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Your air conditioning in the car must be maintained or repaired? You want professional air conditioning maintenance to keep you cool and, above all, healthy on hot days? Then you are at the autowerkstatt DETTINGER in freiburg just right! On this page, we inform you about what to look out for when doing climate maintenance attention must be paid. Learn about the steps involved in an air conditioning service.

Cooling capacity of the air conditioning system

An air conditioning system continuously loses refrigerant. on average, this loss is 10 to 15% refrigerant per year. In the long run, this reduces the cooling capacity and can lead to failures and even compressor damage. The coolant serves u. A. As a lubricant for the compressor.

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working on the air conditioning system

All components connected to the air conditioning system are inspected. The first step is a visual inspection by an expert. Furthermore, the pressure of the air conditioning system is checked and, if necessary, the coolant is exchanged or replaced. Refilled. The belts that drive the compressor are also inspected. The pollen filter (cabin filter) is also inspected. If it is very dirty, it must be replaced. If an unpleasant, musty odor is detected in the vehicle, disinfecting the air conditioning system is necessary to clean the surface of the evaporator.

Disinfection of the air conditioning system

disinfection of air conditioner in car

clean air in the car

Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and germs can settle on the evaporator if the filtration of a dirty filter is not fully functional. In this case, no pollution can be absorbed into the climate system. Therefore, this filter must be changed at least every 2 years. allergy sufferers in particular should pay attention to a clean filter. Fixed pollen can cause problems even in the cold season. A disinfection of the air conditioner resp. Replacing cabin air filters prevents unpleasant odors and fogging of car windows. This also eliminates germs and bacteria.

air conditioner maintenance

climate maintenance save costs

saving costs through control

There are several reasons for air-conditioning maintenance. An air conditioning service. probably the most important are health and driving comfort. But money also plays a role. Coolant can leak very easily from brittle hoses. A serviced air conditioning system therefore has a significantly better cooling performance and saves costs. an air conditioning service and replacement of the refrigerant dryer is recommended every one to two years by manufacturers. The other advantage is that high repair costs can be prevented. The risk of compressor damage is very high with an older, unmaintained system.

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