  • Engine performance
  • Type of construction
  • Model variant

Criteria of the online appraisal:

  • Series& optional equipment
  • Color/paint
  • Condition inside
  • Exterior condition
  • Checkbook maintained
  • Validity of the HU/AU
  • Number of previous owners
  • Number of keys
  • Second wheelset
  • Value preserving repairs
  • Repaired previous damage
  • Current damage
  • Modifications to the vehicle
  • Functionality of all components

Rate this car: wirkaufendeinauto.De compared to other providers

Various companies offer used car appraisals. A formula is used to calculate the average value of a used car.

Based on the former price of the respective car, this type of car valuation provides you with information about its average depreciation, which is compared with the statistical values from an extensive database.

Car valuation differs from supplier to supplier. Therefore, it is important to know in advance how individual companies evaluate your car. In contrast to other providers, the car valuation of wirkaufendeinauto gives you.De, for example, no restrictions regarding the year of construction. This saves you time, money and nerves. Therefore use our guide.

What is the difference between wirkaufendeinauto.De, DAT and co. When determining the current vehicle value in a car valuation? Here you can find the criteria in comparison:

What information is needed for the online valuation?

  • car make, car model
  • Date of first registration
  • Type
  • Model variant
  • type
  • Mileage

What information is needed for the online valuation?

  • Registration date
  • car make, car model
  • Fuel type
  • Number of doors
  • Mileage
  • Optional HSN, TSN

What information is needed for the online evaluation?

  • Date of first registration
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle type
  • Manufacturer
  • Type
  • Sub-type
  • Market index

What information is needed for the online appraisal?

  • KBA
  • Day of first registration
  • Mileage
  • Car model

What happens after the car valuation?

Once you have had your car valued and received your estimate, it is easy for you to move on to the next step. Just provide us with additional details about condition and equipment online and upload some photos. On this basis, we will inform you of your final selling price – you then decide whether to sell or not. Of course, you are not obliged to sell your car.

  • Direct purchase after the appointment available for most cars
  • Immediate transfer of the purchase price
  • Free deregistration incl. Deregistration confirmation
  • Get your final selling price directly online
  • 48h exclusive marketing to over 60.000 dealers
  • 100% free service

Find a branch near you now:

Car valuation and sale throughout Germany

More than 130 locations throughout Germany: wirkaufendeinauto.De is germany’s largest car valuer. the employees in our branches are there for you from monday to saturday.

Even appointments at short notice are usually no problem. Find a branch near you now and use our online car appraisal beforehand.

Infographic: top-10 of our most rated car brands

The 10 most valued used car brands

Wekaufendeinauto.De is the market-leading used car buyer in this country. Numerous satisfied customers have already made use of our professional valuation service.

We now wanted to find out which car brands are most frequently offered to us in the stores. For this purpose, all used vehicles that were appraised at over 100 German locations from 2014 to 2016 were analyzed.

Car valuation: you might also be interested in

What is the VIN, formerly the chassis number, used for??

With the vehicle identification number (VIN), you can uniquely identify any vehicle from any manufacturer. For example, the VIN can be used to quickly and reliably determine the equipment of a vehicle. You will find the 17-digit number in your vehicle registration document, your vehicle title and also on your vehicle.

What is the chassis number?

The chassis number is the predecessor of the vehicle identification number, but was replaced by it in 1981. Since the chassis number was attached as a badge in the engine compartment, manipulations were relatively easy. With the FIN stamped into the sheet metal, this flaw changed.

What is included in the special equipment?

The term "optional equipment" includes all options for the equipment of your car that are not included as standard by the manufacturer. Which options of special equipment are available varies from model to model. Popular optional extras include parking aids, air conditioning and an extensive infotainment system.

Also safety systems are often installed as an optional extra in the vehicle. However, there are also safety systems that are required by law, such as the anti-lock braking system, ABS for short, or an electronic stability program, EPS for short. These are not optional extras, as all manufacturers are required to fit these systems to their cars.

What role does a car valuation play in bafog??

In some cases, the current used vehicle value of your car decides whether or not you can entitlement to training subsidies have. Because under certain circumstances your car will also be included in the determination of your assets.

the bafog office will only count your car towards your own assets if you are also the owner.

According to the bafog-regulation, a vehicle is only considered to be your property when you have paid for it in full and when you are listed in the registration certificates part I and II as the owner or owner of the vehicle. holder is registered.

Is the value of the car taken into account for Hartz IV??

Even with Hartz IV, one’s own assets determine the entitlement to and the amount of this social benefit. The vehicle is not included in the asset value, as long as this is within a reasonable range.

The Federal Social Court determined in its ruling of 6. September 2007 that a car up to a current estimated value of 7.500 € is still considered reasonable (AZ: B 14/7b AS 66/06 R).

Why a used car valuation makes sense after an inheritance?

In the course of an inheritance, the vehicle value also plays a role. A tax-free inheritance is initially defined by corresponding allowances in the inheritance law. Pursuant to section 13 (1b) of the german inheritance act, spouses and partners as well as children, stepchildren, adopted children and grandchildren are entitled to a allowance of 12.000 € for movable goods like cars to.

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