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With pannenhilfe vergleich we would like to offer you an objective platform for comparing roadside assistance providers in germany. The ADAC and its yellow angels are of course familiar to everyone, and a large proportion of German motorists are members of the ADAC.
However, we are seeing increasing competition from often cheaper alternatives in the field of roadside assistance, both from other automobile clubs and from manufacturers’ motor cover and mobility guarantees. The differences are great!


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Why compare breakdown services?

Comparing the various breakdown services can be worthwhile, as the prices vary depending on the type of coverage you want (inside or outside germany, rental car from the doorstep or only from 50 km from home, partner or. adult children also insured etc.) are very different.

on this page you will find only breakdown services that do NOT require car insurance from the same provider. In addition to the German automobile clubs, they therefore also see the ARAG TOP schutzbrief. This is not linked to motor vehicle insurance and compares well with the benefits offered by the clubs.

Cheap roadside assistance or perfect price/performance ratio?

Most car drivers want long-term protection in the event of a car breakdown and rarely switch. Nevertheless, you can save a lot of money by a simple comparison on breakdown service comparison.

basic services of the breakdown and accident assistance you get already from 28 euro per year. With a car cover from your insurance company or the manufacturer’s mobility guarantee (for new cars), the price is approx. 0 to 10 euro per year.

However, they must then also do without numerous services. Often there is the rental car after breakdown or accident z. B. Only from 50 km from home or the benefits generally only apply within germany, only once a year or only for the insured vehicle.

More than breakdown and accident assistance

Most of the tariffs of the automobile clubs include, in addition to comprehensive breakdown and accident assistance services, further services that can be of interest in many cases. This includes, above all, medical repatriation from abroad, which is often included even when traveling without a car.

However, the financial subsidies that many clubs offer are also helpful, e.g. B. In case of glass damage, marten bite or wildlife accident.

The most popular roadside assistance rates

TOP – protection letter – single

rental car from door
roadside assistance& towing unlimited
even when traveling without a car
legal protection abroad
including partner: + € 4

mobile protection EURO – family

rental car from doorstep
roadside assistance& towing unlimited
partner& children up to 23 resp. 27 years co-insured
also travel without a car

HELP PLUS – single

rental cars from 50km
roadside assistance& towing unlimited
partner included: + € 27
+ € 20 amazon voucher

Individual roadside assistance comparison

For a well-founded comparison the mentioned offers are not sufficient, they give only a first impression. Use our tariff finder to filter all tariffs according to your wishes and find the offer that suits you best.

roadside assistance – price comparison

clubeuro in yearmore infotarifeuropawelt
49,- order now BAVC basic
64 order now ARAG TOP + approx. 10,35
67,50 order now BAVC mobil protection EURO
70,50 order now BAVC mobile protection WORLD
79,- order now avd HELP plus
39,- order now avd HELP
72,- order now ACE classic
94 order now ACE comfort
120 order now ACE comfort+
58,- mobile premium
alt="ACV" height="25" /> 69,- ACV regular membership
94,- ADAC plus
28,- mobile basic
54,- ADAC basic

Detailed rates can be found on the pages of the providers under the menu item automobile clubs (exception: ARAG TOP schutzbrief). Tip: please always check the current rates and conditions on the provider’s website before switching. Last updated 05.01.2022.

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coverage of the manufacturer’s mobility guarantee?

Does it actually have to be a car club membership or a car insurance policy, or is the car manufacturer’s mobility guarantee enough??

Cancel car club membership

cancel membership at ADAC, ACE, avd or another car club? Signing up for a membership is easy. The cancellation modalities of the car clubs, on the other hand, are not so easy to find. We have done a little research for you. It’s often worth considering a switch….

Car towing – what does it cost?

Many car club members are not sure whether towing the car in case of a breakdown or an accident costs anything or not. The amount of the costs is unclear. Therefore, we have made an effort to clarify the topic. In every car club membership at the larger..

roadside assistance comparison for every situation

family, single, motorcyclist, camper and others. Find the car club that suits you on our comparison pages.

