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  • Third party liability with a high coverage amount, e.g. 50 mIllIon. €
  • fully comprehensive and theft insurance o. Excess (refund d. Deductible)
  • Fair fuel regime – pick up full and drop off full
  • Free kilometers
  • Glass and tire insurance

places of interest around braunschweig

In the surrounding area of braunschweig there are some interesting landscape and city destinations. The best thing to do is to rent a car cheaply from a car rental company in braunschweig and explore the region at your own pace.

barely 26 km east of braunschweig lies a highlight for nature lovers: the nature park elm-lappwald. an extensive network of cycling and hiking trails leads through its beech and oak forests with gentle ridges. there are also many cultural highlights to discover in the nature park such as warberg castle, the imperial cathedral or the paleon.

Another excursion destination that can be reached quickly with a rental car from brunswick is the luneburg heath. Here the landscape is dominated by rivers, wide expanses of heath and green forests. The university city of luneburg and the royal seat of celle provide cultural variety.

If you only want to experience culture in the braunschweig area, you should drive with a rental car from braunschweig towards hannover, hildesheim (churches and cultural monuments) or giffhorn (welfenschloss).

Rent a car in brunswick

finding a car rental in brunswick is easy. In many parts of the city, reputable and local car rental companies are represented with a rental station. So you can quickly find a cheap car for your stay in brunswick near you.

For example, if you need a practical city car? then we recommend you to rent a small car in braunschweig. For the family excursion we have spacious station wagons or minivans at your disposal.

With rental cars from BMW, audi or mercedes you can also rent premium cars in braunschweig at low prices.

If you are looking for a special rental car in brunswick, you can also rent a cheap convertible or an off-road SUV.

discover brunswick by car rental z. B. From these selected car rental companies:

  • Enterprise rent-A-car, hamburger str. 243, 38114 brunswick
  • Europcar car rental gmbh, berliner place 3, 38102 brunswick
  • Avis car rental gmbh& co. KG, hansestrasse 88, 38112 brunswick
  • Buchbinder car rental, hansestrabe 30a, 38112 brunswick

Where to find other car rental companies in brunswick? The overview of all car rental stations in brunswick will help you to choose the right place for your car rental.

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van hire brunswick

Besides different rental cars, you can also rent vans at a car rental in braunschweig. Depending on the volume of the goods to be transported, there are different sizes of rental vans available for hire.

for simple furniture transport or small moves, vans or box vans can be rented in brunswick. More space is offered by sprinters (also long sprinters) or the lademeisters, the 7.5 ton trucks.

Important: if you rent a truck in brunswick, it is important to have the right driver’s license. In order to drive a truck 7,5 t, it is necessary to have an old driving license class 3 or class C1.

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