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car rental sardinia

sardinia is italy’s second largest island (after sicily). Ca. 12 kilometers separate corsica from sardinia resp. Ca. 200 kilometers to the italian mainland.

Geographically the northern tip is sardinia a little bit below rome.

If you want to travel with your own car or car hire sardinia travel, take the ferries from the mainland to olbia in the north or cagliari at the southern tip.

Major departure ports on the italian boot are genoa, livorno or civitavecchia. Depending on the departure point, the crossing takes between 6 and 12 hours.

cheap car rental Sardinia

Car rental sardinia

On the italian island you will find renowned local and international car rental companies like z.B. Sicily by cars, enterprise, europcar or hertz.

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Sardinia car hire

Mostly a small rental car is enough, to explore the beauties of the island. By car you can also get to the most beautiful beaches and bays, some of the beaches are reminiscent of the caribbean because the sea is so crystal clear and turquoise.

If you are traveling with family or friends, it is better to rent a category higher, so that you also stow all your luggage comfortably and safely can.

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car hire sardinia

car hire sardinia

car rental sardinia alghero

The airport alghero is located in the northwest of sardinia and is mainly used by cheap airlines like z.B. Ryanair approached.

the no frills airline from ireland serves the mediterranean island from frankfurt/hahn and memmingen from.

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Lonely road in Alghero

Sardinia is a great travel destination.

The known good italian food, the old italian culture, the pleasant mediterranean climate. In addition, there are beautiful beaches and lovely villages in the interior of the country.

Don’t miss the chance to see z.B. A boat trip to la maddalena to undertake or a segway tour through cagliari.

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attractions in sardinia

cheap car hire Alghero Sardinia

Cycling in sardinia

especially in the low season it is quiet on the sardinian roads. Then there are almost ideal conditions for bicycle tours or for sport cyclists. After the rainy season, from january, the training season starts and ideal for cycling are, as for hiking, spring and autumn.

Flat paths for recreational cyclists can be found along the coasts of sardinia, while the hills and climbs in the interior of the island require stamina and endurance. food and drinks should be brought along for longer tours, especially in the low season bars and stores are not always open. In total you can cycle about 1000 km on the island. so the more time you bring, the better!

hiking in sardinia – a secret tip for individualists

The sardinia landscape is impressive, sometimes rugged and harsh, then again lovely and enchanting. Those who set out to discover the island on foot will return with a backpack full of impressions. The two most important hiking areas in sardinia are located on the east coast of the island, not far from each other, in the so-called "barbagia"(stands for barbarian land and was once considered invincible): one of the hiking areas is the immense supramonte mountains, the other is the gennargentu mountains with national park. The landscape is wild, with deep gorges, wide plateaus, holm oak forests with particularly large and ancient trees and a rich fauna.

active in sardinia – travel time

To ca. 300 days of the year you will be spoiled by the sun on sardinia and that at an average of 17°C. Naturally the south of the island is warmer than the north. Active holidaymakers should choose between april and june or. September to october to come to sardinia. At ca. 25°C is really pleasant.

hiking in sardinia – quiet hours in beautiful nature

sardinia has a lot to offer besides charming coastal towns and dream bays, wild and romantic nature and mountainous landscapes in the interior of the island – gentle and rough at the same time.

Three national parks counts sardinia. The largest is also the most mountainous and therefore an eldorado for demanding hikers and mountaineers: it is national park gennargentu. The national park la maddalena on the northeastern tip of sardinia is a group of islands that consists of about 60 islands and also attracts many hikers.

The smallest national park is the national park asinara, situated on a promontory in the extreme northwest of sardinia and known for its wild white donkeys. In addition, the island has 4 regional parks and 6 marine reserves.

Sardinia hiking trails are generally easy to moderately difficult, although you may need a spirit of adventure: because not all the paths are well marked, it is advisable to, good maps and if possible take a GPS with you.

And in addition to good footwear, you should also have enough water and food with you, because refreshments are rare. There are also many guided hikes. the guide will tell you interesting things about the flora, fauna and the life of the islanders. Where you can learn a lot about the land, the people and the nature.

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Alghero evening atmosphere in the harbor

Sardinia – the supramonte

Around the supramonte massif is like a glimpse into days gone by: between old oak forests lie small, partly sleepy villages. Here traditions and customs are still maintained and wild horses and donkeys trot through the landscape. Highest mountain is the monte corrasi (1462 m), which towers over the other peaks of the region by about 500 m. The most important place of the area is small town nuoro, from where you can make an excursion to the local mountain monte ortobene (955 m) (also possible by car) to enjoy the view of the supramonte. In addition, there are other mountain villages that are good starting points for hikes. But: if you are not familiar with this lonely area, you should entrust yourself to a hiking or mountain guide.

More demanding is the tour from the ponte sa barva in the gorge gola di gorropu (3,5 hours, http://gorropu.Info), one of the deepest gorges in europe and the biggest attraction of this mountain range.
A child-friendly variant with many bathing possibilities starts at the ponte S’abba arva south of dorgali and leads without major climbs along the river flumineddu (ca. 2 hrs.).

The gennargentu – on the roof of the island

the gennargentu is the highest mountain of the island. It stretches from the center of the island to sardinia’s east coast. On its foothills grow vegetables and wine and you can take wonderful walks with a view of the sea. The highest areas of the gennargentu are at the punta la marmora (1834 m) with fabulous panoramic view over the sea. the region is as popular with demanding mountain hikers as it is with pleasure hikers and walkers.

Animal lovers will also enjoy the national park gennargentu. In the animal park parco faunistico donnortei in the mountain village fonni you can learn all about the rich wildlife in the park. from fonni a hiking tour through the donnortei valley is worthwhile, which is overgrown with algae and lichen – a green fairy landscape. from fonni you can also climb bruncu spina (1829 m) – in winter the sardinian ski resort.


We recommend an excursion to the national park on the island of asinara, where white donkeys living in the wild. theme trails and bike paths cross the island, you can also go horseback riding or take the island train.
beautiful is the costa del sud southwest of cagliari. Here you can do easy hikes along the coast, z. B. From the torre di chia along beautiful white beaches to the capo spartivento (ca. 2,5 hrs.).

In the southeast of sardinia, northeast of cagliari, the nature reserve monte dei sette fratelli, (7 peaks, the highest being monte ceraxia at 1016 m) is unusually rich in water for sardinia and popular with hikers. In the park there is a well signposted network of paths.
near cagliari: at capo sant elia you can admire cagliari from above on a beautiful panoramic circular path. The easy hike takes about 2 hours.

car hire sardinia

you see, there is so much to discover and experience on sardinia. As already mentioned, a rental car makes the exploration of the island much easier. Take the car rental at olbia airport, car rental airport cagliari or alghero. Here you can find the big car rentals like europcar olbia or europcar cagliari, sixt olbia or just a car hire in alghero; in alghero mostly the cheap airplanes from mainland europe land. Compare the prices of the rental cars and put them in our comparison calculator for rental cars use the filters skilfully we always recommend booking with very good insurance cover.

So, if you rent a car rental sardinia if you are looking for a car rental, you have come to the right place. car rental sardinia olbia airport, car hire sardinia without deductible (this is what we recommend in any case: TOP insurance cover!) or car hire sardinia cagliari.

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