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Get the best car rental prices in the algarve and information on how to get and return your car at faro airport. Compare car rental prices from all providers and get tips and advice on renting a car at faro airport.

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Price comparison and online booking

To help you book a car for your arrival at faro airport, we provide access to a platform that allows you to find available cars for your dates and compare prices uploaded by all car rental companies operating at faro airport. the booking process is simple, transparent and allows you to get the best car rental rates for the season – just follow the step by step instructions. Renting a car at faro airport has never been easier.

Car rental companies at faro airport

Like many airports, faro is served by two groups of car rental providers – multinational companies and the local car rental business. International brands such as avis, hertz and europcar, have more financial strength and are able to operate representation desks inside the terminal and their own parking facilities. Equally credible, local and smaller car rental companies – often referred to as cheap car rental providers – share facilities outside the terminal, located in parking lot P4. Both large and small suppliers are represented in the car rental price comparisons and online booking system.

International car rental companies

Many of the international car rental providers operating at faro airport have their own counters inside the terminal and outside parking areas to pick up and drop off cars.

If you want to rent a car through one of these companies or if you already have an online booking linked to one of these providers, from your arrival at faro airport, the entire rental process will be managed through the respective representation desk in the arrivals hall.

Companies such as avis, budget, hertz, europcar, interrent, enterprise, goldcar, national and alamo are among the multinational car rental companies you will find at faro airport.

Local car rental companies – low cost

faro airport offers shared facilities in the P4 parking lot for local and smaller car rental companies that do not want or are not able to operate their own counters inside the arrivals area in the terminal.

These car rental companies are creditworthy alternatives to the multinationals and are also represented in the price comparison system – usually these companies have the cheapest car rentals on the internet.

Usually referred to as cheap car hire providers at faro airport, brands such as guerin, auto jardim, airauto, visacar, autorent, auto prudente, amoita and luzcar are some examples of local portuguese providers you can choose from to rent a car at faro airport.

Car rental and car hire at faro airport

The car rental pick up and drop off areas at faro airport are well defined and identified. basically there are two places to pick up your car after arrival and return it before you leave. Depending on the provider associated with your booking, it is either the company owned parking or the P4 parking which is shared by several car rental companies. Please pay attention to the instructions on your booking voucher where you can receive or drop off your car.

Picking up the car after the flight arrival

Some car rental companies choose a representative who holds up a sign with the company logo or customer name in the arrival area. After leaving the baggage claim area and while walking through the arrival hall of the terminal, please look around to find the person waiting for you. If your booking does not mention that someone will be waiting for you in the arrival area, you have two options to find your rental agent.

case 1 car rental counter inside the terminal

Larger and multinational car rental companies such as avis, europcar, hertz, have their own representative counters inside the terminal, next to the arrivals area. The car pick up will be done at the company counter and the passengers will be directed outside to the respective car park.

Car rental in Park P4

Case 2 car pick up at park P4

In the event that your rental booking is associated with a local car rental company without its own counter in the arrivals hall, passengers must follow the signs to the shared facilities located outside in park P4. The entire process is handled from there and the passengers are then escorted by the staff of the company in charge to the parking area of the car.

Returning the car before your departure

If your rental dealer does not give you other instructions, the return of the car at faro airport will take place either at the rental company’s own park, or at the P4 park within the airport premises, which is operated jointly by several companies.

Hertz car rental

Case 1 car return in the company parking lot

If you have rented a car from an international or larger car rental company such as europcar, hertz, avis or guerin, please drive to the company’s parking lot inside the airport. These parking spaces are located next to the terminal arrivals hall – see map. Once you are there, look for the company logo at the entrance of the parking lot.

Park P4 - Customer Service

Case 2 car drop off at park P4

Provided you have rented your car from a local provider such as auto jardim, autorent, airauto or luzcar, the return will take place at park P4, just after the traffic circle and the gas station on the main access road – see terminal map. this parking lot is shared by several small companies for the delivery and collection of their cars at faro airport.

location of the car rental parks

After landing at faro airport, when you leave the terminal arrival area, park P4 is on your left, about 250 meters from the terminal exit door – just follow the directional arrows outside. If you are coming to the airport to catch a flight, you will find the entrance to the park P4 just after the traffic circle and the gas station on the main access road.

  • Publicly accessible areas
  • Check-in desk
  • international area after check-in
  • Baggage claim and customs
  • Arrival and passenger reception area

What you need to know before renting a car

At faro airport it is a common practice for thousands of passengers visiting the algarve to rent a car. It is a great way to explore the area and discover other places. To avoid last minute surprises and unforeseen costs, plan your car rental well in advance and be aware of all rental conditions involved in a rental process. You should also consider a few important aspects when renting a car to travel the algarve. Take a few minutes to read some important information and to know the rules used by most of the car rental companies operating at faro airport.

Always try to book in advance

Avoid last minute bookings. A rental car should be booked as early as possible in advance, not only to ensure availability, but more importantly, to get the best prices. Between june and september many operators have fewer cars available for rent, especially in july and august – the peak of summer in the algarve. During this time, demand far exceeds availability, causing prices to increase significantly.

