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A long journey by car always needs to be well planned- especially if you are traveling with an e-car. It’s easy to find a gas station for diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles; charging stations for electric cars are much rarer so far. good planning before starting a longer trip is therefore essential. For route planning with an overview of the charging stations, not only various internet sites help, but also various apps for android and ios.

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  • 24.11.2018

  • Route planning – covering longer distances with an e-car
  • Route planning with the electric car on the PC- route planner at a glance
  • route planning with electric car via app
  • working out the route: range& other aspects
  • Conclusion: E-car route planning with apps and online route planner?
  • reading tips on the topic of electric cars

Route planning – covering longer distances with the e-car

a good help for route planning with the electric car is not only offered by various internet sites like for example goingelectric or E-filling station finder, apps such as wattfinder or chargev can also help you plan your route. When selecting a suitable app for planning routes with the electric car, it is important and useful to display not only the charging power and the connections of the stations, but also the suitable charging stations for the respective car model. The app should also know the preferred payment method and be able to operate it if necessary.

With the growing number of charging stations, the network of e-charging stations is becoming denser and denser, and the widespread availability of mobile radio and roaming is making it easier and easier to get support from digital assistants across national borders. This makes it possible to extend the radius of action further and further, and even remote destinations can be reached more and more easily with the e-car. After all, you don’t just want to use your e-car for shopping or short trips. With a little planning, driving on vacation is also possible without any problems. Before you start, however, you should think about where you can find suitable charging stations along the way.

Route planning with the electric car on the PC- route planner at a glance

The various websites allow you to find the different stations and plan your trip.

  • The well-known route planner from falk offers the possibility to display gas stations along the route, but there is no option to display charging stations for electric cars.
  • Different are the route planners from ADAC and michelin: both internet sites offer the possibility to display charging stations for electric cars under popular additional information or options, electric filling stations or electric click. The charging stations located along the route are displayed. However, you have to tap on the individual filling stations to get information about suitable connections, for example.
  • goingelectric, a site specifically designed for electric cars, offers many more options compared to other route planners. If you enter the type of vehicle, the range of the car, the charging plug and some other information, suitable charging stations along the route are displayed directly. This makes planning easier and allows you to determine the rough route with breaks in advance.

Planning your route with an electric car via app

Route planning is easier with the help of an app. A wide range of apps are available for android and ios. After all, you are on the road and apps are optimized mobile smartphone applications.

  • If you have previously planned the route with goingelectric on your PC, the apps are suitable wattfinder and next plug. These two apps and the website get their information from the same charging station directory.
  • other options are the apps chargev and plugfinder, which are only available for ios, not for android.
  • google maps, an app that can be used as a navigation device on a smartphone, has recently started to find charging stations from chargepoint and tesla.

Elaboration of the route: range& other aspects

When working out the exact route, it is important to remember that the range of the electric car depends on several factors. Driving fast, running the air conditioner and winter cold shorten the distance you can travel. The fact that charging stations are overcrowded or simply used as parking spaces can be a problem on longer trips. This should also be taken into account during planning. In this case, the apps can help you to find an alternative if you have not planned for such cases beforehand.

For breaks that are used to charge the battery, you should allow more time. Starting early enough is therefore important. In some regions, charging stations are rare, while in more densely populated areas there are more opportunities to charge your electric car. Within germany, there are fewer problems finding the right charging station. If you are traveling abroad with your electric car, the situation can be quite different. In Ireland, for example, the infrastructure is not yet well developed, but in the Netherlands there are many charging stations.

Conclusion: e-car route planning with apps and online route planners?

Once you have worked out the exact route, the charging options and any possible alternative routes, there is nothing to stop you from taking a longer trip with the electric car. Beautiful places in germany and neighboring countries are just waiting to be explored. Thanks to a gradually growing network of charging stations and the possibility of planning a route for electric cars with the help of websites and apps, even a longer vacation trip with an electric car is possible without any problems.

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