Descale senseo? | how to descale your senseo coffee maker

Avoiding the need to descale your senseo machine?

The only way to avoid descaling your senseo coffee maker is to install a water softener. A water softener is a type of filter that reduces the hardness of the water. Unfortunately, a water softener is quite an expensive investment; therefore, regular descaling of the senseo machine is a more cost-effective solution for limescale deposits. Moreover, buying a water softener does not give you an absolute guarantee that you will never have to descale again.

Regularly descale your philips senseo coffee maker

Descaling the Senseo

We recommend that you descale your senseo pad machine regularly, at least every three months. So you can continue to enjoy the wonderful taste of coffee. If you live in an area where the water contains a lot of lime, i.e. where hard water is prevalent, you will probably need to descale more frequently in order for your machine to function optimally.

Some senseo machines are equipped with a lime light. This light starts flashing after about 400 cups, indicating that it is time to clean your senseo machine!

The main advantages of regular descaling

If you descale your senseo machine regularly, it will bring many benefits:

1. It prolongs the life of the senseo machine.
2. your coffee tastes better (fuller cups, a full-bodied taste experience and the right temperature)
3. You avoid repair costs due to damage caused by limescale deposits.
4. The senseo machine makes less noise. the pump of the senseo machine has to work extra hard because the pipes are narrowed due to the lime deposits. This will also make the machine louder.

Descaling the senseo machine with vinegar?

In addition to the effective solution of HG, you can also descale your senseo pad machine with vinegar, according to some websites. Other sites disagree with this suggestion and point out the risk that vinegar poses:

1. The acid can damage the senseo’s pipes.
2. Vinegar only opens the limescale so that the limescale is only partially removed. Therefore, the descaling effect is not optimal.
The unpleasant taste and smell of vinegar often lingers in the coffee of your senseo machine long after decalcification.
4. If vinegar is used, there may be problems with the warranty.

HG descaler for espresso& coffee pad machines

HG descaler for espresso& coffee pad machines is a senseo descaler that works on the basis of citric acid and removes lime deposits from your senseo machine and from other coffee pad and espresso machines. With regular use of this HG descaler, the product from the senseo machine will continue to taste delicious and the machine will continue to function properly for a long time.

This philips senseo descaler is enough for 6 gentle and quick descaling cycles. HG descalers are fast, gentle, odorless and biodegradable.

How to use the HG descaler for espresso& coffee pod machines?

When applying the HG descaler for espresso& coffee pad machines proceed as follows.

  1. Pour 75 ml of the descaler for coffee machines into the water reservoir and fill it up with water to 750 ml (tenfold dilution). Leave this solution to act for 10 minutes.
  2. Turn on the machine and let the liquid run halay through the machine. Switch off the machine and let the descaler for automatic coffee machines work for 10 minutes; then let the rest of the liquid run through until the water reservoir is completely empty.
  3. After treatment, run the appliance through at least three times with fresh tap water so that the citric acid descaler is completely rinsed out.
  4. For pad coffee machines, insert a pad holder with an already used coffee pad into the machine first. any lime residue will then be collected in it. This is how to avoid blockage of the outlet opening.

HG decalcifiers are fast, gentle, odorless and biodegradable.

Do you have a good tip for descaling a philips senseo machine?? Let us know!

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