Car rental: tips – how to rent a car cheaply

Train strike or vacation: when you need a rental car

Car rental: tips - how to rent a car cheaply

Corona- these are the current high risk areas in europe

Worldwide, the number of coron infections is currently on the rise. Many vacation countries in europe in particular have been classified as high-risk areas.

Rail strike and corona crisis drive up prices for rental cars. With these tips, consumers can reach their destination well and cheaply.

Berlin. Whether this is due to the strike by train drivers, the consequences of the corona pandemic, or the imminent autumn vacations, cannot be conclusively determined. One thing is certain: anyone who wants to take a rental car on vacation or to visit relatives this fall should compare prices thoroughly. Who wants to cruise relaxed at the Baltic coast or explore the surroundings of munich, must for one week already 300 euro and more. On the other hand, a small car for mallorca is currently available for less than 200 euros.

Comparison portals can help

Can help with the search comparison portals, bundle the offers of many car rental companies. The money guide finanztip recently took a closer look at 25 comparison portals for rental cars. By far the best offer is the one from check24. The cheaper-hire-car provider also.De could convince.

Practical in corona times: once booked, offers can be cancelled free of charge on both portals up to 24 hours before the start of the rental period. For questions there is also a german-speaking telephone service at your disposal. Read also: electricity, cell phone and co. – why loyal customers often pay more

Book early and be flexible

When looking for a rental car, it also pays to book early. If you reserve a rental car now for a Baltic Sea vacation in mid-October, you can easily save 60 to 70 euros on your trip, compared to the price you would have to pay next week. In other EU countries, the savings are often even greater.

Get at the pick-up and return dates showing flexibility can also pay off. Consumers can also make savings by adjusting the pick-up location and rental period. Also interesting:seven nasty traps: the new tricks of internet scammers

these extras are useful

Glass and tire damage as well as roof and underbody damage are not normally included in fully comprehensive insurance and cost extra. but they can be useful, especially if the destination is a country with poorly developed roads. The best tank regulation is "full – full. The car is taken over with a full tank of fuel and returned in the same way. This makes it easier to check your own consumption.

On expensive extras like navigation devices or the rental fee for the child seat, on the other hand, vacationers should do without if possible. After all, you can also navigate with your own cell phone. Ideally, you should bring the appropriate child seat yourself. It makes sense for two people to share the driving, but it can cost around 10 euros per day. Also interesting:ten tips – how you can save a lot of money when haggling

Price is not everything

Nevertheless, when looking for a rental car, consumers should not only pay attention to the price, but also to some minimum conditions. This includes adequate insurance coverage. A fully comprehensive insurance without deductible is more expensive, but saves you high costs in the event of a claim. Just as important: liability insurance. The amount of coverage should be as high as possible, especially for rental cars abroad. Because the legally required coverage amounts are often significantly lower there than in germany. ten million euros is ideal, but offers should not be much lower than that.

Car owners often already covered

If you own your own car, you often already have a "mallorca policy" as part of your motor vehicle insurance. This additional insurance raises the liability sum from rental cars in europe to german level. A look at the terms and conditions of the contract reveals exactly which countries are involved. With worldwide validity, for example in the USA, the protection is called traveler policy.

Check the rental contract carefully

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that landlords try to pull customers over the table at the vacation resort or at the counter. Users of comparison portals should be aware that all they need to do after booking is to obtain a voucher, the so-called voucher, get an offer guaranteed according to your choice. The actual contract is signed by the customer with the rental station at the time of pick up. Consumers should therefore keep in mind exactly what they have booked through the portal and make sure that the on-site rental contract does not include any additional services that they did not want.

Have the right map with you

When picking up the car, customers should make sure they have a "proper" credit card with them, in two senses: firstly, most rental stations will only accept "real" credit cards, no prepaid or debit cards. On the other hand, the card must be issued to the main driver as a rule. If you are unsure, please check beforehand how to pay the deposit. Important: customers should definitely know the secret PIN of the card, as this is usually requested when blocking the deposit amount. Read also:this is what changes when you pay with your credit card on the net

Take your time with the delivery

The vehicle delivery everyone wants to get over as quickly as possible. However, consumers should not give in to this impulse and should not be rushed by the rental company either. Instead, you should make sure that all pre-damage is documented in a protocol. Photos of the vehicle, scratches, fuel gauge and mileage give additional security. The same goes for the return.

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