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The own vehicle represents for many Germans one of the most valuable possessions. For this reason, the sale of the old used car should not be decided hastily. Before you decide on an offer, you can have your car appraised by an experienced expert. this way you avoid getting too little money for the car. Below you can find out which providers determine the current value of your vehicle both reliably and free of charge for you.

How is your car valued?

Before selling a used car, it is always a good idea to have the car appraised. Nevertheless, many owners are unsure whether the values determined actually reflect the realistic value of the car. For this reason we have offered our skoda yeti with a current dealer purchase price of 6.800 euros and a dealer selling price of 8.650 euro from abracar, wirkaufendeinauto.De and mobile.Let De evaluate it for you. The dealer purchase price is a recommended purchase value for car dealerships and used car dealers. The dealer selling price, on the other hand, is based on the proceeds the seller can expect from selling the car to end customers.

Car valuation -

The platform wirkaufendeinauto.De valued our test car with a purchase price of 5.010 euro one. Subsequently, the car has been thoroughly inspected at a branch operated by the vendor, and has been sold with a final value of 4.valued at 410 euros. Two days later, the company increased its offer to 4 euros.647 euro. Thus, the appraisal is already very close to the actual value. In addition, the dealer offers the advantage of buying the car directly at this price. Therefore it is a good choice if you want to sell your vehicle as soon as possible at a good price.

Car evaluation - free of charge

The valuation of mobile.De is instead based on the real market values from over two million records collected directly on the sales platform. Based on this information, the company estimated our car to be worth 7.000 euro. However, the final price will be determined only by the examination of a certified dealer in his branch. Thereby our used car with a purchase value of 5.000 euro if it is professionally cleaned and prepared beforehand for 400 euro.

car valuation-online-abracar-skoda

However, the best result was achieved by the valuation of abracar. If you want to have your car appraised by this provider, you don’t even have to go to a separate office. The dealer sends an experienced car appraiser to evaluate your car directly on the spot. In our case, the expert estimated the marketing basis of the used car at 8.700 euro and came very close to the actual value. In addition, abracar also offers to take over the entire sales process for you and find a suitable buyer.

Car valuation without e-mail

Each of these three providers is a good choice if you want to have your car appraised. It is necessary to provide your e-mail address and other data. Your personal information is of course always treated with care by these reputable companies, so that you can transmit it without hesitation. If, on the other hand, you do not wish to provide your e-mail address, you can have a vehicle appraisal carried out by DAT. this company calculated a price for our skoda yeti of 5.383 euro, without saving any contact information.

Car valuation without registration

Some providers collect not only your e-mail address, but also your address or phone number. However, according to the current basic data protection regulation, the company in question must delete this data immediately on your instructions. Furthermore, abracar is a subsidiary of allianz, so your personal information is always in safe hands. If, on the other hand, you want to have your car appraised without having to make an additional registration, you can also use DAT’s service.


As a rule, it is always a good idea to have the value of your car appraised by more than one provider. This will provide you with a reliable initial estimate and allow you to settle on a realistic amount. In addition, the services of the companies recommended on this page do not incur any costs for you. Even the visit and the examination of the expert of abracar are free for you. therefore, have your vehicle evaluated by all of the above service providers, without obligation, to get the best price on the market.

Here are the vehicle valuation results from the online valuation tools:

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