Cold drinks, hot drinks, snacks and co.: vending machines for all trades

Whether it’s a beverage vending machine, snack vending machine, hot beverage vending machine or a combination vending machine, whether it’s a vending machine for offices, companies, hotels, restaurants, the retail trade or agriculture – there is a vending machine to suit every business for employees, customers and guests.

Enjoyment at the touch of a button: beverage and snack vending machines offer cold drinks, hot drinks, and snacks for in-between meals quickly and easily. Simply by coin insertion or practically by card payment. Modern vending machines, also known as vending machines, have a lot in common with the old machines of yesteryear nothing to do for a long time. There were the first vending machines, which were similar to today’s principle of a vending machine or a vending machine. vending machines correspond, already in the early 19. In the twentieth century in the u.S. and germany. Special vending machines offered u.A. Chocolate, chewing gum and later soft drinks, snacks, hot drinks such as coffee and co. And many more were on.

Cash, card payment or smartphone instead?

The vending machines of the early days were certainly technically innovative at the time, but not yet prepared for everything. For example, some children managed to get their hands on the much sought-after chocolate by simply throwing flat trouser buttons into the coin slot instead of coins. An almost perfect "crime of pleasure" that was put a stop to from the 1970s at the latest, for example in germany, when the first coin checking devices came into play.

Meanwhile, modern snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, hot beverage vending machines and co. Not only are they completely safe and protected from counterfeit money and trouser buttons, but they also allow payment by coins or cash. Cash also other, often more convenient payment methods. Vending machines with card payment function, employee cards, smartphone payment or even by fingerprint enjoy great popularity, because many people have already experienced that their desire for a drink or something sweet or salty was confronted with the completely cashless wallet.

Rubbing coins on vending machines

sensors in electronic coin validators measure u.A. Thickness, diameter, weight and minting of a coin and can thus detect counterfeit money. A recurring case, u.A. in the case of older vending machines : the real coin is not accepted by the machine. The first action follows practiced and almost automatically with most: the coin is rubbed and scrubbed at the vending machine and inserted again, several times unsuccessfully. Understandable, because the coin, no matter how brightly scrubbed, is not the culprit but a faulty sensor in the vending machine. Scratching brings nothing at all. For those who still manage to get the job done, simply put only the random principle.

advantages of modern vending machines

Current, modern vending machines offer numerous advantages. In particular, they are characterized by an extremely simple and convenient operation. So the choice of goods is no longer just about a simple numeric keypad possible, but also over ultra-modern digital controls, for instance in the form of touchpads or. touch screens. Modern vending machines are also characterized by many other advantageous features from:

  • A vending machine at any time cheap supply possibility for guests, customers and employees
  • Variety of equipment types: single machines, combination machines, narrow compact machines
  • Variable place of use: indoor and outdoor installation possible
  • Different payment options for more flexibility
  • Variety in the range of goods: storable and also fresh products resp. agricultural products (thanks to optimal climate settings)
  • Energy-saving operation, u.A. Thanks to LED, insulating glazing and energy-saving fans
  • Modern design: individual configurations and branding possible
  • Malfunctions and refills are quickly and discreetly detected by telemetry

The variety of modern vending machines

Who buy vending machines would like, has the agony of the choice, since vending machines (cold and hot), snack vending machines, combination vending machines and other vending machines of various types and sizes are available. In this way, they can meet almost any requirement of any business. Also in terms of location, as some of the vending machines can be placed in many locations – both indoors and outdoors – and some can be flexibly relocated again.

Digital keypad of a vending machine

Compact vending machines for beverages and snacks can boast extremely narrow dimensions of less than 80 cm in width, and some are even smaller or more compact. more compact dimensions possible. Despite the compact design, the modern vending machines can still offer a wide range of products. Pure snack vending machines can easily ca. 400 to over 600 snacks accommodate. Combination vending machines, which can offer both snacks and cold drinks, hold an average of between ca. 200 to over 300 snacks, at ca. 90 to over 130 drinks same time. Of course, these are only very rough guidelines, as each vending or non-food. vending machine manufacturer also offers its own unique specifications, capacity and dimensions of its models. The bottom line, however, is that almost nothing is impossible in the vending sector.

high capacity, modern touch screens, adaptive interface

The known sielaff" vending machine manufacturing company offers u.A. In addition to the cold beverage vending category, as a shaft vending machines and glass-fronted vending machines, also combi vending machines for snacks, beverages and non-food. Just as spiral vending machines that, with their high capacity, allow for a wide variety of products. Here the vending company sielaff both narrow vending machines and full-width vending machines in the program.

At vendo product portfolio, also a well-known manufacturer of vending machines, you will find a wide variety of customizable vending machines, u.A. For drinks and snacks. Vendo offers innovative automated systems and thoughtful extras, such as the shopping cart function for multiple purchases, a adaptive interface and modern touchscreens, which also allow specific advertisements or the display of nutritional information.

vending machines: prices and costs

Factory new vending machines for drinks or snacks cost on average between 3.000 and 15.000 euro. Hot beverage vending machines or. Vending machines prices vary – depending on type and equipment – between ca. 1.000 and 5.000 euro. However, the following applies (as with all types of vending machines), the higher the quality of the equipment, the higher the prices can be. hot beverage vending machine costs can thus also be on average at ca. 10.000 euro lie.

Should the goods vending machine additional technically sophisticated features offer or different payment methods (card payment and co.), the prices here are also often in the upper price range. It should be considered on the one hand, which comfort one would like to offer to customers, guests and coworkers and on the other hand, with which equipment characteristics probably clearly more commodity is sold. Simple coin-operated machines are of course cheaper to buy, but the option of additional card payment represents a popular, convenient and also contemporary form of payment which is often and gladly used. Whichever vending machine and whichever equipment features you decide on, make sure you compare offers without obligation before you buy to make sure you get the best deal!

Our expert tip: hot drink vending machine, snack vending machine, beverage vending machine rent or lease

„The purchase cost of brand new vending machines can sometimes be high. Another possibility: to buy a vending machine used. Even easier: rent or lease the snack vending machine or beverage vending machine. The advantage of this is especially that the monthly rates, spread over a longer period, the entire budget or. Very little strain on the liquidity of the company. Additional services such as maintenance, repairs and inspections can also be included in the rent or lease. To be included in the leasing or. To be contractually agreed. Also, the service of delivery and filling with goods can be agreed here directly with the monthly rent. Whether buying, renting or leasing, the purchase of a commercial vending machine is also tax-deductible, as it is usually included in operating expenses.“

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