Credit comparison

A credit comparison is important to find the most suitable offer. Compare loans online at matchbanker and save time and money.

Loan amount 50 – 3.000€
term 30 – 180 days
eff. Interest rate 10.36 – 10.36 %
estimated payout tuesday 08:00
  • Credit decision in max. 60 sec
  • payment within 24 hours
  • 30% discount with the code " XMAS21"
credit amount 1.000 – 250.000€
term 12 – 120 months
eff. Interest rate 3.99 – 15.95 %
estimated payout tuesday 08:00
  • Allows always the best interest rate
  • No fees / hidden costs
  • installment loans without schufa also possible
credit amount 500 – 100.000€
term 12 – 120 months
eff. interest rate 0 – 13.62 %
estimated payout tuesday 08:00
  • No schufa entry is created
  • Without preliminary costs
  • Relatively low interest rate
credit amount 100 – 3.000€
term 15 – 90 days
eff. Interest 14.82 – 14.82 %
estimated payout
  • video identification
  • Disbursement possible after processing in 60 min
  • credit possible despite schufa entry
loan amount 1.500 – 65.000€
term 12 – 96 months
eff. Interest rate 1.75 – 8.95 %
estimated payment wednesday 08:00
  • Accepts payment notes
  • Suspend one installment every 12 months on request.
  • credit without SCHUFA
loan amount 100 – 1.500€
term 15 – 60 days
eff. Interest rate 7.95 – 7.95 %
estimated payout tuesday 00:51
  • Many awards
  • payment in 24 hrs. Possible
  • Good conditions
loan amount 1.000 – 60.000€
term 12 – 96 months
eff. Interest rate 1.99 – 7.98 %
estimated payout tuesday 08:00
  • Fast payout in 1-2 working days
  • Fixed monthly installments constant low
loan amount 1.000 – 100.000€
term 12 – 84 months
eff. Interest rate 1.49 – 7.99 %
estimated payout wednesday 08:00
  • Loans for all groups of people
  • Flexible terms and loan amounts
  • Non-binding and free of charge
loan amount 1.000 – 50.000€
term 6 – 84 months
eff. Interest rate 1.49 – 15.18 %
estimated payout
  • Already from 1,49% effective interest
  • 100% online!
  • No hidden costs!
Loan amount 100 – 50.000€
term 1 – 180 months
eff. interest rate 1.99 – 6.08 %
estimated payout tomorrow 04:51
  • Without schufa
  • Immediate processing
  • Anonymous credit request
loan amount 1.000 – 100.000€
term 12 – 120 months
eff. Interest 0 – 19.9 %
estimated payout tuesday 08:00
  • Save about 40% interest
  • Fast approval and payment
  • Non-binding, free of charge and schufa-neutral

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compare loans – find the right offer online

credit comparison

A loan comparison is important to find the right loan for you. But with so many providers, it’s often difficult to keep track and choose the right one.

Many banks in germany offer online loans nowadays.

When comparing offers on the websites of different providers, it is easy to lose track of the most suitable conditions.

In this article you will learn everything about a credit comparison:

  • The advantages of an independent loan comparison
  • Best credit comparison online
  • Comparison of different factors
  • And much more

Due to the diversity on the online credit market it can be difficult to make a choice. But the comparison facilitates the way to the right loan.

Why compare loans?

Comparing loans manually is very time consuming if you want to find a good offer.

Information is quickly out of date and must be updated regularly. Therefore, a manual comparison of loans is very time consuming.

Here matchbanker can help you save time.

With the help of a loan comparison can be ensured that a loan is found to the personally suitable and best conditions.

On matchbanker you can compare loans online. When searching for a loan you will receive a list of different providers of cheap loans.

Advantages of comparing loans with matchbanker

Comparing loans is worthwhile. The compare on matchbanker.De has many advantages, such as saving time, due to the following features:

  • Matchbanker is free and without obligation
  • on matchbanker you can sort and compare loans in lists
  • Everything at a glance – the comparison tool is simple and straightforward
  • online application – 24 hours – 7 days a week
  • 100% online

We only work with trustworthy lenders. In our list you will find all the helpful information in detail and clearly arranged.

In our list you will find details about:

  • The loan amount
  • The term
  • The payment period
  • The requirements
  • The interest rate and the effective annual interest rate
  • As well as the advantages and disadvantages

These details can be seen at first glance in the overview of lenders and their offers.

The credit comparison service of matchbanker is safe and reliable. Besides germany, we are represented in 10 other countries.

All loans listed by matchbanker are approved by the federal financial supervisory authority (bafin).

If you want to learn more about matchbanker, please visit our about us page.

Best loan thanks to the comparison

Finding and comparing the best loans with the lowest interest rates in the jungle of banks in germany is a lengthy process.