Roadside assistance or breakdown service is offered by mobile service providers, automobile clubs and automobile insurance companies. Breakdown services help when the vehicle breaks down on the road. They repair on the spot, tow away, offer replacement vehicles, organize and pay for overnight stays and onward travel. Depending on the provider, they organize medical repatriation from abroad, help with legal problems and much more.

The best roadside assistance is the one that exactly fits your needs. The offers and clubs differ in the details. There are rates for singles, families, motorhome drivers and many more. Inform yourself with a detailed comparison of the breakdown services.

The breakdown service prices vary from € 28 to € 239 per year. Depending on the provider and depending on what benefits they need, for how many motorists, at home or abroad. compare the offers to find the right roadside assistance tariff for you.


I am just looking for a shutzbrief/membership to another (not yellow) automobile club.
In principle so far comparable except for one question:

Co-insured as/with family are usually children living WITH THE HOUSEHOLD.

How does the case of a return trip due to breakdown / accident / overnight stay / accident if I have my two ENKEL with me, (often in the camper, also abroad) who do NOT live in my household.

Is there a membership / club that covers this ( the grandchildren ) with ? Or do I have to cover this in some other way?

Stefanie – admin says

Hello wolfgang,
passengers of the vehicle are actually always covered, at least for the services after a breakdown (overnight stay, onward journey etc.).) when you drive the vehicle as a member. However, this does not normally apply to personal services such as repatriation.

So I am with mobil in germany and am absolutely satisfied! The price-performance ratio is simply right and I no longer spend a lot of money on the automobile club. Absolute recommendation!

Since the ADAC became too expensive for us as a family in the long run, we switched to mobil in deutschland e.V. Switched and are now four (2 minor children) insured worldwide for 78 € / year.

We are very satisfied with the service of this young and modern automobile club. the contact persons are very friendly and competent, so far we had only one breakdown and everything went smoothly: short waiting time, fast transport to the workshop and very nice service partner.

we can be mobile in germany e.V. definitely recommend, especially the great price-performance ratio. TOP!

