Compact system comparison 2022

The editorial staff of the test and comparison portal of OE24.At presents you the best compact systems.

Without complicated streaming services or a tricky integration into the home network, they are still extremely popular: compact systems. In handy formats, they deliver radio enjoyment, play cds and sometimes even cassettes, while USB and bluetooth interfaces often allow digital sources to be used as well.

We have compared various compact system tests for you to show you the practical advantages and the performance of the devices. Because in modern home entertainment, there is often no other medium available in the event of a poor or faulty internet connection. see our overview of which model will play your music in the future.

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Buying advice for the compact system test or. Comparison: we help you choose your compact system test winner!

  • Especially in small rooms, modern compact systems are a great way to enjoy music or provide sound for a party. Thanks to their handy formats, they are also so flexible that they can set the mood in a garden hut or at a garage party with just a few simple steps.
  • Compact systems are complete stereo systems that combine numerous functions of large hi-fi systems. bluetooth or USB can be used to play data from digital sources while listening to FM or DAB+ radio or simply inserting a CD.
  • Modern music systems are often so geared towards the internet, streaming services and apps that existing data carriers such as cds, cassettes or records can no longer be used at all. For example, treat yourself to a compact system with a cassette deck or record player so that you can continue to listen to your old favorites.

compact system test

Particularly in smaller rooms, compact systems are also on a par with their larger counterparts, the stereo or hi-fi system, in terms of the sound quality of music. The biggest advantage we discovered in our compact system comparison 2022, however, lies in their flexibility. They can be quickly moved from one room to another, without the need to set them up in the WLAN or combine them with streaming providers.

have a 90s party with the cds of yesteryear that your music system will play effortlessly in a compact design. in parallel, don’t do without connections such as USB, for playing MP3 formats, headphone jacks or bluetooth interfaces. If the internet fails, you can continue to enjoy entertainment and music with the analog capabilities of a compact system with bluetooth.

1. Discover the advantages of the compact system

Basically, the biggest difference between compact stereo systems and compact mini-stereo systems is neither the sound nor the detailed features, but the handy design. Where conventional stereo systems required huge speaker towers and multiple, large playback units to be wired together and set up, mini-stereo systems deliver great functionality in a compact package.

Mostly they consist of a central unit, which for example consists of a cassette deck, CD player and possibly even a record player. For this purpose, an amplifier is often integrated, which must often be purchased separately with conventional systems. Compact systems also have loudspeakers, but these are much smaller than those of large hi-fi systems.

You will hardly notice the difference in sound quality in rooms smaller than 30 square meters, as long as you don’t turn the system up to full volume.

Modern compact stereos with bluetooth can be connected via the interface to various media on which music is stored, in contrast to a pure radio system. also via a USB port is often the possibility to play files in MP3 format on a stick and enjoy them via the compact system as audio pleasure at a party in the gazebo. If you have a great record collection, you can still enjoy your vinyl favorites on a compact system with a turntable.

2. Buying advice: where compact systems are superior to other music and radio systems

compact systems-cheap

Should your compact system also be able to play cassettes?? Make sure you have a cassette deck.

Simple radios can usually only play music via a USB interface in addition to an alarm clock function, which has its justification in the bathroom or even in the kitchen. But if you want to play music from your smartphone via bluetooth in addition to FM, for example, the device reaches its limits. the alternative would be a modern internet radio, which again, unlike the music compact system, cannot play cds, let alone cassettes or lps.

Basically, compact systems are a good way to play music from various media in small rooms. Large halls can of course not be amused with the small boxes and their wattage.

the biggest advantage of compact systems, apart from their many connections and use with different media, is their flexibility. Since they usually consist of two handy speakers and a compact tower, they can be carried by just one person from the office to the garden hut, for example. After you have connected the system to the power, it is immediately ready for use again.

When the guests arrive together with the first music requests, you can simply connect your smartphone to a music system with bluetooth and play it without any effort on your part. Even if the internet fails for the most part, with a compact music system you still have the integrated radio, cds and, of course, usb interfaces to choose from to keep the festive mood going.

Attention: be careful when buying extremely cheap compact equipment on the internet. Often the pictures show loudspeakers, but in reality they are not part of the package. read very carefully what the suppliers actually want to deliver in the product description.