If you want to rent a rare vehicle, of the special category such as automatic, convertible, sports car or van, it is even more important to make your reservation in advance.

If possible, avoid renting a car immediately after arriving at the airport. It would be a higher risk to come across a nearly empty fleet and be charged much higher rates as a result. Also, avoid renting your car through tour operators unless you want to support their margins in the final price. Generally, the cheapest and safest option is to book a car ahead of time on the internet.

Payment methods

Many people are looking for rental deals that do not require credit cards. However, unless you leave a deposit, virtually every car rental company requires the presentation of a credit card at the counter, even if the customer chooses to pay cash. The reason for this is the underlying rule to ensure that the company has the ability to make the customer pay for any damage to the car and also to guarantee that you will get the car back with the same amount of gasoline in the tank. To get an online reservation with the best rates, you will also need a credit card to confirm the booking – visa or mastercard is accepted by most providers for secure payment. The amount of payment possible at the time of booking, full or partial, is very dependent on the season and the company associated with the reservation.

Minimum age

In portugal, drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive. When booking a car, you should always certify the required minimum age, which may vary among the providers. Many car rental companies at faro airport require a minimum age of 21, and the possession of a driver’s license of at least two years. Some companies even charge a daily fee if the driver is under 25 years old (young driver fee) or if the driver is over 65 years old. Please always pay attention to the listed rules and costs concerning the age of the driver.


In addition to the standard liability insurance required by Portuguese law, many car rental companies require basic comprehensive insurance which covers collisions and damage up to 1,500 EUR (this amount may vary), but does not cover damage to the tires, windshield and windows – these are only covered if you pay an extra fee. There are also all-inclusive insurances for extreme cases of irreparable damage to the car. During your online reservation, please read all the possible insurance options associated with your provider.

If you choose the basic insurance, it is even more important that you check the car for any visible damage – tires, headlights, windows, scratches in the paint and damage to the car seats – when you pick it up. Always check that any visible damage has been previously recorded on your copy of the contract. You can always use your cell phone to take pictures which will serve as evidence in case you are held responsible for damages during your rental period.

fuel police and mileage limits

Because the car rental market is highly competitive, you should always be aware of the fuel policy and mileage limits associated with your car rental company. Some car rental companies offer more attractive rentals, but contract customers must purchase fuel directly from the supplier for higher prices. Although unusual, some companies charge a fee if you exceed a certain number of kilometers during the rental period. always pay attention to respective policies during your booking process.

Border crossings

If you plan to cross the portuguese border with your rented car, it is better to pay an additional fee for an extra coverage by the car insurance. so if you are planning to drive out of portugal, look for this extra topic in the rental conditions during the booking process.

Additional drivers

Only the person who signs the rental contract may drive the vehicle. in order for other persons to be allowed to drive the vehicle, an extra fee is usually charged for each additional driver specified.

Child safety

In portugal, children under the age of 12 and under the height of 1.50m can only be transported in cars with a child seat and the help of a child safety device. If you are traveling with minors, you can request a child seat or child safety lock during the booking process for an extra fee. The equipment will then be pre-installed in your vehicle.

Night tolls

For flight arrivals or departures during the night, between 20:00 and 8:00 in the morning, some operators may charge an out of hours fee for picking up/dropping off your rental car during this time. If your flights are scheduled during this time, be sure to include this detail in your rental conditions.

Charging of the tolls for the freeway A22 – via do infante

The algarve has two main traffic routes – the free national road N125 and the toll freeway A22, also known as the via do infante. Both run along the algarve and create a link between the region and the main cities and tourist sites. During the summer months, the N125 is usually congested and many people choose the faster alternative via the A22 highway. Initially free, but the last global financial crisis led the portuguese government to introduce electronic tolls on the A22 and other major highways throughout the country at the end of 2011. The construction of the A22 was not intended for the use of tollbooths and as a result, the method of charging tolls here is a little unusual.

The tolls here are paid through the use of electronic gates along the highway, which identify the vehicle through the license plate each time it passes through – no payment booths and no need to stop. In the initial phase, this automated system led to a number of complications for the car rental companies. Due to the lack of education, many tourists used the highway unknowingly, not realizing that tolls would be incurred. Many of them then refused to pay the respective fees, resulting in hundreds of fines going to the car rental companies, the current owners of the vehicles.

Currently, the majority of car rental companies operating at faro airport have equipped their vehicles with transponders that identify their vehicles at the toll booths on the A22, as well as on all other toll highways in the country. The use of such highways can be charged directly to the customer’s credit card or paid at the time of vehicle return. to avoid unforeseen costs later on, you should ask your car rental provider about his billing method for toll freeways.

Alternative to car rental

Renting a car to travel the algarve at your own pace and total freedom is certainly an excellent option to explore the region. However, for those who spend their vacations exclusively in one place, close to all amenities, renting a car can be an expensive affair, especially in the summer peak season. At this time of the year, the demand is higher than the supply, which leads to a considerable increase in rental prices. For such scenarios, other means of transportation and options are desirable. The most used alternative for those who want to get from A to B only sporadically, is the private transfer service – transport between the airport faro and also between locations in the algarve. learn more about these services and how to request a transfer between faro airport.

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