Jacky reiter says

Hello stefanie
we have made a dubious experience with the ADAC. Meone question is if this would have happened with another automobile club?
I am ADAC PLUS member and drove 2 weeks ago with my wife to France with a 25 year old MERCEDES E-class. On the penultimate day on the drive to a ca. 10 km away restaurant the car made a strange noise from the engine compartment that changed speed also on the way back to the hotel. The next morning I called the ADAC and they sent a mechanic who could not find anything because the noise was no longer there although he was 10 min. away. Drove the car. He said it is all right and we can drive back to Germany which we did the next morning. According to ca. 200km the noise was suddenly there again. I called again the ADAC and it came also again a mechanic. We were now in switzerland. The mechanic examined the car and also leads again and means it could be something with the automatic-gear but to know it exactly one would have to in a MERCEDES workshop. He offered us to drive behind him and after ca. 10km we should tell him how the noise changed even at 120kmh. We drove behind him and he then stopped at a rest area. I then told him the noise was still changing rpm but not getting louder. He said we now had 2 options: first, just drive on (which he personally would do) or go to a repair shop who could tell us more precisely. I decided to go to the garage. In this MERCEDES branch in switzerland we were welcomed with coffee, cookies and drinks. The vehicle was examined and he German-speaking workshop master told us it could very probably at the torque converter or. The oil pump of the automatic gearbox lie. An exchange of these parts would cost about. 5000 swiss francs cost. He also said that if you continue to drive the car after 100km or even after 5000km can be broken. Exactly you can not say. But if the converter was broken, the car would simply stop. And then we could exchange the converter. He advised me to bring the car to Germany because I was a member of ADAC plus, and to have it repaired there with a used torque converter in a small workshop. That would cost about 1500€. So I called again at the ADAC and a very unfriendly employee told me that the ADAC would not pay because it is an economic total loss is concerned. He offered me to pay the scrapping costs, a hotel and a rental car for the drive home. I told him that it was for me to decide. The car was always maintained and technically serviced and for me it was something like a collector’s car. I have the car now 15 years and he has 300000km and this model can run well over 1 million km what has also confirmed me the workshop master. He knows a cab company that operates such vehicles without any problems with far more than 1mio km today. I told the ADAC employee that I was a plus member because of such a case and would now be totally angry. He remained. The vehicle is not brought to Germany. If I wanted that I should just pay it myself. I said he could me now at the A……l…And put on.Also the workshop master did not understand that. He also said that it should be my decision and that I could not be forced to scrap the car. I should drive home and if I broke down again I should call the ADAC again. So I called again the ADAC. This time there was another employee who then told me if I would now continue to drive and then broke down again, the ADAC would not pay again a tow or the like because the diagnosis is determined. So we continue. After 2 hours drive we wanted to spend the night in a hotel in Switzerland because it was in the meantime 7 o’clock in the evening and we were totally exhausted. There called me an ADAC employee and offered me to pay the hotel and because I was such a loyal member for years to pay me 300 € on the home transport of the car. Since the vehicle was ready to drive and technically in order, I could of course call the ADAC again and they would also pay for it. Maybe I would break down in Germany and there everything could be different she would not know because she was from the ADAC Switzerland. Of course, this was a misunderstanding of the colleague. As long as I am on the road with a vehicle that would be technically in order I would always have the claim of the ADAC. I should excuse that and sleep now and the next morning again in peace decide what I would do. The hotel would be paid for 2 people up to 170€ cost. This we did and then lead after the next morning back to deutdschland. The noise was still there but the car drove without problems. About. 100km from our home the noise was suddenly gone. The next day I went to my garage and there was nothing determined. I should come back when the noise is there again. He also confirmed that if the converter really broke down the car would just stop and not cause any other damage. Also there one was infuriated about the behavior of the ADAC. That is in the meantime 3 days ago. Since then the car drives normally. I will leave the ADAC in any case. My question now is whether this would have happened with another automobile club too? And in which I should enter now?

Edelsbrunner erich says

That alone is a reason for me to become an ADAC member. Everything super correct. Better it goes probably nowhere.

Daniel gotz says

Jim drive has filed for insolvency and is no longer offering services with immediate effect. Let’s see if I still get money back.

Hanife akyuz says

My husband and I have been avd members since 2014 and today was the first time we had to use the breakdown service. Emergency we are on the B12 near kempten in the direction of lindau (ca.23 km airline to home) drive on the breakdown lane. We were lucky that we just made it, because after the loss of power and all the lights lit up, the car also went out completely. Bad was only that we had our two children with us and it was very cold. Mobile reception was rather bad than right. The hotline took the damage and the breakdown service that was responsible for the kempten area got back to us and told us that he would be back in approx. 20 minutes there. When he was then there he wanted to drive us to the nearest vehicle manufacturer workshop. We then called the hotline again and wanted to know if the breakdown service can not drive us to our garage, which is within walking distance from our apartment. Since we were traveling with child and cone in the cold and us no rental car condition, this was the most practical and for us the most cost-effective solution. The hotline operator said it was no problem as long as we covered the extra cost. In the meantime the breakdown service is getting ready to drive away. When we then after the phone call the information to the breakdown service employee have passed on, he said very clearly that he does not do that and sat down in his tow truck and drove away. Despite that we have called after him, he is just up and away and left us with the children standing in the cold. Our children started crying loudly because they probably thought we were lost. When we then contacted the hotline again, it was immediately clear to us that the tow truck with its version had already harnessed the employee at the hotline. This reacted very distantly and pointed us in the cabin and said in addition that he would organize only at our expense for the second time a tow truck, but that he will listen again to the version of the breakdown service and will get back to us. As you might expect, we were totally shocked and upset and have desperately called our workshop kiebling in weiler-simmerberg. The good Mr. Kiessling took care of the matter and sent us an employee, who then brought us home and the car to the workshop. Finally we were back in the warmth and the children had then also no longer this fear in the eyes. It was a horrendous day today. Just now we canceled our memberships with the avd. Never again avd.

