Car rental in the canary islands

flight and accommodation are booked and the anticipation of the canaries is huge! Sun, beach and sea are already within reach! Now only the rental car is missing. And exactly there many vacationers get a fright at present. because car rental prices on the canary islands have increased significantly since summer 2021. Before corona changed our world car rental on tenerife, gran canaria, lanzarote, fuerteventura and co. Times really favorable. Less than 10 euro per day was the standard for longer rentals.

In the meantime, these prices are only a nice reminder. 20 euro per day is now considered a real bargain. In the main travel season, however, prices of 50, 80 or even more than 100 euros per day are not uncommon. Car rentals in the Canary Islands are particularly expensive between Christmas and New Year and during the Spanish summer vacations (July / August). A price increase in the canary high season was normal even before corona. But now the supply is sometimes so scarce that the rental cars are not only expensive, but no longer available at all are. In other words: fully booked!

If you are in the situation that you are urgently looking for a rental car for your vacation in the canary islands, this article can offer some ideas and solutions. As an alternative to renting a car, you can also use the public line bus (more on this below) or a cab or. Shuttle bus be a solution. If you are looking for a transfer from the airport to your accommodation, you will find z.B. At display shuttle spain find. Even if car rentals on the canary islands have become more expensive due to corona. A rental car is still the best way to discover the canary islands on your own.

Why are the rental cars in the canary islands so expensive at the moment??

  1. Lockdowns and the decreasing tourism demand have forced the car rental companies on the canary islands to downsize their fleet of vehicles. Most car rental companies have had to sell between 50% and 80% of their vehicles to remain viable. The cost of parking, maintenance, etc. Would otherwise not have been covered further.
  2. Since summer 2021, tourism and thus demand for rental cars has risen almost to pre-pandemic levels. The canary car rental companies would like to increase their vehicle fleets again. However, new cars are currently scarce. Reason is the so called chipcrisis. The demand for semiconductors, which play an important role in the electrical system of cars, is greater than the supply. the effect is so great that car manufacturers are even announcing short-time work again. Details of the semi or. Chip crisis you can read here.

Ultimately, the problem can be reduced to one sentence: the demand is higher than the supply, that’s why the prices are rising. The demand for rental cars in the canary islands is high again. The offer had to be reduced in the corona period and is not yet back to the previous level. (photo from tenerife south airport)

Where are rental cars available on the canary islands?

  1. The availability is higher and also vehicles in lower price ranges are still available
  2. Due to the better availability prices usually much lower than with a short-term booking

Ads but of course that does not help you if the vacation is now imminent or you are even already on the canaries. But so you know it at least for the next time& to find a rental car at short notice, we list below possible providers and comparison portals for the Canary Islands.

We ourselves have had several good experiences with rental cars from autoreisen, cicar and top car. We have also heard good things about plus car. there are many car rental companies in the canary islands

car rental suppliers on tenerife

To rent a car on tenerife, you can use z.B. Look at the following comparison portals and providers. In our experience, these are reputable car rental companies that offer good value for money. If you have any other tips for car rental on tenerife, please write them in the comment field at the end of this post.

Comparison portals :

    (also with branches at the port)

car rental providers on gran canaria

On gran canaria, the major car rental companies are essentially the same as those on tenerife. If you have any tips for other car rental companies in gran canaria, feel free to leave a comment below the article. Advertisements

comparison portals :

    (also with branches at the port)

Car rental providers on lanzarote

The links to our preferred car rental providers and comparison portals for lanzarote you will find below.

comparison portals : show

    (also with branches at the port)

Car rental providers on fuerteventura

In fuerteventura you should pay attention to the fact that car rentals are generally not on unpaved roads or. Off the roads are allowed to drive. this concerns especially the popular gravel road to cofete. Driving on gravel roads is at your own risk, as according to the law. The insurance conditions of most rental car providers the protection expires. Alternatively you can park the car in morro jable and take the public 4×4 bus to cofete. You can find the schedule of the allrad bus here.

To compare the prices for car rental on fuerteventura you will find the corresponding links below.

comparison portals :

    (also with branches at the port)

Alternative 1: search on facebook

if the rental car offers of the local companies are too expensive for you or if there is simply no rental car available, you can also look for a private car rental company. Facebook groups can help here. In the groups you can get in touch with local guides, small car rental companies or locals who might have a tip. advertisements

Partly private cars are offered for rent in facebook groups. This is however a more risky option. because in case of an accident you have to pay for the damage mostly yourself. Officially a private car rental in spain resp. also forbidden on the canary islands.