3. Buy the best compact system with the right features

ask yourself a few important questions before you buy a compact system, whether on the internet or from discounters like aldi and lidl:

  • Which media do I want to play? Do I really still need a compact system with cassette??
  • Do I want to integrate the compact system into my home network via WLAN??
  • Does it make sense in the long term to buy a compact system or a radio?. music system with bluetooth or a compact system with USB interface not to buy, just because it is a few euros more expensive?

When comparing different compact systems, we found that especially with regard to the connections and connectivity options: more is simply more. The more analogue media you can play, the more varied the compact music systems can be used. for example, if you find that your kids fall asleep better with their old audio tapes, choose a compact system with a compact system tape deck. In the children’s room, however, you will not need a compact system with subwoofer, which can also be an advantage for their relaxation as the children grow older.

of course, it never hurts to opt for a compact system with internet radio and the variety of stations that comes with it. We advise you not to buy a compact system with a DVD player, as movies on the home entertainment system around the TV simply make more sense.

An input for the headphones, i.e. the good old jack, can also be an advantage from time to time. Most of the subjects of the compact system tests reported that their compact systems "wandered" over the years. Sometimes they are in the kitchen, sometimes in the home office, sometimes in the workshop or garage. If the system is reactivated after this process, for example, to listen to old vinyl records, a connection for headphones can be very useful for the family peace.

Which special functions the best compact system for you should have, you should decide individually on the basis of your analog music sources and the use of modern, digital variants.

4. compact system test: why compact systems are an enrichment for children and adults in the long run

Whether you opt for a vertical compact system or a wall-mounted compact system no one will be happy with a compact system without speakers. But the different types of stereo systems in this category all impress with their flexibility and functionality.

Compared to purely internet-based, digital systems or internet radios, compact systems have many advantages:

  • Can be used without internet or WLAN
  • Can be used for a variety of data carriers or sources
  • Small footprint with good sound
  • Uncomplicated installation / commissioning
  • Not suitable for large rooms

In vertical compact systems, the CD compartment is not installed in a kind of drawer or on top of the lid as in normal systems, but is located at the front. Due to the sheer size of the CD compartment, they are often taller and narrower than the cube-shaped models with horizontal CD compartments.

So that they can better decide between compact systems with DAB+ and internet or a classic stereo system without a connection to the world wide web, let’s compare them at this point in terms of certain features.

Feature compact system internet-capable stereo system classic
radio, CD, cassette, USB yes yes
bluetooth, WLANT, DAB+ yes no
compatible with apps yes no

5. use accessories and thereby increase the ease of use

Now that we have looked at all the ways in which compact stereos can be used and their compatibility, let’s move on to what is probably the most important accessory for stereos: the remote control. When you’re not controlling your internet-enabled compact system via your smartphone, a remote control is the perfect alternative.

You don’t have to leave the sofa when, for example, the phone rings while you’re listening to your favorite rock band’s new album. even in the workshop, you don’t have to run to the system every time you want to change the transmitter or adjust the volume, but can conveniently send the signals via remote control.

buy compact system

always check if speakers are included in the package.

The cleaning and maintenance of compact hi-fi systems is quite simple. in living rooms, a discreet film of dust will probably form from time to time on the tops of the system itself and the loudspeakers. These can be easily removed from your black or white compact with a duster or damp cloth.

But beware: keep your hands off the inside of the cd compartment when cleaning. impurities can also accumulate here. However, you should remove this damage by inserting and playing a so-called cleaning CD. Otherwise, you risk damaging the sensitive technology of the CD player.

6. Is there a compact system test winner from stiftung warentest??

stiftung warentest has tested compact mini-stereo systems, you can find the test results on the homepage. The title "good sound from 180 euros" already indicates this, that the focus of the comparison was on the sound of the devices.

7. Important questions and answers about compact systems

7.1. Which brands and manufacturers offer compact systems??

you can find many brands, which are very well known in the music scene, which also offer compact systems with very good sound quality. Sony and bose offer devices in a somewhat higher price segment, as does philips. other manufacturers like pioneer or yamaha also deliver great designs and functionality.

Of course, there are a large number of unknown suppliers who often tempt you with particularly low prices. With strong and well-known brands, however, you will enjoy the advantage of the manufacturer’s customer service in terms of support and available spare parts.

