Charging card for e-cars

You own an electric car, an electric scooter or any other means of transport powered by electricity and you want to enjoy modern mobility to the fullest? In this case, the charging card for electric vehicles from stadtwerke dusseldorf is an excellent choice, because it makes everything related to the charging process easier and faster.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Cost-effective, barrier-free and cashless charging
  • Usable at more than 25.000 charging stations in germany
  • Quickly and easily charge your e-vehicle

You are interested in a charging card for your e-car? Then ask without obligation!

What is the charging card?

Charge an e-car at a charging station

It is a charging card for e-cars, with which you have access to a well-developed network at charging stations in dusseldorf and throughout germany have. And what’s more: even in most other european countries, you can refuel at many charging stations. Benefit additionally from a customer hotline, quick, competent and reliable help with questions or problems. Modern electromobility at the service of our customers.

How and when to get a charging card?

Just like the recharging itself, the registration for the electricity fuel card is done quickly and easily:

  • Open a customer account and order a charging card,
  • Wait three to five working days and your charging card will arrive in your mailbox,
  • Activate once online.

From then on, you can use the stromtankkarte at all charging stations in the city of dusseldorf and throughout germany at all participating municipal utilities as well as the europe-wide roaming partners.

Questions about the charging card, the conditions or the registration process? stadtwerke dusseldorf is a competent contact partner who will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

The Stadtwerke Dusseldorf electricity fuel card for e-cars

Customer account

To be able to order a fuel card, please create a customer account. After selecting the tariff and entering your personal data, you have the option of ordering one or more charging cards. You will receive it by mail within a few working days. Now all you have to do is log in to your customer account and activate the respective charging card, which you can then use immediately. In your customer account, you can call up an overview of your charging processes, view invoices and costs, and manage your charging card at any time.

If you have any questions about the stadtwerke dusseldorf charging card, please contact
[email protected] .

Desire to have your own charging station at home?

Learn more about our wallbox .

interest in charging stations for your company?

Learn more about our solutions for charging infrastructure for companies

  • Terms of use (as of june 2021)
    (PDF, 469 KB)

Charging card: e-car charging is so easy

The charging card of stadtwerke dusseldorf

Where can the charging card be used? Where to find charging stations for electric cars?

  • In dusseldorf you will find more than 400 charging stations where you can use your fuel card and charge your e-car. This charging network is constantly being expanded.
  • But that’s not all: more than 140 municipal utilities across Germany have joined forces to create a seamless network of providers. This allows convenient charging at more than 25 charging stations.000 charging stations throughout germany.
  • Thanks to a network of national and international roaming partners, you can refuel at around 110 charging stations in europe.000 charging stations with your charging card at low prices and the usual conditions.

Card with charging points

Charging card and charging network in the media

Charging card for e-cars: costs and rates

Electricity filling station: Wallbox, the electricity charging station of Stadtwerke Dusseldorf

Ordering the electricity fuel card itself is currently free of charge for you. the basic charge starts with the activation of your charging card in the customer portal.

Dusselstrom mobile

Billing in the dusselstrom mobil tariff is based on kilowatt hours. The monthly basic fee of 3 euros per charging card is offset against the cost of charging, so it only applies if the charging card is not used.

Until 31.12.2022 the basic fee will not be charged.

Important information for you: in order to ensure the availability of the charging points, our tariff includes a charge for the period from 9.00 to 21.00 a.m. after four hours/AC resp. An additional charge for use of the charging point is due for one hour/DC – unless a parking fee is already charged for the parking space at a charging point operated by the stadtwerke dusseldorf.

The base price and the fees for your charges are conveniently debited quarterly from your account by direct debit or charged to your credit card. Tradesmen can also receive an invoice.

Particularly interesting for customers with a wallbox . If you have such a compact charging station from stadtwerke dusseldorf for your home, the basic charge for the fuel card is even waived in the dusselstrom mobil tariff .

Contact and advice

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the charging card and all aspects of e-mobility – by phone, e-mail or in a personal meeting:

Stadtwerke dusseldorf AG
higher way 100
40233 dusseldorf

For which vehicles is the charging card suitable?

All charging stations are equipped with the usual type 2 plugs which guarantees rapid and absolutely safe charging. most e-cars in germany already have type 2 connections. In the case of models that still use the less powerful type 1 plug use the charging cable by adapter quick and easy conversion to type 2.

So with the appropriate cable you can charge the batteries of all commercially available car and commercial vehicles charge without problems. Also e-bikes and E-roller with an appropriate connection can be charged at the designated stations and enjoy the new energy.

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