Within a few steps you can find the right loan for your needs.

Best loan in a few steps:

    Compare loans online:

With matchbanker you can compare different credit offers free of charge and without obligation to find a suitable credit for your needs in a short period of time. Within our search function you can search for the desired amount of money. With the help of the most important conditions as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the respective offer of the lender you can quickly find your desired loan. If fast payout is important, the z.B. Be a lightning loan.

After you have found the most suitable and best loan for you, you can choose it. You will be redirected to the lender’s site.

To submit a credit application to your chosen lender, you need to provide some information online about yourself as well as your financial situation. online identification and uploading of various documents, such as proof of income, is another step in the process. your credit request will be processed by the respective lender and after checking your creditworthiness you will receive a credit decision.

If this check of your creditworthiness is successful, you will receive the money for your chosen loan in your account within a few working days. For loans with immediate payment, you can receive the money – depending on the lender – on your account the next day.

Matchbanker facilitates this online loan comparison and lists banks and online banks from all over germany.

Matchbanker offers a range of credit types. The palette ranges from loans to mini-loans.

Having a basic understanding of the different types of loans, in addition to the comparison, is useful to make the right choice.

Loan comparison online without fees?

you can compare loans online at matchbanker – 100% free of charge and without obligation.

When you have found a loan that meets your needs, you will be redirected to the lender’s site. There you can start the credit process.

Why is matchbanker free of charge?

We work with lenders to find the right loan for your needs.

Therefore, matchbanker finances itself through an intermediation fee on each successfully completed loan.

However, this intermediation fee is paid by the provider, not the customer.

In our list of different loans compared by matchbanker, you can favor the factors that are important to you, such as favorable interest rates and suitable terms.

So you can decide which loan fits your financial situation best, such as a small loan or a mini loan.

In the following paragraphs you can learn everything about the comparison of the effective annual interest rate.

What is an independent loan comparison?

Many customers value independence when it comes to comparing loans.

Whether for consumer goods or vehicles, many dealers offer financing for a specific purpose. This is concluded directly with the purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of earmarked financing:


  • Direct uncomplicated conclusion
  • All in one place


  • Comparison is difficult
  • Rash decisions
  • Often more expensive

An independent loan comparison requires a little extra effort, because you do not accept the financing of the dealer. But it’s usually worth it.

loan comparison tools help to get an overview if the financing proposed by the dealer is above the market price.

In addition, you can directly determine the loans that are interesting alternatively.

Loan comparison

A loan comparison can be done easily and comfortably from home.

Effective annual interest rate and target interest rate in the loan comparison

When comparing loans online, it is important to pay attention to and compare the effective annual interest rates of the various lenders.

What is the effective annual interest rate??

The effective annual interest rate or simply effective interest rate, is an indicator that expresses the total cost of your loan in a calendar year.

Your effective interest rate depends on your loan and the term of the loan. The effective interest rate is usually calculated on the year: p.A. = per annum.

This provides an overview of the expected costs associated with your loan.

In addition to the effective interest rate, there is also the target interest rate. But where is the difference?

What is the target interest rate?

The target interest rate is the interest rate charged for taking out the loan in question. Therefore, how much the borrower must pay for taking out the loan.

No other additional costs are taken into account, but only the pure interest rate is considered. Accordingly, the target interest rate is the net payment amount for the loan.

When the additional costs for the loan are added, such as processing fees, account management fees or transaction costs, this results in the effective interest rate.

Therefore, the effective annual interest rate has a greater informative value about the final costs.

Fixed and variable target interest rate

A fixed interest rate is a fixed interest rate agreed between the bank and the borrower for the whole or a longer part of the term of the loan.

Thus, the borrower has the certainty of a constant interest rate in the repayment phase and it can be assumed that costs will remain constant.

With a variable target interest rate, banks can adjust the interest rate to the market interest rate. If the interest rates on the market increase, the target interest rate can be raised.

Of course, this can also happen in the other direction. If the interest rates on the market decrease, the target interest rate can be lowered.

If the interest rate of the ECB = European Central Bank changes by more than 0.20 percentage points every two months after the review dates, banks are entitled to change the target interest rate accordingly.

The borrower must be informed of this change.

In a nutshell:

The difference between the target interest rate and the annual percentage rate of charge is summarized below:

  • Debit interest: pure cost of the loan, without other additional costs
  • Effectiveannual interest rate: total cost of the loan, including additional costs

When comparing loans, it is therefore important to pay attention to the annual percentage rate of charge, as it shows the total cost of the loan.

