Car and industrial paints with accessories

Automotive coatings ensure that the surface of a vehicle looks convincing. However, achieving the desired result requires the complex interplay of different components. For this reason, we offer you the full range, consisting of primers, fillers, base coats, clear coats as well as the various additives and auxiliary materials. In addition, we also cater to K&L businesses and offer fillers for repairs as well as hardeners, thinners, and much more.

Our assortment:

clearcoat, filler, primer, basecoat, hardener, thinner, additive/auxiliary, spray can paint, waterborne paints, solid paints, metallic paints

Industrial coatings

The world of industrial coatings is diverse. In addition to the almost endless choice of colors, you will also find different forms of paint in our range. Examples are alkyd varnish, epoxy varnish or also varnish to create the popular hammer effect. We also differentiate between matt and silk gloss paints and can supply you with VOC-free or VOC-compliant paints on request.

Our assortment:

Alkyd paint, PUR paint, acrylic paint, epoxy paint, micaceous iron ore paint, fine structure paint, coarse structure paint, matt paint, silk gloss paint, VOC free paint, hammer effect paint, synthetic paint, synthetic resin paint, construction and agricultural machinery paints and floor coatings


To paint a vehicle professionally or to work in a K&L store, you need a wealth of tools. Both paint spray guns and their associated spare parts depend on precision and flawless processing. In today’s world, a perfect paint finish is made up of different layers and, in the event of a repair, also requires the addition of a coating. This can only be achieved by working with professional equipment, which is offered at very competitive prices in our product range.

Our assortment:
paint spray guns, gun spare parts RPS and PPS adapter, paint nozzle, paint needle, air cap, flow cup, kettle guns, respirator masks, paint hoses, air cleaning filters, sanding papers, sanding medium, sanding fleece, sanding disc, foil eraser, sanding control powder, sanding file, sanding plumb bob, interface pad, cover material, cleaning, putties, polishing, paint mixing

Today, paint stores work with a range of technical aids to achieve the desired paint appearance. Examples are photospectrometers to determine the reflection spectrum exactly or also measuring instruments for the layer thickness. We also offer polishing and sanding machines, mixing tables, dispensers and all kinds of consumables such as masking paper or film. Our assortment is rounded off by products that make work noticeably easier, such as stands, holders or an automatic washing machine for spray guns.

Our assortment:
photospectrometer, coating thickness gauge, gun washer, infrared heater, hot air dryer, polishing machine, dry pale stand, spatula dispenser, blow-off nozzle, mixing table, spray gun holder, dispensers, masking paper or foil, paint stand, UV dryer, solvent distillation unit, viscosity cup, sanding machines, paint cabinet, airless spray unit

True to color down to the finest nuance

We offer you the complete product range around the topic vehicle and industrial paints. With our high-tech measurement techniques, using color spectrometers, we are able to reproduce any color shade and almost any color nuance, in order to provide you with the most accurate color determination possible for your vehicle or that of your customer.

In conjunction with our manufacturers and partners debeer and lechler, and their environmentally friendly and resource-saving paint technologies we offer you the assurance of controlled product and process quality for all your specific applications. You don’t have to do without anything here, because in addition to vehicle coatings, since 2013 we have also had all types of industrial coatings, such as smooth, textured coatings, micaceous iron oxide of every conceivable quality in the highest grade, every color tone and all matt grades, as well as floor coatings in 1K and 2K quality in our product portfolio with the lechler industrial mixing system – lechsys.

Our paint department is always at your disposal to help you optimize your work and make it as efficient as possible.

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