Oh this is terrible what happened.Where is the humanity.Only dollar bills in the eyes the idiots.I canceled ADAC and was about to switch to avd.

Jimdrive: unfortunately I was disappointed, it was tacitly created conditions to the disadvantage.
Jimdrive has at the start de action the partner only had in the tariff and since the end of last year he must pay extra.
Completely dumb: not even the partner is allowed to be with a member. If the car is not already registered to the member the use does not apply.

Stefanie – admin says

Hello jeanette,
there were just in the early days of some changes in jimdrive and we want to take here also no club "in protection". For info for them, also for the choice of a new club, but we would like to add the following:
most car club memberships are personal and therefore initially only apply to you as a member, unless you have a specific family tariff. With jimdrive, the benefits for joint trips (with a vehicle registered to the member) also apply to partners and underage children. If you as a member are on the road with a rented car or a borrowed vehicle in general, you are also covered. If you ride with a non-member in his car, it will not be covered by any insurance policy.

Tina lokka says

Need help on the following case:
at the end of 2015 I took out a 2 year ACE membership for 31,40€ in the first year and 62,80€ in the second year. ACE has the membership from 01.08.2016 and I have until 31.07.2017 charged 31,40€ for it. For the second year ACE has from 01. 08. 2017 to the end of the year (31.12.2017) 26,32€ in Rechnung gestellt, thus proportionally the contractually agreed upon contribution of 62,80€ computed, but the remaining seven months of the contractually agreed upon membership duration to that starting from 01.01.2018 increased price of 68,80€ charged, which in my opinion is a breach of contract, as contractually regarding.Of the price another agreement was made, namely 62,80€.
I have tried to clarify this with ACE, but in vain.One refers thereby to the contribution order specified in the statute. It does say "the ACE club fee…is payable in the calendar year in which membership commences, from the date of joining up to 31.12. Of the year proportionately calculated", but with me ACE acted independently. That is, ACE itself has the membership from August 2016 begin and this "first year" July 2017 end and thus ACE can not pretend that the membership is only started in August 2017. If ACE lets the "first year" go from august 2016 to july 2017, then this must also apply for the "second year" of membership, namely from august 2017 to july 2018. In my opinion, it is not correct to use two different standards of calculation. Please enlighten me.

Stefanie – admin says

Hello Mrs. lokka,
we will bring your comment to the attention of ACE. How the legal side looks, we can not judge, because we are not lawyers.

ACE member service means

Hello tina lokka, we would like to check the reference in more detail. But without a membership number this is not possible. Please let us know your request again by sending your membership number to [email protected] with. The colleagues then report. Thanks a lot

Moin, moin! I had with my mondeo once a breakdown (broken spring on the front wheel, not possible to continue) and once a total loss after accident. Both times, BAVC has relatively quickly hired a towing service, which friendly and quickly drove the car to the desired workshop. Both times the handling was uncomplicated and friendly. Earlier I was a few years with ADAC and then for years without breakdown cover. Have in all the years only once needed help and also – thank God – from private get.
It shows, even with the "smaller" providers there is professional help and at a lower price. With the BAVC I have made good experiences. I can only recommend!