Tip : if you have found someone who would like to rent his car privately to you, you can contact fair car rent. There, private cars younger than 13 years can be officially offered for rental. According to the provider, the allianz insurance ensures the protection of the rental.

In facebook groups you can either look for offers or actively ask if someone has a tip. Facebook groups where you can find suitable offers are e.g.B. this one: ads officially not allowed, but in practice nevertheless available: private car rental offers on the canary islands

Alternative 2: car rental sharing

If the rental car is much more expensive than you expected, car sharing can also be an option. This is not very common in the Canary Islands so far, so there is no big provider for this. on tenerife as well as on gran canaria you have the option to join a scooter as a sharing concept to rent for a limited period of time. You can find offers via app lovesharing motos around the island capitals santa cruz de tenerife and las palmas de gran canaria.

To share a car with one or more people you have to be active yourself. You can rent a.B. On site ask your vacation neighbors, if there is interest in car sharing. This is especially useful if one party likes to travel in the morning and the other party would rather use the car in the afternoon. In this case, you can easily share the cost of the rental car. Since many car rental companies (z.B. Cicar, autoreisen, top car, etc.) offer that a second driver can be registered for free, both parties are also insured.

Another possibility is that you become friends and even go on trips together by car.

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To find people who are interested in sharing a rental car, you can also use facebook groups (see above). Ads car sharing offers are rather rare on the canary islands, but still available. You can search for car sharing z.B. Search in facebook groups.

alternative 3: explore the canary islands by bus

The third alternative is the best in our opinion. If a rental car in the Canary Islands is simply too expensive or not available, you can alternatively use the public line-bus. public transport is available on all canary islands. Often you can reach even the most important sights of the island. In addition, the buses also connect air and ferry ports with the most important places and tourist regions.

  • Tenerife: TITSA (there are z.B. Bus connections to the teide cable car, masca gorge, anaga mountains, etc.)
  • Gran canaria: guaguas global (bus connections u.A. to maspalomas, puerto de mogan, las palmas, teror, etc.)
  • Lanzarote: intercity bus lanzarote
  • Fuerteventura: tiadhe (bus connection even with 4×4 all-wheel bus to cofete)
  • La palma: TILP
  • La gomera: guaguagomera (also some starting points for hikes in garajonay national park are served)
  • El hierro: transhierro

Alternative 4: organized excursions on the canary islands

If you don’t want to take the bus, you can also book an organized excursion. Most of the time you will be picked up directly at your hotel or you can walk to the pick up point within the tourist centers. With an organized excursion you can see the highlights of the island. Without having to worry about car rental prices, insurance conditions and so on. Must do.

excursions on tenerife

Our top 3 recommendations for organized excursions on tenerife are the following:

    : pick up at hotel in costa adeje, playa de las americas or los cristianos (offered by german emigrant couple steffi and lothar, who have been guest authors on our blog several times)

Excursions on gran canaria

In gran canaria, these 3 excursions are particularly worthwhile from our point of view:

Ad you can also discover the inland of gran canaria with an organized excursion tour

Excursions on lanzarote

if you are on lanzarote, a trip to the fire mountains in the timanfaya national park should not be missed! Unfortunately the bus line does not go to this exact place. Therefore, without a rental car, an organized tour is recommended. For lanzarote this is our top 3:

advertisement the fire mountains in timanfaya national park are the highlight of lanzarote

excursions on fuerteventura

Even if you spend your time in fuerteventura at the beach or on. pool, one or the other excursion is worth it. Especially the sand dunes in corralejo probably every tourist should have seen once. Our top 3 excursions with hotel pickup in fuerteventura are these:

ad to the beach of cofete organized excursions are also off.

car rental canary islands – our conclusion

even if it was cheaper to rent a car on the canary islands in the past, there are still good offers. If you are not traveling in high season, rental cars are usually still available at acceptable prices. It helps here, on comparison portals as well as with the different rental car providers to find a car price comparison to do. Often you can save good money with a little research work.

Provided that there are available cars, you can travel with car travel, cicar or top car do nothing wrong. Fully comprehensive insurance makes renting here a headache free experience.

What are your experiences with car rentals in the canary islands?? Do you have any other tips where a rental car is available at a reasonable price? Or are there any questions about renting a car?? Then use the comment field below the article for this purpose.

We wish you a great time on the canary islands and – hopefully – a lot of fun with your rental car!

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