Culture& showbiz paris hilton says it’s “awkward” been when lindsay lohan crashed her 2006 car ride with britney spears lindsay lohan

Alt=" " />an interview from 2013 between talk show host david letterman and actor lindsay lohan has sparked controversy on social media after it surfaced on twitter saturday. Lohan, who has a well-documented history of -addiction, is frequently asked about her stays in -rehab during the interview, with letterman often using the topic as a punchline for -jokes, eliciting some laughs from the studio audience. />

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find it kind of funny that britney spears is called a 90s queen when she spent just 1 year at the very end as a singer& only artists in the 2000s (2000-2009)& later influenced. : D i find it a pity that people often confuse the 2000s with the 90s& it then seems like the 2000s had nothing special spears was chosen for her first professional role as the understudy to the lead role of tina denmark in the off-broadway musical production ruthless! Committed.

At the time the two stars were iconically photographed during an evening with britney spears.

Lindsay Lohan et al. sitting around a car: Lindsay Lohan (left), Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

On the latest episode of hilton’s podcast this is paris, the simple life alum explained what went on behind the scenes when the paparazzi took the infamous photo of her, spears and lohan, grinning in a car in 2006. The photo surprised fans who believed that all three stars were feuding at the time, and the shot became "the holy trinity" called.

"That was one night britney and I went out, and we were at the beverly hills hotel, at our friend’s party, and we decided to go home", hilton explained the photo in her podcast. "We went to the car and were suddenly swarmed by tons of paparazzi. Just as we were walking to the car, lindsay came up. It was a bit awkward because we had a drama."

Perez hilton regrets "much or most" from what he said about britney spears

Alt=" perez hilton regrets" />perez hilton is the latest celebrity to apologize to britney spears for his treatment of the pop star. © amanda edwards / getty hilton, 42, went on "good morning britain" monday, according to the daily mail , to talk about how he reported spears’ life circa 2008. The gossip blogger, born mario armando lavandeira jr. />

Lindsay lohan ( as lindsay lohan ) in scary movie 5 (2013). Fuschia sumner ( as flight attendant) in saving mr. Banks (2013). Cecile cassel ( as alexendra) in paris at any cost (2013). Veronica ngo ( as ahn) in once upon a time in vietnam (2013). Kristen bell (as fake supergirl) in movie 43 (2013).

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Lindsay lohan (left), britney spears and paris hilton

Paris hilton says lindsay lohan crashed her girls night out with britney spears – 2006 said

Lindsay lohan et al. sitting around a car: lindsay lohan (left), britney spears and paris hilton

hilton, 40, that when she and spears, 39 got in the car, a paparazzi asked her about a video in which lohan claimed hilton hit her. "At that moment i saw lindsay walking towards us and said ‘why don’t you just ask her?’"hilton recalled. "And lindsay said . ‘no, paris would never hit me, i’ve known her since i was 15.’ it was basically just not admitting what she did. It was quite awkward to ask that question, and it was just strange how the whole thing happened. "

© provided by people chris weeks / wireimage paris hilton and lindsay lohan

Emma watson’s manager addresses retirement rumors, more news

Alt=" emma watson’s manager addresses retirement rumors, more news" />paris hilton continues to rally behind her old boyfriend britney spears , whose personal turmoil is detailed in a shocking new documentary. />

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The "heartbeat" -singer said she and lohan, 34, were previously "close friends" were, but things between the two got complicated.


Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan posing for the camera: Chris Weeks/WireImage Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

paris hilton has just recreated this legendary car photo from 2006 with britney spears and lindsay lohan. "She did some things to really hurt me and betray my trust, and caused a lot of drama", claimed hilton about the start of the mean girls. "So we were no longer friends and it was so and so friendship."

"But now that I think about it, we were so young and immature. It was like high school drama, especially in the LA scene, and living it up in public with the media constantly trying to stir things up and make things worse than they are. Back then, the media really enjoyed girls fighting with each other", she continued.

Paris hilton says she can’t imagine being controlled like britney spears

Alt=" paris hilton says she can’t imagine being controlled like britney spears" />paris hilton continues to rally behind her old boyfriend britney spears , whose personal turmoil is described in a shocking new documentary. />

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Already in 2019 hilton

The famous photo

With a "fake" queen elizabeth " instead of lohan and a britney spears impersonator instead of "toxic" -singer imitated. Oops . We did it again. Pic.Twitter.Com/eczl0gfjyg

– paris hilton (@parishilton)

Hilton posted her free time on twitter and the photos with the title "ups . We have done it again" provided a reference to spears ‘2000s single.

In november 2017, hilton also acknowledged the 2006 photo on twitter, writing, "today 11 years since the first coming of the holy trinity!"

Britney spears reassures fans after receiving COVID vaccine with boyfriend sam asghari .
© @copyright hello! Hello! magazine britney spears has received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine – and she wasted no time telling her instagram followers. Sharing a video on Thursday, the singer reassured her followers as she took the jab next to her boyfriend, 27-year-old personal trainer sam asghari. More: britney spears conservatorship in brand new BBC documentary loading the player .

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