The only thing that interests me in a car club is the towing after a breakdown .All repairs to my vehicles I do myself,consequently towing to the nearest repair shop is not an option for me.
Suppose my car breaks down 400 km from home, which club offers in this case a return transport, and with what costs? ?
The advertising statements and the agbs of the clubs are quite misleading )-:

Stefanie – admin says

Moin lars,
the towing after a breakdown is limited with all clubs and protection letters to the next workshop. In some cases, z.B. ACE comfort, there is indeed the option wunschwerkstatt, but only until max. 30km. Vehicle return transport is usually included if the vehicle cannot be repaired within a certain period of time at the nearest repair shop. Most of the clubs allow a lot of things for their members as a gesture of goodwill, but of course there is only a claim to the benefits specified in the terms and conditions.

My car is as the devil wants it, during a recall action of the manufacturer, broken down on the parking lot of the dealer went.
costs in the workshop 800€, at home 100€. So ADAC called, please tow away. Mr. on the hotline, no problem. Towing service comes, ADAC does not pay his statement. Call to ADAC, correct we do not pay, you are in a workshop, so your problem that it costs there 800 €. Will surely get commission or something..
ridiculous… 22 years premium paid and never used……
F… ADAC, cancellation is already out….

That’s right, it happened to me too..

I was in kaufland of ACE auto club europa gmbh bequatscht, I could make yes that with and fits it me nevertheless not, again cancel.
Bank data given etc., cancelled 4 days later by mail as stated in their cancellation policy.
On 19.1.18 letter with bumper sticker, brochures and 3 info card. Cover letter with acceptance in the membership and corresponding number received. Again mail on the same day with revocation written plus membership number. According to their terms and conditions, this would be the time when the revocation period comes into effect.
Still no answer.
According to their small print, however, they would do this immediately upon revocation.
24.1. Was money debited! 27.1. Bad mail with renewed revocation written.

Waiting today still for answer and confirmation.
Comes on 2.2. The money not back, I report them and get my money back through my bank.

Anyone had the same experience and or tips?

Reinhard K says

I have studied the terms and conditions of my automobile club found that the Schutzbriefleistungen are always granted only up to a travel time of 6 weeks. When comparing with other clubs I came across the same information, with the exception of the ADAC, where the travel time is limited to 3 months. It is limited. But as a pensioner (and camper) there are many who are also longer on the road. Which car club has different insurance conditions or other possibilities??

Stefanie – admin says

Hello reinhard,
the maximum travel time is in many cases limited to 6 weeks (at a stretch). Exceptions: jimdrive, ACV (motorhome tariff) and ADAC. More about this in our comparison for motorhomes

Tariff for commercially registered vehicles?

Hi, is there also a car club here resp. A tariff option which does NOT exclude commercially registered vehicles? I know someone who got the older minibus of his father (registered to his company) for private use. With this vehicle he often travels longer distances and would like to be covered against unforeseen events as far as possible. For tips and recommendations I would be grateful!

Stefanie – admin says

Hello bernd,
the car club membership is usually personal and therefore also applies when the member is on the road with another vehicle (private use, but only temporarily). A company tariff would probably make more sense here, z.B. At the ACE

Can I in case of need (car breaks down during a stay in Germany and
i call as a non-member the breakdown service) as an austrian also become a member of ADAC?
How are the towing costs without or. Charged with membership?

Stefanie – admin says

Hello annette,
unfortunately no. The membership in the german automobile clubs requires a residence in germany. Nevertheless, they can call also as a non-member the ADAC. Of course you have to pay the costs yourself. If you are lucky and the ADAC has its own road patrol driver, you will get the journey and working time free of charge, but often the ADAC uses contractual partners, in which case this is not the case.
However, if you are a member of the austrian oAMTC (with a cover letter), it will also help you in the event of a breakdown in germany.

That is not quite true, I live in Spain and am ADAC member with address in Spain
and never had an address in Spain, you can become a member even if you live outside Germany

Stefanie – admin means

Hello martin,
thank you for your comment! According to ADAC, the member, at least with online contract, must be registered in Germany. We get this question more often, especially from neighboring countries, and have therefore asked.