7.2. How much wattage does a compact system need?

This depends very much on the room in which you want to use the system. Because the acoustics of the room, the size of the room, the distance between the walls and the. The positioning of the speakers influence the listening experience. All systems in the comparison had at least 2 x 6 watt nominal power, which is sufficient for small rooms. For living rooms, on the other hand, we do not recommend any of these micro systems, but rather models with at least 2 x 20 watts and more.

7.3. Which compact system is suitable for classical music??

compact system test winner

Just try the compact system on site with headphones.

When enjoying classical music, it’s important to have both nuanced highs and rich lows, whereby the multi-faceted intermediate tones and individual instruments should be as clearly discernible as possible. Since listening to classical and any other kind of music is a very individual pleasure, you should simply try it out.

Ideally, you should first try out the sound of the system with headphones in a specialist store and check in the next step whether the device can bring this sound in similar quality into the room.

What has the compact system test or. -comparison?

  1. Technisat DIGITRADIO 3 , available from 219,99 euro, rated very good.
  2. Technisat digitradio 371 CD BT , available from 139.00 euro, rated very good.
  3. Karcher MC 6490DI , available from 179.99 euro, rated good.
  4. Denon CEOL N10 , available from 535,00 euro, rated good.
  5. Panasonic SC-PMX94EG-S , available from 292.95 euros, rated good.
  6. Denon compact system , available from 649,00 euro, rated good.
  7. Panasonic SC-PM600EG-S , available from 189.84 euro, rated good.
  8. Panasonic compact system, available from 599.00 euro, rated good.
  9. Philips mini stereo with bluetooth , available from 108,00 euro, rated good.
  10. Technisat DIGITRADIO 700 , available from 154.65 euro, rated good.
  11. Grundig CMS 3000 BT micro system , available from 108.96 euros, rated good.
  12. Grundig CMS 1050 , available from 99,99 euro, rated good.
  13. Panasonic CMT-SBT40D , available from 83,99 euro, rated good.
  14. Denon D-T1 compact system, stereo system , available from 229.00 euro, rated good.
  15. Technisat compact system , available from 251,80 euro, rated good.

from how many different manufacturers did the editors select products in the compact system comparison?

We have selected a total of 6 manufacturers for you, including grundig , karcher , technisat , denon , panasonic and philips . In addition to established brands, we would like to draw your attention to newcomers to the market. More information "

How much do the presented compact systems cost on average??

Good quality doesn’t always have to be particularly expensive – this is proven in particular by our price-performance winner, the karcher compact system . This means that you can buy a compact system that has received an award from the editorial team for as little as 69.99 euros. Otherwise, the average price of compact equipment is 238.89 euros. More information "

To which of the compact system models did the customers give the most reviews?

Among the 17 products in the compact system comparison, the technisat digitradio 371 CD BT stands out from the competition thanks to the particularly high number of 1733 customer reviews. The reviews of other customers enable you to gather valuable tips on how to use the product. More information "

What is the best possible score that products can get in the compact system comparison??

The best possible grade that 4 of the 17 products received is the grade "VERY GOOD". In the compact system comparison, the following 4 compact system models received the grade "VERY GOOD": grundig CMS 4000 BT DAB hifi system, karcher compact system, technisat DIGITRADIO 3 and technisat digitradio 371 CD BT . More information "

Which different models can the reader choose from in the compact system comparison??

As a reader of the compact system comparison , you have the opportunity to choose the right for you from the following 17 products: grundig CMS 4000 BT DAB hifi system , karcher compact system , technisat DIGITRADIO 3 , technisat digitradio 371 CD BT , karcher MC 6490DI , denon CEOL N10 , panasonic SC-PMX94EG-S , panasonic SC-PM600EG-S , denon compact system , panasonic compact stereo , philips mini stereo with bluetooth , technisat DIGITRADIO 700 , grundig CMS 3000 BT micro stereo , grundig CMS 1050 , panasonic CMT-SBT40D , denon D-T1 compact stereo , stereo system and technisat compact stereo system . More information "

What other products have customers who have purchased a compact system shown interest in??

Customers who previously searched for kompaktanlagen often also entered keywords like mini-stereo system, grundig CMS 5000 or mini-hifi system. To help you find the best product, we have compiled a number of very good products for you in our compact system comparison as well as other thematically matching comparisons. More information "

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