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With a compressor you generate compressed air in a targeted manner. Some work is only possible with a compressor at all. A compressor should not be missing in the workshop of homeowners, car drivers and ambitious do-it-yourselfers. Because whether you want to fill tires or clean walls, a compressor makes your work much easier. What it is also suitable for? And what to consider when using? Learn more here.

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Our compressors come from well-known manufacturers such as rowi and scheppach. Whether you need a compressor with 50 liters (l) of boiler pressure or just one with 30 liters, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Our compressors are very reliable thanks to the vertical kettles also suitable for small workplaces. In addition, the compressors can be used with various air tools. The quick connect coupling ensures that tool changes are uncomplicated. Some compressors are also equipped with wheels, so that they can be moved easily.

In the category “other” we offer helpful accessories on, for example, tire inflation gauges, air impact wrench sets and compressor oil.

What can I use a compressor for??

Compressors are true all-rounders, as they are suitable for a wide range of jobs on the job site construction sites and interior work. With a compressor, work such as clamping, nailing and screwing is much easier and faster. Even grinding work is possible, provided that the compressor has sufficient air capacity.

A compressor is also useful for car versatile. Especially if you are a hobby screwdriver, a compressor is a very useful device. Use an impact wrench to loosen stuck wheel nuts. If you have the right accessories, you can also use a compressor to check tire pressure quickly and easily. If there is not enough pressure, you can use the compressor to pump up the air. Tip: in summer, swimming pools, inflatable boats and air mattresses are inflated in no time with a compressor.

Even for painting and varnishing work a compressor is good thanks to the compressed air. There are special compressed air spray guns and airbrushes that allow for very fine color gradients. This will save you the hassle of painting with a brush.

Last but not least, a compressor also simplifies many cleaning work. For example, if the walls of your house are covered with stubborn dirt, why not clean them with a pressure washer with a built-in compressor?. No more tedious scrubbing by hand. A compressor can also be used indoors, for example to clean the fins of the heating elements.

How big should a compressor be??

Small compressors have the advantage of being more mobile, but their power is also lower. Compressors are available in a wide range of air vessel sizes – common are six, nine, 24, 30 and 50 liters. The larger the air tank, the more air pressure can be built up. The power you need depends on the purpose for which you need the compressor. A compressor from 50 liters is suitable for professional use.

For filling tires, balls and air mattresses, a compressor with an air tank size of six to 24 liters is usually sufficient. A smaller tank volume is also suitable for model making or airbrushing. To inflate car tires, however, it should be already 24 liters.

For longer and more laborious work you need a more powerful compressor. 30 or 50 liters make sense. If you use a smaller device, you have to constantly charge new compressed air. This interrupts the work and disturbs in the long run.

The best tips for dealing with large and small compressors

Important for safe working with a compressor is the correct location. make sure you have enough space and the workspace is adequately ventilated. A compressor must never be used in a closed room without ventilation!

When the compressor produces compressed air, condensate is formed. Particles that are sucked in with the air contaminate it. Therefore, drain this condensate regularly. For example, if you use the compressor every day, you should drain the condensate once a week. Tip: open the valve very slowly to avoid splashes.

Notice: condensate contains many pollutants, including iron and cadmium. Condensate is therefore classified as special waste, which you must not dispose of in household waste. Information on proper disposal is available from your local waste disposal company.

Now and then you should clean intake filter. Finally, the filter is used to suck air into the compressor tank. In the long run, a lot of dirt accumulates in it. Replace the filter about once a year to ensure that the compressor continues to function properly.

Always work with protective gloves, because the compressor quickly becomes very hot: after just a few seconds, a compressor reaches a temperature of up to 180 degrees.

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