Buy compressor online: produce your own compressed air for many applications

Compressors provide the necessary compressed air. Whether you work with spray guns, inflate tires or use an air screwdriver – an air compressor is the prerequisite for all these tasks. Find out what to look for when buying here.

What is a compressor and how does it work??

Compressors are among the most powerful power tools. The devices are used to compress gases. In this case, the compressor usually takes air from the environment and compresses it via mechanical work in a vessel. This is how compressed air is available to you for cleaning workpieces, powering air tools or inflating tires, balls or paddling pools.

For DIY use, a compressor often offers 10 bar and compresses the air via a so-called piston compressor. This works in the same way as a car engine. The electric motor of the compressor drives a piston in a cylinder. The only difference is that they do not compress a fuel mixture – rather, the compressor outside air into the cylinder, which the piston compresses to compressed air and leads into the boiler for intermediate storage. They take off compressed air when needed through a valve attached to the boiler. A compressor with piston compressor offers the following features:

  • Automatic shutdown when the maximum pressure in the boiler is reached
  • Independent starting when the maximum pressure drops
  • safety valve to release excess pressure
  • Cooling units (heat is generated during compression)

What is a screw compressor?

A screw compressor compresses the air via two rotors arranged in parallel. This technology is used in the professional field, because these compressors generate a constant flow of compressed air over the long term without fluctuations. However, this is not necessary for working with air tools or simple painting jobs with a spray gun.

How do I find the right air compressor??

Compressors come in many different sizes and styles. Among the most popular models are the following.

  • mini compressor: these compact models are available with mains operation, rechargeable battery or adapter for the cigarette lighter in the car. The units often weigh less than three kilograms and are suitable for inflating air mattresses and balls at the beach, inflating tires and blowing out dirt, for example. These power packs generate up to 8 bar of pressure and usually come complete with a ball needle and adapters for car and bicycle tires and air mattresses. They are also convenient to carry in the car, if the manufacturer has not already equipped the car with them.
  • Whisper compressor: Compressors not only produce compressed air and heat, but also generate considerable noise when operating conventional equipment. An operating noise of 80 decibels and more is possible, equivalent to a jackhammer. Regular and prolonged exposure to noise is harmful to health. When buying a compressor, prefer a whisper compressor. These models reach a maximum of 70 decibels. It hardly seems quieter, but consider this: the increase of 10 decibels doubles the perceived loudness! Your neighbors will also thank you.
  • accumulator compressor: not only a mini compressor is available with a rechargeable battery, large versions are also available with an energy accumulator. This solution is the first choice for those who want to use the compressor in places where there is no power supply.

Tip: prefer models with a ½-, ¼- or ⅛-thread compressed air hose connection. The dimensions correspond to the connections of most tools and spray guns and adapters are available.

Is an oil-free compressor of advantage?

Compressors with automatic oil lubrication produces higher operating pressure and are usually less expensive to purchase and very robust and durable. For this, the devices require a regular maintenance with oil change and oil filter replacement. They are ideal for the operation of powerful pneumatic tools.

Without oil lubrication, the performance decreases, up to 8 bar pressure is usual here. model does not have to wait for this, and the discharged compressed air is oil-free. Therefore, these compressors are especially useful for painting with spray guns for use. The clean air protects the filigree nozzles.

Buying a compressor: what power do I need??

The performance characteristics of compressors vary considerably depending on the model and the field of application. Here is an overview of the most important points:

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