Estimate for car repair: what should be in it?

What information does an estimate contain and how binding is it?

If your car needs to be repaired, you should obtain an estimate of the cost

If your car needs to be repaired, you should get an estimate of the costs involved.

Were you at a accident damaged in road traffic if you want to claim compensation from the person who caused the accident, you must prove concretely. For this, you can hire a special automotive expert, who will precisely examine the damage caused and can quantify it accordingly.

But such a expert’s opinion is expensive and in the case of only minor damage, the regular are less than 750 euros, if the opposing party’s liability insurance refuses to cover the cost of it. Therefore, you must be satisfied with an estimate from a car repair shop.

But what does a estimate for car repair at all? And how binding the information contained therein is? You will find the answers in this guide.

FAQ: car repair estimate

Unless a fixed price is mentioned, an estimate is not binding.

Yes, but only slightly.

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what information should a car repair estimate contain??

If you want a workshop to provide you with get a cost estimate want, then you will find there as a rule the following information:

  • The services, which are due during the repair, as well as their settlement in the form of working hours
  • All parts and materials, which are needed for the repair and whose cost is
  • If necessary the cost of the estimate do it yourself

How binding is an estimate for a car repair??

A estimate for the vehicle repair as an alternative to an expert opinion, the customer who commissions it must provide, not binding. He can also decide, after having received an estimate, to have the car repaired at another garage or do not repair at all to have.

An estimate for the repair of your car can be made by a garage

An estimate for the repair of your car can be made by a garage.

For the workshop that prepared the estimate, the prices quoted in the rule not binding. The accident repair of the car can therefore also be will be more expensive than stated. However, § 650 paragraph 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB) prescribes the informing customers, if the estimated repair costs substantially exceeded will be. The customer can then decide for himself whether he wants the repair to be carried out at a higher cost or not.

The situation is different, however, if the company requires a cost estimate before a car repair with fixed price agreement or a so called "quote" submit. Such prices are as binding to consider. the garage may also set the estimate as a binding maximum limit for the repair work.

Where can I find a sample for the cost estimate??

You can apply here for the estimate for a car repair a download non-binding sample. However, you must do this in any case for adapt your purposes:

address customer

Name, first name
street, house number
zip code, city

Address repair company

Name of the company
street, house number
zip code, city
telephone number

Cost estimate no. XX customer no. XX date

Dear customer,

Thank you very much for your request for the repair of your vehicle. The following is a non-binding estimate:

Item.Namescopeunit pricetotal price
1 service 9 hours 50,00 EUR 450,00 EUR
2 spare part A 2 pieces 40,00 EUR 80,00 EUR
3 spare part B 1 piece 75,00 EUR 75,00 EUR
subtotal 605,00 EUR
flat rate for cost estimate (10 %) 60,50 EUR
value added tax (19%) 114,95 EUR
total amount 780,45 EUR

We hope that we can convince you with this quotation.


Download the estimate

you are welcome to download this sample for your own use. Below you will find the template in PDF and Word format for download:

  • Free download
  • sample as PDF& word document
  • Have it checked before use

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You will need an estimate in order to provide the other party’s liability insurance company with an estimate of the specific damage caused by the other party. But what does such an estimate cost?? are his fees also covered by the insurance company? And what if you decide on a fictitious settlement and do not have the car repaired??

If you have suffered material damage in a car accident, you, as the injured party, have the right to claim compensation from the person who caused the accident. However, it is necessary to specify the exact amount of the damage incurred. But when exactly does an insurance company need such a cost estimate?? And must pay for its costs?

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