Sandra barkmann says

For me it has now shown that the ADAC is no longer good.35 years ago almost everything was repaired on site.I know from experience ..Now a vehicle is since the 01,04,17 in vienna.Brakes def.On site it was said, vehicle is roadworthy, only the brakes, on 03.04 he should be brought there in a fiat workshop.Need the longer than 3 days for a repair. On 04,04, I was called,, key is gone, said that the key on 01,04, was given to the ADAC driver.Now today on 07,04 called the workshop, will not be made, vehicle willschaftlicher total loss, on my question why, the car, fiat ducato is dermasen rusted from the bottom, as they do not go to.I said the has half a year ago according to German standard tuv get, interested not.Despite the fact that we have agreed at the conclusion of the contract with the ADAC, vehicles that stop, will be brought to my own workshop.Now no one is interested.So far it has always worked.Now no longer.With me also no more..

So grad first breakdown with mobil deutschland e.V had ..1 cylinder much out … Had to wait a whole 2h until someone came after that hood open and he wiggled wildly around the engine with running engine on my guesses many maybe new spark plug or ignition cable went the gray angel not on only can not do anything have nothing in it tow to a vertragswekstadt mh at nen 9 year old car was just a waste of money went but wol not otherwise because gray angels in all of essen only knew a workshop … So rental car was not despite premium customer because breakdown happened in the region … and it turned out that it was the ignition cable 10 cost point of course at the vertragswekstadt 200euro … oh yes the car was a caddy nothing special thanks mobil deutschland tomorrow I’ll look for something new was in a Schutzbrief before that had worked better anyway … the tow truck from AVD was also defective by the way as they told me they did not have the money to repair it does not need to run yes also so
it can be seen that big car dealers buy car clubs to have more customers but I can’t prove that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you have to drive through a whole city to get to the one real car dealer
sory for spelling have ne pronounced l.R.S enjoy reading

AVD AND MOBIL IN DEUSCHLAND work together I read so don’t be surprised if you call mobiel in deuschland and get avd !

For years with the ADAC member, in between even plus member been. In the time 5 breakdowns had. First breakdown years ago on highway, without problems ADAC came, towed me to the next garage. After short repair without further costs I could drive again.
Next breakdown on highway tire burst, call ADAC there I was allowed to listen to how I can be 700 km away from home alone with small child on the road. Police and THW also came, thus unfriendly ADAC lady again called and canceled. Tire change has THW taken over, got later bill of 30 euros.
3 years ago car goes out while driving, nothing, nothing went more. ADAC called hour wait, he looks briefly under the hood means total loss, without doing anything. Ok towed home. Car was not a total loss, as later in workshop rausstellte. 2 years ago flat again hour wait, could then drive home with emergency tires. Luckily it was only 30 km. 1.5 years ago car did not start despite new battery, again waiting over hour. The great caught by the total loss, but was another car in the meantime, again he said he can do nothing there. He does not know what it is. Workshop then found that two cables had to be replaced.
This one employee had times so zero idea of anything.
Meanwhile no more ADAC member. Do not pay 80 euros, for me then wrong diagnoses are made, when it comes to it.
Only the employee at the wheel change, was very nice and also not a bit annoyed by the curious child.

For me, jimdrive has left the best impression here and can confirm that so. Very anxious the whole. Hope that remains so&

What jimdrive pulls off is a joke from front to back. The "services" are so bad, in the small print you then realize how bad it all is. With two breakdowns, by the way, you are directly canceled.

I hope the rip-off soon gets around.

Read you times the AGB’s of those through, there one becomes badly! I am more than happy that I took the time to do this before.

You can’t just start an "automobile club" and then seriously believe that you can offer the same services as clubs that have been doing this for years with heart and soul.

Died for me!

