Financing a classic car

You want to buy a classic car? You have found your dream car and now want to finance it? BEST-credit24 has some interesting solutions for you! With us you can finance or lease your dream oldtimer! BEST-credit24 advisors will advise you on how to get your dream car quickly and cheaply.

Buying a classic car – the right financing is what counts!

When is a classic car a classic car??

A classic car is fascinating for people and awakens the desire to drive and work on the historic vehicle. But how old is a classic car?? the answer is simple: the car is 30 years old or more if it can call itself an oldtimer. It is in its original condition, in good shape and there have been no major changes in the past.

Where to buy a classic car?

Almost every car lover has the desire to buy a classic car at some time or another. The driving experience reminds us of the old times and gives rise to emotions. It is therefore all the more important to make a well-considered and well-informed purchase. The way to the oldie goes over private people, over a dealer or also an auction.

Advantages at the dealer

If you go to a specialist dealer to have a look, you even have advantages. In the showrooms, the selection is large and the advice assured. But here too: a test drive and inspection of the vehicle is a top priority.

What are the costs for a classic car?

You have found your classic car? Now it is time to calculate the costs for the collector’s item. In addition to the purchase price, the registration fees and the possibly necessary appraisals, there are further fees to pay.

The car needs a dry and safe parking place. There are membership fees for a classic car club as well as the workshop costs. Ask the insurance company about their fees in case of a claim. With a calculation of all costs you get offers for your individual loan at BEST-credit24.

From classic cars to sports cars

You can visit the following dealers directly
in the motorworld cologne :

How to finance a classic car?

The costs burden your budget and you want to finance the purchase? Then contact the advisors of BEST-credit24! Financing is also worthwhile from the point of view of investment, because the car increases in value over the long term.

Lease or take out a loan?

All information about a loan for the purchase of your oldtimer you will receive via BEST-credit24. our qualified advisors will gladly inform you about the amount of the installments, possible terms and necessary securities.

Do you want to pay off the loan at the end or start a follow-up financing?? Of course you get all the necessary information from BEST-credit24. Have you ever thought about leasing??leasing a classic car gives the buyer maximum flexibility! Within the framework of a leasing contract, the car belongs to the lessor. At the end of the term of your leasing contract you pay a redemption fee. Afterwards the vehicle belongs to you.

How high the redemption is, can not be calculated at the beginning exactly. Because the development of the value of your vehicle is then not yet foreseeable. find out more – BEST-credit24 will be happy to help you!

Buying a classic car – regardless of the vendor

Financing a classic car with BEST-credit24 means independence! Of course, you will also receive financing offers from the classic car dealers. But then you are bound to the conditions of the respective credit institution. With BEST-credit24 you decide how you want to use your capital, individually!

Fast, flexible, uncomplicated – BEST-credit24

We distinguish two variants of financing for your classic car. On the one hand, the financing with a transfer of ownership by way of security or the registration of a first-ranking mortgage.

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