For the compared offers, the term and the loan amount should be the same. thanks to the comparison, it is possible to find a loan with low effective interest rates.

loan comparison – example

loan amount 5.000 €
term 30 months
eff. interest rate 3,49%
target interest rate 3,44%
interest amount 345,90
total amount 5.180€

To note: special repayment

In addition to the effective interest rate, the granting of a special repayment and installment breaks speak for a favorable loan in the loan comparison.

Repayment describes the settlement of a debt, i.e. the repayment of the money owed.

The repayment is made in monthly installments until the loan is fully repaid.

A special repayment is a non-scheduled repayment of a loan. This includes all additional payments that serve the early repayment of a loan.

With an unscheduled repayment, the loan can be repaid more quickly, due to the unscheduled payments, i.e. above the agreed performance framework/ installments.

Why pay attention to special repayment?

if you are in the situation to repay the borrowed money early, further interest payments can be avoided.

Since the bank loses interest income through special repayments, such early repayments are sometimes associated with additional costs.

Free unscheduled repayments are particularly worthwhile and speak for a good and favorable loan.

Factors relating to repayments/special repayments are regulated in the contractual terms and conditions and should always be included in the considerations before concluding the loan in order to possibly be able to save a lot of money.

How do video identification and post identification work?

Once a decision has been made on a lender and a credit offer, the borrower’s identity must be verified.

Depending on the lender, this can be done in two different identity checks: video identification or postidentification – also called videoident and postident.

  • Video identification: the identity of the borrower is checked via video chat. Checking the data of the identity card.
  • Post identificationThe postident coupon and the application documents are printed out for the bank, filled in and signed before being sent to the post office.

An employee of the post office checks the identity on the basis of the identity card and confirms it in writing on the coupon.

The video identification procedure involves less effort. Many online lenders offers this procedure and can be considered in the comparison.

When is a residual debt insurance useful?

Those who compare and take out a loan online can combine this with residual debt insurance. However, they should be aware of the costs involved.

What a residual debt insurance?

The residual debt insurance is a kind of guarantee for the lender in the event of insolvency. it’s a variant of term life insurance.

It is taken out to secure loans and also construction financing. As a rule, these are longer-term loans.

If the borrower dies before the end of the loan term, this residual debt insurance steps in and pays the remaining debt to prevent a default.

If the borrower unexpectedly becomes unemployed or insolvent, this insurance can therefore protect the borrower and the family.

comparing loans to find the best deal

Since this insurance is voluntary, the additional costs are not added to the effective interest rate.

However, this insurance has often come under criticism because of the hidden costs that are often associated with it.

The residual debt insurance has been criticized by consumer advocates, as in some cases banks urge you to take out such insurance in order to be protected.

The terms and conditions of the insurance contract should be carefully checked before signing.

Residual debt insurance can be particularly useful for very high loan amounts and for very long terms. These are, for example, construction financing.

For smaller installment loans, on the other hand, residual debt insurance is usually expensive and unnecessary.

In the event of insufficient creditworthiness, residual debt insurance can also serve as collateral for a loan.

If you already have a term life insurance or a disability insurance, a residual debt insurance is not necessary, because it is double and cost-intensive.

In addition, an existing endowment and/or pension insurance can be used for this purpose.

check further which cases are covered by the insurance, should you decide to take it.

Save money by comparing loans – tips

With the help of an online loan comparison, a lot of money can be saved. With the help of an online comparison and online loan conclusion, 1.9% less interest can be paid.

Depending on the loan amount, this can lead to hundreds or even thousands of euros difference in price.

With matchbanker you have the conditions of a loan listed in detail with its advantages and disadvantages and can find your suitable loan in the comparison.

The most important tips for a loan comparison and borrowing at a glance:

  • Pay attention to the effective interest rate
  • Pay attention to the terms: how much money can you raise for the monthly repayments??

Financial planning is important in order to be able to transfer the repayment/installment to the bank without any problems.

They should not take longer to repay than is necessary, as they repay their loan over an unnecessarily long period of time, which results in more interest being charged.

Also to note:

Check the type of loan: for students, for example, a specific student loan may be an option. However, a small or mini loan can often also be an option.

Weighing up all the options ensures that you really choose the most favorable loan.

second borrower: in addition to the main applicant, another borrower can be included in the application. The probability of approval can thus be increased.

If the bank grants creditworthiness-dependent interest rates, i.e. the amount of interest depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower, an additional borrower can have a positive effect on the creditworthiness.

Since both borrowers together have higher regular incomes, the loan can be granted at better conditions. Both borrowers are liable in the event of a payment default.

use unscheduled repayments so that interest can be saved: if you have extra money available, you can use this to repay the loan early.

Check the need for residual debt insurance: is this protection necessary?? Existence of insurance that would cover this purpose? Which cases would be covered by the protection?

With these tips for comparing loans, nothing should stand in the way of finding the best possible loan.

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