After years as a member of adac, we have looked around for cheaper alternatives and have come across jimdrive – honestly, when I’m on the road without a car club, I drive wesendlich calmer than with jimdrive (they do not go at all ..!)

in the first 5-6 years plus membership with adac I have not once called or needed help and still paid every year 80 €.
Currently I often visit my girlfriend in Austria and had a problem with a new battery at the beginning of this year, which I finally had to exchange. Had adac 3 times from Austria called and get start help, from the Austrian colleagues of the oATMC were there in a few minutes. A few weeks later I get mail from ADAC, they convert my plus membership in a normal, because I have reported too many claims from abroad. The woman from the service said later on the phone it is unprofitable for adac if I constantly call from abroad …
Therefore was canceled.
Do I have right to an immediate cancellation?
Can anyone recommend me a good roadside assistance, which I can call in case of need in Germany, Austria and Italy.
For your answers I would be grateful

Stefanie – admin says

Hello salva,
unfortunately, there is no extraordinary right of termination here, because the ADAC this case in the provisions for PLUS membership designates: "after a damage, on the basis of which benefits from the ADAC plus membership are claimed, this can be converted to an ADAC membership without ADAC plus services. In addition it is possible after a damage case of a protected person, this from the protected person circle of the
ADAC plus membership to exclude. Both the conversion and the exclusion must be notified in text form no later than 1 month after the conclusion of the claim. They become effective 1 month after receipt of the notice."

Thomas honig says

I am not a member of the ADAC have defztem called the ADAC . Was there in 30 minutes super . The funny thing was error analyze was nothing there at the laptop. In the engine room it whistled could not do anything . Then I had to pay 118 euros . Madness only towing for 6 kilometers super .

Is still nothing,
had to pay 150,-euro only for the journey. Super not true!

I was a member of ADAC since I was 18 and from ca. 20 even plus-member. Have cancelled in 2014, because I have a company car. Stupid only that I had a breakdown shortly before expiry of the lease and the manufacturer only for’s first year the roadside assistance free of charge takes over. Long speech…. Breakdown on sunday (within the vacations) on the way back from vacation within germany. driving on was not possible from the beginning, because the turbocharger was defective. I paid a whopping € 547 for 28 km of towing with a towing company contracted by ADAC. Ok, I got this back from my company, but I still had to present it. I think that is cheeky.

i am unsure, would like to cancel ADAC after my last breakdown, but don’t know if other providers could have helped me…here’s what happened…
i called ADAC because the car started badly…the car had already received a new battery the day before, problem persisted. But since in the speedometer still a few warning lights shone I called the ADAC on it. It was there in no time, no problem…but then the problem started, the ADAC is not allowed to read out or clear the fault memory…only to tow it to the next dealer. The problem could not be analyzed and I decided the next day to go to the dealership to read and clear the error for a lot of money and of course repair it. And then the yellow angel himself began to complain that it would be an impertinence that you pay 90 euros as a plus member and you hardly had any service. If I had a breakdown with the car and it would lose oil, he could tow me away. He would use oil binder … but the cleaning afterwards I would have to pay! If I drip the platform of the tow truck full I would also have to pay this cleaning still!! I ask myself, when something like this happens…why do I still need the ADAC???
Now my question has anyone with other providers experience?? Are they still allowed to read or delete? Quasi make a diagnosis??
If others are also no longer allowed to do so, a change would not be advantageous.
Maybe I can get a helpful experience as an answer.

ADAC’s roadside assistance staff are trained in precisely these topics by highly trained multipliers in regular training sessions (usually four dates per year):

– reading out the error memory.
– readout of measured values and comparison with corresponding target values.
– deleting stored errors.
– manual troubleshooting with high quality measuring equipment.
– interpretation of the read out errors and the measurement results.

In addition, the ADAC breakdown mechanic has access to a technical information system with extensive content such as fuse assignments, circuit diagrams and technical data, as well as an extensive library of tips and tricks. Furthermore, every ADAC breakdown service technician has the possibility to get help from experienced colleagues at an ADAC-internal technical hotline, who have further access to technical information and a database with already known errors.

All this serves to locate the cause of the fault as efficiently as possible and then to rectify the fault in order to meet the ADAC’s primary requirement for its roadside assistance: restoring roadworthiness on the spot so that the ADAC member can continue driving his or her own vehicle.

This is an interesting list, which sounds like a competent frame for the breakdown service. I have indeed experienced today a similar case as toby. I am a member of ADAC since 1982. Since ca. 3 years we have a vehicle that has several times during the operation of a "fault in the engine control system" indicated. Mostly the error is gone after a certain time again by itself. But it has also happened many times that the vehicle went into an emergency mode. I usually called the ADAC and was happy to be a member. Roadside assistance always came within an hour and the error was corrected in the following way:

1. Read the error memory
2. Clear error memory
3. Run engine plus test drive to verify error or. To reproduce

As a rule, the error then no longer appeared. The breakdown mechanic usually accompanied us for a while and then we continued our journey. The car model (alfa 156 JTS 2.0) is known for the fact that there are virtual error messages again and again without an actual error behind it. There are numerous reports about this on the internet. Among other things, bad plug connections and poorly laid cables are blamed for it.

Now this error message appeared again and the engine did not run on all cylinders in the lower rpm range. That is why I called the ADAC. to verify the error, i told the troubleshooter about my experiences and findings so far and suggested to read and clear the error memory to see if the error is still present afterwards. The friendly breakdown mechanic explained to me that it could not and must not be done. He acknowledged references to successful roadside assistance in comparable cases with "the colleagues must have had enough time". Furthermore, he noted whether I would have had the repairs done at atu. Everybody has to decide for himself where to have his vehicle repaired. I should drive the vehicle as it is in emergency mode to a workshop.

My question now is: is there recently a regulation or instruction that forbids your breakdown technicians exactly the first 3 points of your description? If yes, why?

In my case it was now the first time that I have experienced an unsuccessful roadside assistance and the personal attitude of the roadside assistance was also unprecedented in a negative sense.

Glad about a feedback.

unprecedented is also the presentation of some members…
3x the same error and stillnot driven to a garage…

the club service is not free of charge if the same services are based on
the same cause provided more than once or damage caused by gross negligence
are negligent or intentional, or have a claim for reimbursement against a third party. The third party is not ADAC-schutzbrief versicherungs-AG, which is
ADAC-rechtsschutz versicherungs-AG and ADAC autoversicherung AG.

This means:

1.The same error as the last call. No performance !
(was not repaired in a workshop, but the error was simply ignored by the driver and continued to drive / such error messages need 50 km to display again )

2.The workshop has not properly corrected the error. No service !
(the ADAC is not liable for the failure of third parties)

Accordingly, you have illegally received 2x services. It should be clear that if you delete 3 times nothing will be deleted but will be towed to the repair shop ! ( otherwise the driver will never have his car repaired )

Also the yellow engine light means " exhaust problem " and " go to the nearest repair shop" just read the manual of your car. So it would not have been necessary to call the ADAC at all.

Instead, the ADAC helps them 3x free of charge (although he has to do it only 1x) and they complain then still ?

Andreas kis says

Hello toby
yes that’s right… unfortunately we are no longer allowed to delete fault memories on the vehicles. This is due to the workshops where we are not recognized as a "help" provider. assistance usually consists of taking the vehicle to the nearest repair shop. We don’t have the special tools or spare parts on board either.
Even if we find the fault on the vehicle, we are unfortunately not allowed to repair on the highway or in public traffic areas. Also correct the oil loss at your car must be removed in the environment with binder. Also if your car loses oil while towing you have to pay for the cleaning yourself because the car club does not take care of that anymore.
I was for years for the ADAC in the towing service and can understand the guys from the road patrol very well. they are not "mc giver" either but make a lot of things possible. Sometimes there’s only one way to get to the nearest repair shop.

It is great that it can take the possibility of a comparison in claim, because alein already at first glance you can see price differences, which ultimately play a very large role.

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